Monday, April 6, 2015

The First Easter Festivities

The Sunday before Easter we visited a new church close to our new home.  Eddie's old church youth pastor from his hometown has been pastoring a church in the neighboring town of Fuquay-Varina, and we have been planning to visit them since finding out we were moving here.  He and his wife are just the sweetest people, and their church has a lot of young children so we thought it would be a good place for our kids.  It is also a more traditional church like we hoped to find here.  After the service, the church hosted a little Easter "egg" hunt after lunch.  We went out to grab lunch and returned for the hunt.  It wasn't technically an egg hunt because they just hunted for candy and not actual eggs.  It was still fun, and they came home with baskets full of candy.  No need for the Easter bunny to bring candy to our house!  Good thing since I have really fallen off the wagon buying my kids Easter goodies.  Sigh.  I feel like they still had a good Easter though.  Anyway, I was also happy to see one of my old childhood/adolescenthood friends at the Easter hunt.  She and her family of three young children attend this church regularly so that is a bonus.  She used to attend my dad's old church with her grandparents, and we became very close during that time.  Her grandparents were also very dear to me, and I was sad to hear that they passed away a few years ago.

 photo easter1_zpsj0acoyuk.jpg
Before church, we took the opportunity to take our first family picture in our new home.  I love that our Mattie is also in this picture.  

 photo easter2_zpsrpmfeu7d.jpg
Brody was a bit excited. 

 photo easter3_zps4ngdebg5.jpg
And then he pouted. 

 photo easter4_zps0lo3b33y.jpg
And finally a little smile. 

 photo easter5_zpsslkztizi.jpg
The kids listened to the Easter message before the hunt. 

 photo easter6_zpsqstddly9.jpg
I doubt Brody was really paying much attention.  Hopefully, he will begin to get better at this since he is almost 4. 

 photo easter7_zpsf1fcjly7.jpg
Candy everywhere!

 photo easter8_zpsplvduuxh.jpg
Brody spent the whole time in this position picking up candy.  It was actually kind of hard work. 

 photo easter9_zpsd9rlz09x.jpg
He was determined to get it all. 

 photo easter10_zpsljxaa5yb.jpg
Evan was pretty fast gathering candy.  He and his group of Kindergarten through 2nd graders went over to help the oldest group when they were finished.  Haha! 

 photo easter11_zpsda4gkl83.jpg
Still gathering. 

 photo easter12_zpsprlqtmy9.jpg

 photo easter13_zpsn0u52cyw.jpg
Evan's area was cleaned out in record time. 

 photo easter14_zpsefqvqwop.jpg
Yes, he was on his knees. 

 photo easter15_zps4ezdnqju.jpg
Basket was getting pretty full.
 photo easter16_zpst9s5bmu8.jpg
And as a treat for his hard work, he indulged in a cupcake. 

 photo easter17_zpsexjxld8p.jpg
And Baby Mattox got two huge baskets full of candy.  Haha!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Easter!

  2. I'm glad that you found a church that you feel will be a good fit. And bonus that you already know people there. I wouldn't worry too much about not buying Easter stuff for the kids. You JUST had a baby, you JUST moved and if the last picture is any indication, they have plenty of yummy treats to last for a while. Ha!

    1. I tell myself those things, but I still feel the guilt. I actually have grown a little tired of always feeling the need to buy my kids a ton of gifts for every holiday. I would rather get them practical things and not more stuff because this move has definitely taught us we have too much "stuff." That's why Evan and Brody just got the trampoline as their birthday gift together. They really don't seem to ever miss the little gifts. I think social media, pinterest, etc. makes us feel more guilty if we don't give our kids perfect little baskets and gifts all the time. :-)

  3. We did really low key Easter baskets this year and thankfully the kids didn't get much candy from others either. It just gets way overboard. And that candy hunt is hilarious. It's just on the ground like manna from heaven -- for kids!


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