Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Family Pictures

The tradition continues.  This year, we are so thankful to have our sweet Mattox in our Spring pictures.  I usually like to find a spot for pictures that has some lovely Spring color, but that isn't always easy to find.  Last year, we were lucky to find some of the cherry trees still in bloom during our trip to Washington D.C.  This year, we needed to find a spot in our new town.  With Spring flowers still not being in full bloom, we decided to try a spot by a nice pond at a local park.  The ducks swimming in some of the pictures were a nice addition.

 photo family4_zpsrljvv9tn.jpg
The big boys

 photo family3_zpsqblby3im.jpg

 photo family5_zpsqtgznfog.jpg
They really do love each other. 
 photo family1_zpsrdzgplyh.jpg
Brody was very excited about the ducks and geese. 
 photo family2_zps7x5gkser.jpg
Silly boy. 
 photo family6_zps2d0zrgzf.jpg
Mommy and her three little men. 

 photo family7_zps56vzh3q0.jpg

 photo family8_zpshvnjtckh.jpg

 photo family9_zpscgdonvfa.jpg
Daddy's awkward pose.
 photo family11_zpsiihicz9x.jpg

 photo family12_zpsdattzuhb.jpg
It was quite windy as evidenced by my crazy hair. 

 photo family13_zpsncciicxs.jpg

 photo family14_zpsqjl4lxv5.jpg

 photo family_zpsvey36by1.jpg

 photo family15_zpsmgmkmqi0.jpg

 photo family16_zps3anxyzye.jpg

 photo family17_zpsttjrx8bq.jpg
Trying some with all three boys together.  Evan did a great job holding Mattox. 

 photo family18_zps1hbicey1.jpg
Brody is like "What is this?"

 photo family19_zpslwvs4mys.jpg
Sweet big brothers love baby brother. 

 photo family20_zpsjjxqsdb5.jpg
Maybe my favorite. 

 photo family21_zps36w6ucso.jpg
Or this one of Brody. 

 photo family23_zpst7qyjavr.jpg
Sweet brother kisses. 
 photo family24_zpsqydhyheh.jpg
Then, Brody wanted to hold Mattox. 
 photo family26_zpstkekgh6p.jpg
He's like "Why is he crying?"


  1. I'm so glad the boys are able to help out and hold cute!

  2. These are GREAT pictures Sherry! I also love your new header. Precious.

  3. Awe! They came out great! Beautiful background, great colors and an awesome family- what more could you ask for? I love the last one. "Um, mom? A little help please?"


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