Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random March ~ Perhaps the craziest month on record!

Oh March, you brought us some of the absolute most wonderful days but also some of the most stressful and tiring too.  While I have written about many of the month's big and small events already, I like to go through the pictures on my camera phone now as regularly as I can because it usually gives a unique glimpse into our lives that I don't often capture with our real camera.  I am getting a little better at snapping quick pictures with my phone lately.  Here is a little look at March from the lens of my phone camera:

 photo March1_zpsdzek9ixo.jpg
Of course, we started the month welcoming this precious little rainbow to our family. 

 photo March2_zpsnojzvzkk.jpg
And quickly learned that he was super sweet. 

 photo March3_zpstemuib3m.jpg
And also has a temper. 

 photo March4_zpsyual1c1o.jpg
And he's quite the little thinker. 

 photo March5_zpsfcnnm3wx.jpg
And is the favorite little brother in the house to his two big brothers. 

 photo March6_zpsrylcbn88.jpg
After only one night in his first home, we packed him and his whole house up and moved 4 hours away. 

 photo March7_zpsiomlxrn9.jpg
He handled it all like a champ. 

 photo March8_zpsutjd1ba7.jpg
He enjoys his sleep in his own little bed, but he hates when mommy flashes the camera in his face. 

 photo March9_zps5cnblz2t.jpg
He is super snuggly too. 

 photo March10_zpsx75iypnd.jpg
And we enjoyed dressing him up, of course. 

On one of our first pleasant days in our new neighborhood, I took the boys out to their new playground to play.

 photo March11_zpsqy47bgus.jpg
Evan was happy there was a merry-go-round although Brody was not quite as thrilled.  He didn't mind helping push it though. 
 photo March12_zps1blcrcpp.jpg

 photo March13_zpsmqrrakzg.jpg
And Evan never misses an opportunity to fight off some bad guys.
 photo March14_zps6eikyuix.jpg
Mattox enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air too. 

 photo March15_zpse8utpajf.jpg
Evan shows off his strength as he climbs. 

 photo March16_zpsmqidao3x.jpg
Evan definitely did not inherit my motion sickness.  He is not bothered by these spinning contraptions. 

 photo March17_zps9qrsx7cy.jpg
Wearing big brother Brody's Little Brother shirt. 

 photo March18_zpsvrxinb6e.jpg
We got to see the first cherry blossoms on our old cherry tree in Charlotte one last time when we went back to finish the moving business. 

 photo March19_zpsdjtbl9dk.jpg
And we enjoyed dressing up our littlest leprechaun in his green for his first St. Patrick's Day. 

 photo March20_zps33qczoyv.jpg
My three little leprechauns.
 photo March21_zpsj11mg3xh.jpg
I enjoyed lots of cuddles from my littlest man.  I wish I never had to put him down. 

 photo March22_zpssuaezyou.jpg
And yes, I guess technically this is a selfie, but no one has been around to take our picture together, and I just want to remember how sweet he looks cuddling on mommy. 

 photo March23_zps1rn1jkbi.jpg
The boys enjoyed playing on a big skidder on Arbor Day at our state Farmer's Market.  Daddy set up a booth for his organization, the North Carolina Forestry Association, along with many other groups to teach people about trees and forests. 

 photo March24_zpsyqbbbmvi.jpg
Brody enjoyed pretending to drive. 
 photo March25_zpsenwbctk5.jpg
As previously noted, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit with these awesome folks. 

 photo March26_zpsmlaqrr4o.jpg
Oh my goodness, I just love holding him.  

 photo March27_zpsuqvkpvcy.jpg
And big boy Evan headed back to school after a nice three week break.  He will finish up his 2nd grade year in June, get about a month break and start the 3rd grade after the 4th of July.  He has really adapted quickly to his new school and has made lots of friends with his classmates.  We have also been very impressed with his new school and have noted that he is learning a lot more than at his old school which was a constant disappointment.  He has weekly spelling tests, learns proper grammar and writing, has science and social studies lessons daily, and has much more productive math exercises.  We are so very thankful for a good learning environment.  He had never had a spelling test before so he wasn't as prepared for his first test, but his second one he got all but one word right after we spent the week reviewing his words every day.  It was actually kind of funny because he misspelled "surely."  His words have been ones that do not follow the normal rules of phonics.  He spelled surely the way many of us southern folks (I am sure his teacher was one of them) say it:  "shorely."  Haha!  


  1. What a crazy and wonderful month! I'm so glad that you all are adjusting to your new city so well. I have to say though, I am just shocked that Evan never had spelling tests before. That's crazy! I have a much better understanding of your disappointment in that school now. It sounds like he's in an environment now where he we do great.

  2. Found your blog from Elise's blog! I'm a Charlotte nc girl too!! Where abouts in Charlotte are you?

    1. Hi, Kim! I could not respond to your comment by email so I hope you see this. Thank you for stopping by. We did live in Charlotte but actually just moved to the Raleigh area. We are very happy with it so far as it seems much better for our kids with much better schools. I miss Charlotte though as it was our home for the past 8 years and where our children have been born and raised. May end up back there one day when kids are older. ;-)

  3. Yes, March was a very busy month for you! I still don't see how in the world you managed a move with a newborn!!!! How cool would it have been if we would have been in Raleigh area? We enjoyed the Farmers Market, esp the restaurant. ;)

    1. Yep, we ate at the restaurant that day. The kids love shrimp and got plenty there! :-)

  4. Your March was so crazy. Thanks for fitting us in there :)

    1. Well, you were definitely one of the highlights of the month! ;-)

  5. Your March made me very tired just reading about it. I can only imagine how you felt living through it. But it was definitely a good month, that is evident in the pictures as well as the words.

    I also wanted to mention that I too had been very opposed to taking selfies. But I'm slowly getting over that because sometimes you just have to take a selfie to remember the moment. Otherwise there would be no pictures of the moms. And darn it, we are important too!

    1. Well, there were some busy days, but there were some less busy ones too, and we made time for fun so that is always good. And yes, I like your perspective on selfies. I think they are fine every once in a while and definitely okay of us with our kids because that is so important, but you know those people who can really overkill something and seem to just be infatuated with themselves. Haha!


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