Friday, May 15, 2015

Baby Mattox's Blue and Gray Nursery

This nursery is a true testament to working with what you have.  I bought very few new things for Mattox's room and used a lot of things from his big brother and big sister's nurseries.  The crib, double bed, and dresser/changing table were all in Brody's and Mattie's nurseries.  No, not Evan's.  He had the cherry colored furniture that is still in his room.  For Mattox, I wanted to use some of the special pieces that were in his sweet sister's nursery, including her monogram since they share the same initials.  I also included some of the bunny accessories that were in her room that were previously mine as a child.  I kept the gray accent colors and just added blue instead of pink, and I think it resulted in a sweet little boy space that can grow with him and provide a calm space for both mommy and baby.  Since we still don't have a spare bedroom in this house, his room still needs to double as a guest room.  With the big bed, there was no room for a chair, but I like the addition of having one in our bedroom to rock and feed him.  I am really happy with how his space came together and am so glad it finally got completed.

 photo nursery.collage_zpslbxrfm5o.jpg

 photo nursery1_zpsd00ypn7f.jpg
The curtains are some sheer panels I already had with a little bunting I made from some silky gray fabric I used in Mattie's room. I purchased some additional white frames because I wanted to include several printables in the room.  

 photo nursery15_zpsibgwtvrv.jpg
I hung the chandelier that was in Mattie's room in the corner because this room had a decent ceiling fan fixture in the room and fans are good for babies.  
 photo nursery2_zpsygoiuiqp.jpg
Of course, this monogram was in his sister Mattie's room.  I know it may look a little feminine, but it is special to us. 

 photo nursery3_zpse5fjvkzn.jpg
As tradition (I made one for both Brody and Mattie), I made Mattox a little handmade mobile.  I love how his turned out almost as much as I loved Mattie's little bunny mobile.  I decided on stars for Mattox's.  It was a very easy project although cutting out the stars was the hardest part. 

 photo nursery4_zps7k2q2kah.jpg
Mattox's sweet little ultrasound picture. 

 photo nursery5_zpsqynwvrme.jpg
This wall is opposite to the crib.  The only other thing we purchased for the room was this bookcase because we needed something more narrow to fit. 

 photo nursery6_zpskbp7pjbn.jpg
We didn't buy a new Pottery Barn first year frame since we had this one from Mattie's nursery. 

 photo nursery7_zpseqfj5qze.jpg
A wall gallery of special sayings of prints I love.

 photo nursery19_zpsyivnqjuj.jpg photo nursery20_zps6jxw72yn.jpg

 photo nursery21_zpselc73kol.jpg photo nursery22_zpsvgaipadh.jpg
The first print was the saying that was on Brody's and Mattie's wall.  It was a decal so we couldn't bring it with us to the new house.  I decided to just print it instead. It applies to all of my children.

 photo nursery23_zpsmstfwwth.jpg photo nursery24_zpscbth8ht9.jpg
The second print is the special art Brody and I made with the special "Horton Hears A Who" quote. 

 photo nursery8_zpscplvd6gs.jpg
The little bunnies I collected as a child and put in Mattie's room. 

 photo nursery10_zps24sjuskg.jpg
The shelves contain some special books, picture albums, and toys.  I also did Mattox's little footprint for this frame he received as a gift. 

 photo nursery9_zpsvtyicxqj.jpg
I just love that picture of him. 

 photo nursery11_zpsdf74jzaz.jpg
Yep, he had enough toys and stuffed animals to fill four totes.  We have collected a lot with four kids. 

 photo nursery12_zpsrinfsfp0.jpg
I also included Grandma Mattie's picture since Mattox is also her namesake. 

 photo nursery13_zpskpx0i13k.jpg
This little door hanger has been in all my boys' rooms. 

 photo nursery17_zpsgy0nm9dw.jpg
I used these frames from Mattie's room and added pictures of Mattox, our family, and his little monogram print like his sister's.  I also did his hand print ornament. 

 photo nursery16_zpsbt16aq00.jpg
His bedding is not new and was in his big brother Brody's room.  He did get his new personalized blanket from Pottery Barn Kids.  It does have a silky border so I have kept it away from Brody the silky hog. 

 photo nursery18_zpskz3jhm6y.jpg
As you can see, Mattox is enjoying his space. 

 photo nursery14_zpsu8qzjw6w.jpg
This side of his closet contains his clothes and dresser.  I just have his 0 to 6 month clothes out for now.  He has actually worn some 3 to 6 month stuff because he is getting pretty long even though he is still skinny.  


  1. His room looks great! I love the color scheme. It looks so clean and fresh. I can't believe that you made the mobile. It looks amazing! I think that you did a great job of giving Mattox his own space, yet incorporating things from his brothers and sister. Great job Sherry!

  2. This is such a great nursery Sherry. I just love it! And I love how you combined so many sweet touches of Mattie too.

  3. I could have sworn that I left a comment on this already, but apparently comments that I write in my head are not actually published and read by you. Weird.

    I love every part of his room. It is so calm and soothing, but then, there are many interesting things to look at. You did a great job blending it to function as both a baby room and a guest room. I love all of the prints on the wall. They are so special and so sweet. And the mobile is great, as is the flag swag on the window. Great, great job!

  4. I love the colors. The monogram is my favorite!!

  5. I love this room. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it is so meaningful with the special touches that you put in to remeber Mattie and your Grandmother Mattie.


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