Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More Easter Celebrating

Our Easter festivities continued with another egg hunt in our new neighborhood on Saturday morning before Easter.  The neighborhood hunt took place in a cow pasture on the farm across the road from our neighborhood.  It was actually a pretty spot beside a pretty little pond.  I stayed in the car with Baby Mattox because it was pretty windy outside.  After the boys finished their hunt (no candy this time), we went to eat a late breakfast/early lunch before going to pay a special visit.

 photo easter35_zpsxuh5fphn.jpg
Brody is ready for the hunt. 

 photo easter36_zpsvz7ulqe1.jpg
Finding eggs this time although he was a little disappointed there was no candy. 

 photo easter37_zps6etlxmyw.jpg
He's a pro now. 

 photo easter38_zpsf3ylorrw.jpg

 photo easter39_zpsjwmddmd6.jpg
Brothers with their egg finds. 

 photo easter41_zpscvh3mie8.jpg
What a pretty spot for an egg hunt!

 photo easter42_zps74svlhuk.jpg

 photo easter43_zpsdadctq80.jpg

 photo easter20_zps8fb7rpwv.jpg
We took some special flowers and a bunny for our precious little Mattie.  

 photo easter21_zps52mwecjt.jpg
All of Mattie's siblings visiting her for Easter.  

 photo easter22_zps7rp3esoe.jpg
And our whole family together. 

 photo easter23_zpsg3v9turw.jpg
Grandma and her grandbabies visiting Great-Grandma Mattie. 
 photo easter24_zpszpq9gsde.jpg

 photo easter25_zpshbpekcne.jpg
Evan, Brody and cousin Grady remember the real reason for Easter. 

 photo easter19_zpsi9kbqnt4.jpg
Baby Mattox met his Great-Grandpa, his last living great-grandparent. 

 photo easter26_zpse3ibozhz.jpg
And meeting Great-Aunt Dava. 

 photo easter27_zpsskziixt9.jpg
Evan enjoyed dying Easter eggs. 

 photo easter28_zpssw2zxz6d.jpg
Brody made a pretty green one that matched his shirt.  I love the look of pretty colored eggs. 

 photo easter29_zpsjzceosp4.jpg
Cousin Grady and Brody enjoyed watching the eggs turn colors.  Grady kept trying to put the already dyed ones back into the dye. 

 photo easter30_zpshlgrh0tk.jpg
Sweet cousins.  Grady is really growing up so fast and has been talking so well.  

 photo easter31_zpsqxlqpi6o.jpg
Mr. Independent Brody likes to do it by himself. 

 photo easter34_zpss22uufo8.jpg
Pretty eggs.  Evan liked the one that looks kind of like camouflage green.
 photo easter32_zpspilnvlhp.jpg
Grady is very interested in babies and kept coming up to look at Mattox and saying "baby" and pointing.  He loved getting to hold him. 

 photo easter33_zpskprkclbh.jpg
Big smiles for baby cousin Mattox. 


  1. A very special day indeed. The boys were definitely wearing the right color of green for the egg hunt in such a lovely green location. OK, maybe it wasn't lush and green, but it was definitely pale green with the promise of being lush in a few more months.

    Mattie's flowers and bunny are so pretty. I'm glad you got the chance to all be together at Easter time.

    1. It was a special day, and although I know we probably needed to get more things accomplished this weekend, I could not miss the opportunity of visiting my sweet girl and "introducing" her little brother to her. He will grow up knowing his sister. Yes, the grass isn't quite lush and green yet, but it is getting there. Our front yard here may never be lush and green because it has become so muddy with all the rain lately. Sigh.

  2. What a very special day! I love Mattie's flowers and bunny. You have always done such an amazing job of remembering her.

  3. I'm so glad you were able to visit Mattie and introduce her to her little brother. You've done an excellent job of keeping her memory alive.


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