Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our Little Monkey

Right before Brody was born, I found this cute little monkey hat on sale at Gymboree.  I already had some monkey onesies and thought this hat was perfect.  I also found some cute matching monkey socks, but unfortunately, I cannot locate those now.  One of my favorite little impromptu photography sessions with Brody at just a few days old was wearing this little set.  I could not resist doing a similar session with Mattox.  I wish I had similar pictures of Evan, but I was sadly not as good at photography eight years ago.  I just love this little monkey!

 photo monkey1_zps2qvwpzvi.jpg
He was not being cooperative at first and needed the paci to calm down.  He still looks cute though.  I was not going to use a paci at all, but this baby would never give me a break from nursing without it.  We only use it as a last resort though.  He is also staying awake for longer periods of time now. 

 photo monkey2_zpsxq8lxmif.jpg

 photo monkey3_zpsbflmxvgp.jpg

 photo monkey4_zpsiaprfugt.jpg

 photo monkey5_zpsst0ka0t6.jpg

 photo monkey6_zpsfeagqpx7.jpg
Finally, no paci!

 photo monkey7_zpsygelcjhg.jpg
A shy little smile.

 photo monkey8_zpsz7gr9f1t.jpg

 photo monkey9_zpskhlqo0yc.jpg

 photo monkey10_zps6kmio9sz.jpg

 photo monkey11_zpsa5l7uith.jpg
Mad monkey!

 photo monkey13_zpso4gtwowo.jpg

 photo monkey14_zpsw5yrggxk.jpg
Sleepy monkey!

 photo monkey12_zpsyzoachah.jpg
Perhaps he is telling us he is almost 1 month old!  Where did this month go?  He was exactly 4 weeks yesterday when these pictures were taken. 
 photo Monkey.comparison_zpstsgsujj6.jpg
And yes, I would be very remiss if I did not do at least one side-by-side comparison.  I do not even know who is cuter.  Brody was only 3 days old and was still a lot bigger than Mattox at 4 weeks old.  Mattox appears to have his big brother Evan's metabolism and burns through those calories. 


  1. Fantastic photo session! Your photography skills really are getting better and better. All of the pictures are great but I really like the sleeping one, the yawning one and the almost 1 month old one. And I'm glad you included the crying one. I think it's important to capture and remember babies crying.

    I was a little afraid I was going to have to scold you for not doing a comparison collage. I'm relieved you came through at the last minute. Ha ha!

  2. I remember the non-stop nursing days....and now I can't get Clarice to slow down long enough...ha! :) She is crawling around a lot now.
    Cute pictures! Hope you are getting some rest.

  3. What a cute little monkey!!!

  4. He really is a cute little monkey! I love his "I'm 1 (month old)!" finger picture. Adorable :)


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