Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April Showers

Oh April!  You definitely brought us plenty of rainy days, but we managed to enjoy a few sunny days too.  April also brought us a more settled routine in our new hometown although our weeks have been plenty busy with ballgames on many nights during the week, helping Evan with a lot heavier homework load, and managing schedules for a preschooler and a newborn.  Lots of good memories were made and that is what matters most.  And for some reason, it has taken me several days to get this post written.  Sigh.

 photo April1_zpsxpnrhlde.jpg
The first days of April brought us a nice day to play at the playground.  We decided to stop by this one in an adjoining neighborhood because it is bigger and has a lot of trees for shade.  It doesn't have a fence and is surrounded by a large grassy area near a little pond.  

 photo April2_zpsbmin6nip.jpg
Evan demonstrates his growing strength and climbing skills. 

 photo April3_zpsn0nl3b10.jpg

 photo April4_zps56igdpnk.jpg
This newer playground equipment always seems a little more dangerous.  No sides on the slide!

 photo April5_zps2etsmisj.jpg
Brody and this bigger boy enjoyed filling up one of these spinning flowers with wood chips.  

 photo April6_zpskel0hzdu.jpg
Sweet baby Mattox loves the outdoors.  He just gets so calm and happy.  
 photo April7_zpsxij4sus1.jpg

 photo April8_zpsuy5coxtk.jpg
Just contemplating nature. 

 photo April9_zpsksyei8we.jpg

 photo April10_zpscntwyviv.jpg
We celebrated our little bunny's first Easter.

 photo April11_zpsttvjthhv.jpg
And visited our little girl for her second Easter.

 photo April12_zpsrxyiqp3r.jpg
We also remembered the real reason for celebrating.
 photo April13_zpspwdxgdpu.jpg
Brody got a special surprise when we were eating breakfast at Chick-fil-a, and a fireman took him to see the firetruck.  He was the only child there that morning, and the fireman saw him watching out the window when they pulled up.  He immediately came over to take him and show him the truck.  Brody was a little shy so Mommy had to go out and encourage him. 

 photo April14_zpsqloydpgx.jpg
He got to sit on the front of the firetruck.  #littleboysdreamcometrue

 photo April15_zpsddjug1te.jpg
Then, he enjoyed playing in the play place.

 photo April16_zpsupy2cspv.jpg
And made a special new friend who lives in our neighborhood. 

 photo April17_zps3muxlkhz.jpg
This little guy had some doctor visits.  His first visit in April went well with only one shot and decent weight gain.  

 photo April18_zpsxap3ufh2.jpg
After meeting Daddy for lunch one day, Brody and I stopped by Mommy's college.  We were going to walk around more, but it started raining.  Hopefully, we can do this again on a pretty day because I want to show him the beautiful campus.  

 photo April19_zps6rfkmso5.jpg
In true April fashion, we had some crazy rainstorms.  One night when we went out to eat in town, it started pouring down rain with the heaviest thunder and lightning I had seen in several years (probably since the Spring Brody was a baby when our neighborhood got hit hard and lightning struck the tree right at the back of our house).  Evan drew this picture of us driving in the storm while we waited at the restaurant for the storm to settle down. 

 photo April21_zpsipw4iryn.jpg
Mattox enjoyed some tummy time.  Since he started spitting up more this month and seems to have more acid reflux, tummy time is not always enjoyable since it may make him spit up more. He does seem to get comfort from us holding him on his tummy though. 
 photo April22_zpsxx9fjj73.jpg
Lunch dates at Chick-fil-a with my littlest men. 

 photo April23_zpso2gs0lzc.jpg
Poor baby.  My littlest man is not very happy here. 

 photo April24_zpstzkcfky8.jpg
But paci helps.  We think he likes the paci so much because it may help with his acid reflux to suck on something. 

 photo April25_zpsstivm0mr.jpg
Brody enjoyed getting his old water table out...before Cocoa got a hold of it and chewed most of the parts up. 

 photo April26_zpsnhf9duzr.jpg

 photo April27_zpsrjdv2r0v.jpg
Mattox enjoys stretching out in the fresh air outside. 

 photo April28_zps7dhenzpw.jpg
And of course, our little t-ball player played his first games. 

 photo April29_zpspwthpqva.jpg
Mattox enjoys hanging out at the games...most of the time. 

 photo April30_zps7cemy4gq.jpg
After school baseball games during the week mean we eat many dinners out.  We are so thankful that we have Mommy's old favorite barbecue restaurants in this area.  It is like a barbecue fast food restaurant.  They also have fried shrimp which the boys love.  This restaurant takes the place of one of our favorite Charlotte restaurants, Showmar's, which also served barbecue sandwiches and fried shrimp and a whole lot more.  

