Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Little Easter Bunny

Sorry for the cuteness overload, but how cute is a little baby wearing bunny ears and a bunny tail?  I crocheted Mattox a little diaper cover and attached this little bunny tail from Target's dollar section.  He is my new favorite photography subject.  Hippity Hoppity, Mattox is on his way!

 photo bunny2_zps5vyu2utf.jpg
The sweetest Easter bunny. 
 photo bunny3_zpspgaryyaz.jpg

 photo bunny4_zpsaymsde7j.jpg

 photo bunny5_zpsicknmydp.jpg

 photo bunny7_zpstujfkjud.jpg

 photo bunny8_zps2qwcui1i.jpg

 photo bunny9_zps7gbui4h5.jpg

 photo bunny10_zpswpxelldm.jpg

 photo bunny11_zps6ik2m0fw.jpg

 photo bunny12_zpsltucqr6j.jpg
Happy bunny. 
 photo bunny13_zpsmdj851ip.jpg
Thoughtful bunny. 

 photo bunny14_zpsygfsx7jc.jpg
Surprised bunny. 

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


  1. I am glad you gave the cuteness overload warning because, um, cuteness overload. The little diaper cover came out so cute. You totally have to make bigger ones each year he is in diapers so you can re-create this picture and do comparisons. Do you like how I just wave my hand and create a lot of work for you for my own amusement?

    Also, I love that little bunny container. I hope it is used for year round storage and not just Easter, because it's adorable.

    1. How do you always know my plans? That diaper cover is actually kind of big so it may be big enough for next year. I found the bunny container at Home Goods and definitely thought it would go great in his room since those are his colors and I want to keep some bunnies in their from Mattie's Mattie's room.

  2. Okay, "Thoughtful Bunny" and "Surprised Bunny" are hilarious!!! I will never get tired of seeing pictures of sweet Mattox and I can see why he's your new favourite subject :)


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