Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Room

For the next peek into our new little nest, we will tour our bedroom which is now basically complete although I do have some future projects in the plans.  Our room is a good size and almost as big as our last one.  It has nice high ceilings and lots of natural light which makes it feel even bigger.  We still like our blue and gray color scheme and did add a few new things that we had wanted for a while.

 photo house1_zps5qdk9ree.jpg
Upon entering the room, you see our bed.  We did purchase a new duvet cover at Target because our old white one was over two years old and had been through many washes.  It always appeared wrinkled too because it was smooth and all cotton.  I think this darker gray one with tufts will last us a long time.  I know it seems weird to go with a darker bed covering in the Spring, but since our room is so light and bright, the darker covering just seems to balance it out well.  I also finally purchased some new lamps and new matching side tables.  The lamps are blue and were a great deal from Kirkland's.  The side tables are gray, and we ordered those online.  We had lived with only one side table and a little bookcase on my side of the bed our entire marriage so it was time for a switch.  We likely will not be purchasing a whole new bedroom set for many years to come so we want to make our current bedroom more pleasing to look at.  I also added a shelf above the bed to go with our monogram and to display some special things to us as a couple.  

 photo house6_zps6vlpwffe.jpg
The bed from the other side of the room. 

 photo house2_zpsxtvhrlty.jpg
A close look at the little shelf.  I wanted a longer one, but I may just get two smaller ones for either side of this one.  Right now, it holds a framed copy of our wedding invitation, some candles, a framed picture of us before we were married, and a framed printable with the saying "Love You More."  I had wanted to put that in our room for a while because we used to always "play fight" about who loved who more.  Eddie would say "I love you," I would say "I love you more," and he would say "Not humanly possible."  I would usually just end it with "Whatever."  Haha! 

 photo house2_zps1coyjkzb.jpg
I haven't added curtains yet because I am not sure what I want for the three windows in the room.  I like the simplicity of the white blinds for now.  We purchased the gray upholstered rocker so that we could have a nice spot to rock baby Mattox. 
 photo house3_zpsrqqyab7n.jpg
A view of the wall opposite the door and our dresser.  One of the big projects I hope to get done in the next few months is painting some of our furniture.  We have had this furniture since before we were married, and I have never loved the color.  I want to try painting it a light gray maybe and update the hardware.  

 photo house15_zpsodf8uycv.jpg
Baby Mattox's comfy spot beside our bed.  All of our babies have slept in this little bassinet for about six months of their lives.  I love that it is big enough to hold babies longer.  It can also convert to a co-sleeper if you like that, but I have never used it that way.  It can rock too and has a cute little mobile with lights and music.  

 photo house7_zpsu9zmczex.jpg
On the other side of the bed hang these special pieces.  The printed poem was given to us by a special friend for our wedding gift. The Hawaiian carved tiki mask was purchased on our honeymoon in Hawaii.  We watched the carver making it in Lahaina, Maui. 
 photo house8_zps4mkz9ixi.jpg
This sweet poem with our names and wedding date inscribed on it. 

 photo house3_zpsaye5sczx.jpg
And the entrance to our bathroom and the door to our bedroom.  I display one of my wedding portraits in here because where else would I put it.  I grew tired of  seeing it in our living room.  Haha!  This one was actually at my parents' house, but I knew Eddie liked this pose better than the full length one we had.  
 photo house9_zpswqgacgvx.jpg
Our bathroom is nice and big with double sinks.  I had to get used to the counter heights in this house because they all seemed really high when we first moved in.  The kitchen counters are the same way.  I am used to them now.  I do like the color of the cabinets better than our previous house which had lots of outdated fixtures.  This house is fairly new and has a lot more modern fixtures. 

 photo house10_zpscb7naraf.jpg
The shower and door to the toilet (do the French call that a water closet?). 

 photo house11_zpsvng3cd0u.jpg
There are his and hers closets in the bathroom which are a decent size. 

 photo house12_zpszwjum3nt.jpg
It has a nice bright window over the tub and nice neutral colored tile.  

 photo house13_zpsdaiqaage.jpg
Yes, my closet appears to be pretty full, but it is actually bigger than it looks.  I know it looks like I have a lot of clothes, but I am actually still hanging on to many of my old clothes with the off chance that I will be able to fit in them again some day.  Ha! 

 photo house14_zpsjfdouklr.jpg
Eddie's closet looks a little more roomy, but he just doesn't have as much extra stuff stored in his.  


  1. Looks great! I really like the color scheme. It looks so pretty.

  2. You've done so much work since I was there! I have such great memories of holding Mattox in that rocker and talking with you :)

  3. Your room is awesome. It looks very cozy, yet elegant at the same time. We had two closets in our rental house. It is one of the only things I miss about that house. Our closet in this house is certainly big enough, but it was really nice to not have to share at all.

    I love the color of the cabinets in the bathroom. No golden oak! As you probably know, I am battling golden oak right now. That color is actually pretty close to what I am going to do in the kitchen. It's just so much more modern looking.

    1. Yes, I think we have similar tastes and a similar need to rid ourselves of old and outdated cabinets and fixtures. I love the work you are doing to your house and would have made very similar changes as you. Hopefully, we will one day be back living in a house we own (and not renting out a house we own that we can't sell). Sigh. The cabinets in this house are decent although the countertops in the kitchen are not as good. We traded our house in Charlotte with decent countertops (although I didn't love the color) and crappy old cabinets for one with decent cabinets and crappy counters. I'll take the better cabinets though. Haha!

    2. And tell me more about gel stain. Sounds way better than the other stain option. I want to redo my kitchen table and our bedroom furniture and am thinking of maybe a gray stain instead of paint so it will still have some texture to it.

    3. Everything looks beautiful. You are so talented. I made the Wedding Poem for you and Eddie when you got married. So sweet that you still have it. Ms Diana


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