 photo April31_zpsae9mysm6.jpg
Brothers playing together. I know it looks like Brody is pouring water on Evan's head.  Haha!

 photo April32_zpsxudj69ge.jpg

 photo April33_zpsncc6gecu.jpg
Cocoa comes around to try to drink the water.

 photo April34_zpstyzj8cqf.jpg
While Mattox hangs out nearby.  I let him stretch out on the patio table. 

 photo April35_zpshvxnjlg9.jpg
He loves this beautiful weather so much he does a little cheer. 

 photo April36_zpsthbljelo.jpg

 photo April37_zpsfklgn2mh.jpg
And me and my little guy take selfies in the car.  We spend so much time on the go that nursing in the car is a must.  

 photo April38_zpslodt5w1r.jpg
The sun room in our new house is one of our favorite spots to hang out during the day. 

 photo April41_zpsjrvberlv.jpg
Mattox tries to have tummy time on the trampoline.  

 photo April39_zps7ecqrwoe.jpg
And big brothers and I try to relax too. 
 photo April40_zpspdhuyph8.jpg

 photo April42_zpsn7jz6e4j.jpg
Brody and I stopped one morning for a doughnut date.  Our town has a Dunkin Donuts and the neighboring town has a Krispy Kreme which is about 10 minutes away.  We usually do KK, but we decided to try DD.  I actually liked DD's coffee, and they have some good doughnuts...just not the original glazed that KK is famous for. 

 photo April43_zpsa2zhbtkn.jpg
Silly boy!

 photo April44_zpsrzigsipe.jpg
Then, we stopped at the playground to play.  It was a great day for Brody!

 photo April45_zpsriqwgnd7.jpg
He actually doesn't mind having the playground to himself.  Evan cannot stand being by himself and is always complaining about being bored with no one to play with.  Brody is more like me and doesn't mind being alone.  I really have to fight my introverted tendencies.  Haha!

 photo April46_zpso6koctdq.jpg
He can swing by himself now. 

 photo April47_zpstnynlvk5.jpg
Mattox and I try out the swings too. 

 photo April48_zpsipgkw9se.jpg
Brody just absolutely loves this little New Testament Bible.  I am not sure where it came from, but he has claimed it.  He has a nice one with his name on it, but I keep it put away for him.  I just love how he talks about his book and pretends to read it. 

 photo April49_zpsl556uas8.jpg
Sweet sleeping baby.  He snuggles next to me in the mornings after eating sometimes.  

 photo April50_zpshnf82yce.jpg
Just hanging out in his crib for a little bit. 

 photo April51_zps8kc5efwx.jpg
Cuddling with his blankie and his teddy bear. 

 photo April52_zpsnidanmzw.jpg
Having a play date at the playground with his new friend, Eli. 

 photo April53_zpstshomukw.jpg
These boys get along so well! 

 photo April54_zps2nimsiom.jpg
And to round out our crazy month, we got a crazy Spring hailstorm.  It was crazy how fast these little white pieces of hail fell and accumulated.  They melted fast since it was pretty warm outside.  May has started out a little more dry and hot with temperatures getting to about 90 and just a little rain from a tropical depression that came through. 
Stay tuned for another busy month in our crazy lives!


  1. Uuuuuuum, hello! Of course this took you a while to write. It was one heck of post! What's really funny is that I wasn't even thinking about how "delayed" it was because in my mind it's still April. Ha ha.

    That playground looks really fun, but the no sides on the slide makes me really, really nervous. It's like they are inviting lawsuits or something. Yikes. Also, I think it's interesting that you have so few donut choices. We have at least 5 different donut places (chains and local) to go to within 10 minutes of our house. Let me see- Bosa, Dunkin, Krispy Kreme, Fractured Prune, Golden. Yeah. Five. There are even more if I expanded the circle further. And the west coast isn't nearly as donut loving as the east coast. It's just interesting.

    Loving all the pictures of sweet Mattox. You can tell he's getting older and losing that really young newborness. Bittersweeet!

  2. I have a lot of posts here lately that are delayed. lol. It looks like you had a fun and busy April. I can't wait to log some time at the park too.

  3. It looks like April was much more of a normal month for your family. I'm envious of just the regular time reading this in May at the end of (I hope and pray!) our stomach flu/cold bout.

    I love that Mattox enjoys the outside so much and it's good to see pictures of you in here too Sherry! So often we just focus on our kids and forget about us but we need to be documented too :)

    And also, with everything you had going on, no wonder it took a few days to write the post. I've been trying to write the same post for over a week and it's still not ready to go. Blah.


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