Friday, May 22, 2015

Brody ~ Age 4

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1.  Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

2.  What is your favorite color?
"Blue...and Red"

3.  What's your favorite television show?
"Jake and the mini pirates" ~ He means Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but that is what he has always called it.

4.  What's your favorite outfit?
"Pajamas"  ~ This was his first answer until I reminded him about his chef costume.  He is wearing his pajamas while answering this.

5.  What sport do you like best?

6.  What song do you love?
He couldn't think of this one and said this one and started clapping.  I asked him if meant "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, and he said yes.  He and Evan do love that song, but there are some other songs that he really loves singing on the radio.  We listen to a Christian station, and I love when he sings "Drops in the Ocean."  He always sweetly asks me what are drops in the ocean so I explain that the song is referring to how many times Jesus will forgive us.  It is a great moment for me!

7.  What's your favorite cereal?
"Captain Crunch."  What he refers to as "Captain Crunch" is actually "Cinnamon Toast Crunch."

8.  Who is your best friend?
"Ummm...A baby"  He thought about it a little more and said "Evan.  I play with Evan."

9.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
"A Chef"

10.  What is your favorite book?
"The B.I.B.L.E."  His favorite book is his little red Bible.

11.  What are you really good at?
"Sleeping."  With coaxing, he also says he is good at giving hugs and kisses.

12.  Where do you wish you could go on vacation?
"The Beach.  And I want a surf board to go swimming in the ocean."  He is always telling me this in the car lately and can't wait to go to the beach next month!

13.  What is your best memory?
"Seeing the airplanes."  Our visit to the air show this weekend is fresh in his mind.  Kids have short memories at this age.

14.  What would you buy if you had $1000?
"Ummm, I want to buy coins to put something in."  He doesn't yet grasp the concept of spending money.

15.  What vegetable do you hate the most?
Nothing.  He likes everything so asking him this question really confused him.  He was telling me things he does like to eat like cheeseburgers and salads.

16.  If you could have a wish, what would it be?
"A hat."  When I asked what kind, he said a magic hat.  Some of his favorite cartoons have had genies so he knows about granting wishes.

17.  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

18.  Who is your biggest hero?
This one also confused him, but he finally decided on "Super Mattox."  Yes, Mattox has super pooping abilities.  Haha!

19.  What do you like to do best with your friends?
"Play in my kitchen area."

20.  What do you hope you'll get to do before your next birthday?
"I want to play and get presents."  This is what he associates with birthdays.  We are really working on getting him to focus on the questions asked.

Best Quotes of Brody:

"Baby Mattie is in my tummy/heart."  He says both because he still gets confused.  He knows Mommy carries babies in her tummy so he wants to do the same, but we have told him Mattie is in his heart because he loves her.

"I want Daddy to help me, and I want Mommy to watch me."  He tells me this all the time before his baseball games.

"Ohhh, but I want to.  But I like to.  Pity pease!"  Said when he is asking me to do something, take him somewhere, or get something for him like a snack.

"Ewan, give me a kiss!"  Demanded before Evan can get out of the car to go to school.

He pretty much talks all the time, but these are just some of those sweet little sayings that I don't want to forget. He also says some not so cute things too when he is mad.

"Mommy is bad, bad, bad!  Bad, bad, bad Mommy!  You not getting any something!"  Haha!  He threatens not to give me any "something" when I am being mean.

And in case you don't believe how much this kid loves to talk, here is a little sample of his general ramblings in the car after taking his brother to school.  Yes, I was driving, but I was not looking at him or my phone.  I just held it up and let him talk which is why he isn't always in the frame.  Haha!


  1. LOVE it! I didn't start doing to birthday interviews with Spencer until he was five, but I wish I had started at three because his answers would have been hysterical. Maybe I will do Elliott this year, because based on Brody's answers it will be a riot.

    I'm so glad that he has turned into such a little talker. It makes my speech therapist heart swell, like, three times its normal size.

    I also think it's funny how all kids have that thing where they say one thing but mean another, like with the cereal. I know Spencer did it and Elliott does it too, although right now I can't think of a single example.

  2. Cute cute cute Brody!!! It is fun to see how younger kids answer some of these questions. Super Mattox!!!

  3. What a little cutie! His voice is just precious! I love that he always has something to say. =)


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