Friday, May 8, 2015

Discovery Place Kids {Rockingham}

The Summer Evan was four and Brody was just a few months old, we took them up to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville one Saturday.  Discovery Place is the children's museum in Charlotte, and Discovery Place Kids is a separate fun place from the main museum.  It has all the little pretend play areas for kids to pretend they are grown ups working, shopping, and doing other activities.  We discovered that Saturdays at this children's play place were crazy crowded and never actually went back.  A couple of years ago, they constructed another location in Eddie's hometown where his family lives.  It was exciting to have something fun going to this little town because they have had some rough years.  Rockingham used to be famous for its NASCAR race track "The Rock," but Bruton Smith (owner of the Charlotte track) bought it just so he could move the race to Texas.  This left Rockingham with this vacant stadium and a lot less revenue for the town.  So getting this little children's museum just seemed like such a nice addition for this little town about an hour and a half south of Raleigh close to the South Carolina border.  We decided to take Brody to this place for a special birthday surprise while we were visiting Eddie's family this weekend.  Although we were very happy it was not busy because our kids had the whole place almost to themselves, I think the museum would love to see more business.  If this little post can help bring any new visitors, that is okay with me.  I want to see this museum succeed.  I would recommend this museum as a fun place for anyone in the central and eastern part of the state, and I know there are very few places like this in those areas.  While Raleigh does have a children's museum like this one, I know it is often very busy so I would recommend this little museum as a great option for Raleigh families too.  It really is a very easy drive for a day of fun, and it is also reasonably priced.  Our family paid $32.00 for two adults and two kids.  The kids had a blast and could have played all day if we didn't have to leave to go to a family engagement.  Brody, of course, could have played in the little kitchen area all day.  Evan was all over the place.  Mattox even enjoyed exploring the little baby area. We can't wait to visit this place again, and I know Mattox will love it in a few months because they have some fun little options for little ones.

 photo Discovery1_zpsbsiiytgy.jpg
Little workers playing in the mechanics and pulley area.  

 photo Discovery2_zpsxb5vfbjs.jpg
Brothers working together to lift the pulley. 

 photo Discovery3_zpsd5m8dc6i.jpg
Evan is getting so strong!  

 photo Discovery4_zpsg3x8vgio.jpg
Brody and cousin Grady playing with the trains. 

 photo Discovery5_zpsb7ohvanx.jpg
He still likes trains, but he has so many new interests now that he doesn't often play with his anymore.  I still love watching him play this way because it reminds me of when he was younger. 

 photo Discovery6_zpsvrkwfnvt.jpg
Driving the big firetruck. 

 photo Discovery7_zpsmaah54hf.jpg
Little fireman

 photo Discovery8_zpssuss1z9w.jpg
This giant heart in the science area was cool.  You could walk between the two halves. 

 photo Discovery9_zpslqhem2c6.jpg
Baby Mattox demonstrates the scale of this heart. 

 photo Discovery10_zpsp1fyanwj.jpg
My little science guy is ready for an experiment. 
 photo Discovery11_zpstp7lkazq.jpg
Waiting patiently for his turn to make some elephant toothpaste. 

 photo Discovery12_zpsx3c01mgh.jpg
Cousin Grady and Grandma enjoyed making these balls float. 

 photo Discovery13_zpse6w6nyiu.jpg
And showing their strength on the pulleys. 

 photo Discovery14_zpsmjrvosxp.jpg
Evan went on a canoe adventure. 

 photo Discovery15_zpsfliukz5q.jpg
And climbed through the forest canopy. 

 photo Discovery16_zpsez8kuhbh.jpg
Hanging out in the tree house. 

 photo Discovery17_zpsmfpur7ep.jpg
And swinging from the garden hose vines. 

 photo Discovery18_zps9bdr8inb.jpg
Cousin Grady had fun exploring machines. 

 photo Discovery19_zpsd3zkw74s.jpg
Evan practicing his army combat crawl. 
 photo Discovery20_zpsn6neemmn.jpg
Brody preparing to make his elephant toothpaste. 

 photo Discovery21_zpsb1nuvb6y.jpg
First, he had to stir the yeast. 

 photo Discovery22_zps6dpzo3hs.jpg
They poured some Dawn dish detergent and vinegar along with their food color of choice into the bottle.  Brody chose yellow. 

 photo Discovery23_zps7py9ye4x.jpg
Waiting to see what happens when he pours the yeast in. 
 photo Discovery24_zpskpn2mp9j.jpg
Here it goes.
 photo Discovery25_zpsulctwgzk.jpg
His yellow "toothpaste."

 photo Discovery26_zpsrj2ephuo.jpg
Lots of different colored toothpaste.  I liked the ones that mixed colors. 

 photo Discovery27_zpscrevf2zp.jpg
He was excited.

 photo Discovery28_zps2uw6ewsq.jpg
The one on the end looks like Aquafresh striped toothpaste.  Haha!

 photo Discovery29_zpsz5wmxs88.jpg
Brody enjoyed the water area, of course. 

 photo Discovery30_zps3dzaca87.jpg
Lots of different ways to explore water power. 

 photo Discovery31_zps2qwfqeok.jpg
Flying his sea plane under a waterfall.  

 photo Discovery32_zpsibhcbbm3.jpg
They provide the waterproof aprons for a good reason. 
 photo Discovery33_zpsddyiaffv.jpg
Waiting for the bucket of water to spill. 

 photo Discovery34_zpsa5muqdvs.jpg
When Mattox is a little older, he can sit in these little seats and play in the water. 

 photo Discovery35_zpswgcaoeyr.jpg

 photo Discovery37_zpsi1u8vmkw.jpg
Up in the treetops. 

 photo Discovery38_zpseizf4fsz.jpg
I had to get in to encourage him to go all the way through. 

 photo Discovery39_zps61jsxs4c.jpg
We hung out in the tree house. 

 photo Discovery40_zpsyy81fjla.jpg
And even saw an owl. 

 photo Discovery36_zpsjr3lw188.jpg
These little sayings were printed all over. 

 photo Discovery41_zpskkrfufco.jpg

 photo Discovery43_zpsuulgusex.jpg
And finally, Brody made his way to the kitchen and did not want to leave. 
 photo Discovery42_zpsbjk3ulua.jpg
The little grocery store. 

 photo Discovery44_zpsrogqelto.jpg
Cousin Grady made a cute little train engineer. 

 photo Discovery45_zpsb4clep3n.jpg
They had some of the same chef outfits that Brody just got for his birthday. 

 photo Discovery46_zpsbtomz6nt.jpg
Daddy enjoyed getting Mattox's tickles. 

 photo Discovery47_zpsco3ogcvx.jpg
And some great big baby smiles. 

 photo Discovery48_zpsjp6mbeag.jpg
Happy baby. 
 photo Discovery50_zpsullcbeaa.jpg
Welcome to Chef Brody's Bistro.
 photo Discovery49_zpsmzjx8xfj.jpg
Chef Brody serves me lots of food. 

 photo Discovery51_zpsbwr0vmfo.jpg
Baby Mattox really enjoys seeing himself in the mirror. 

 photo Discovery52_zpsfmcywn55.jpg
I just love that face!

 photo Discovery53_zpskd8o4xct.jpg
And of course, I could not resist taking my baby rainbow's picture with this little rainbow.  I really want one of these to take all of his monthly pictures on. 

 photo Discovery54_zpslihbqjul.jpg

 photo Discovery55_zpsxnnuhqrd.jpg

 photo Discovery57_zpsrwjf8l4n.jpg
They also had this big soft stacking toy.

 photo Discovery56_zpsoevuvfjj.jpg
Cousin Grady joined Mattox in the baby area. 

 photo Discovery58_zpsi4kgllp0.jpg
Oh my, this kid loves babies! 

 photo Discovery59_zpsuzio6crw.jpg
Here comes Grady with one shoe on and one shoe off.  Yes, that is pretty typical for him.  


  1. I love it when you go to places like that and they're empty. But then you worry that they will close if they don't get some business.

    There are actually several things that look really similar to things they have at the Phoenix Children's Museum. I wonder if they use the same vendor. Ha ha!

    Love how alert Mattox is getting. He is just adorable looking at himself in the mirror.

  2. This looks like such a fun place. And now I'm tempted to go back to our children's museum even though it isn't near as awesome as this one looks.


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