Friday, April 3, 2015

Mattox's 1st Month

 photo Birth_zps1ioagrnf.jpg
Taken Tuesday, March 3, 2015

 photo Week 1_zpsmz8l8xmq.jpg
Taken Tuesday, March 10, 2015

 photo Week 2_zpsptik72am.jpg
Taken Tuesday, March 17, 2015

 photo Week 3_zpsiokclfrb.jpg
Taken Tuesday, March 24, 2015

 photo Week 4_zpsw5ri4szx.jpg
Taken Tuesday, March 31, 2015
 photo Month1_zps8wemkd7l.jpg
Taken Friday, April 3, 2015
What a month!  Mattox definitely takes the prize for busiest first month out of all of our kids.  He only got one night in his first home, before he was packed up and moved over three hours away to a new home.  He handled it well, and I am pretty sure he will not remember any of that.  Instead of writing a book to explain every detail of this crazy month, I will let a few pictures tell the story.

 photo Mattox4_zpsykcbiixu.jpg
Pictures with the blanket Mommy made him. 

 photo Mattox5_zpsetdggen5.jpg

 photo Mattox6_zpsf7rhwl33.jpg

 photo Mattox7_zpsettdzvvk.jpg

 photo Mattox8_zpsx5rnkifu.jpg

 photo Mattox10_zpsejfvkd3q.jpg

 photo Mattox11_zpspsl6ieng.jpg

 photo Mattox12_zpsuwfkefpa.jpg

 photo Mattox13_zpskcufnu65.jpg

 photo Mattox22_zpskz17vfiz.jpg

 photo Mattox23_zps1lbouj9g.jpg

 photo Mattox24_zpsguihvptc.jpg
I also made these little booties which were a little small. 

 photo Mattox25_zpszatrlbxz.jpg

 photo Mattox26_zpsyhrg1uyp.jpg

 photo Mattox27_zpsuimkmeno.jpg

 photo Mattox28_zpsnx6wwmw9.jpg
Pictures in Mommy's favorite little newborn gown that was big brothers'.  I never seem to have gotten a picture of Evan wearing it.  Sigh. 

 photo Mattox29_zps0xgoweld.jpg

 photo Mattox30_zps4dqdam4l.jpg

 photo Mattox31_zpsrsn0py8f.jpg
Almost a smile. 

 photo Mattox32_zpszk1vlhgb.jpg

 photo Mattox33_zpsmjfjsrf2.jpg

 photo Mattox34_zpsrf3vrzhl.jpg

 photo Mattox58_zpskpqkdhxu.jpg

 photo Mattox59_zpsl3giz8it.jpg

 photo Mattox60_zpss6jcgs8h.jpg

 photo Mattox61_zpsivdhwisg.jpg

 photo Mattox35_zpsztzxktwl.jpg

 photo Mattox36_zpsu5cmbdyc.jpg

 photo Mattox37_zpsyx3tcvh3.jpg

 photo Mattox38_zpsuww4krxj.jpg

 photo Mattox66_zpslulzjgwq.jpg
Trying for pictures in this little diaper cover I made.  He was not loving it. 

 photo Mattox67_zpsjajtq8ff.jpg

 photo Mattox68_zpsme9a0fqg.jpg
3 week pictures

 photo Mattox69_zpspku6vgmc.jpg

 photo Mattox71_zpswjflsnzb.jpg

 photo Mattox72_zpsg8qolwe5.jpg

 photo Mattox73_zpsxluindua.jpg

 photo Mattox41_zpsczyrz5t3.jpg

 photo Mattox44_zpsckzmil2s.jpg

 photo Mattox39_zpswkoop0zi.jpg

 photo Mattox40_zpslakjcghp.jpg

 photo Mattox42_zpss5nnokbv.jpg

 photo Mattox43_zps6idu4kkw.jpg

 photo Mattox45_zpshgg58eht.jpg

Meeting Big Brothers

Our photo sessions with big brothers have not gone very smoothly.  We tried getting pictures of them at the hospital in their matching brother shirts, and those were not the greatest.  Either Mattox was fussing or Brody was not smiling.  We tried again at home.  These were the best we could get. 

 photo Mattox14_zpsemiwgenj.jpg
Fussy Mattox. 

 photo Mattox15_zps0736swo8.jpg
Sweet kisses
 photo Mattox16_zpsu6stxysq.jpg
Evan cooperated the best.

 photo Mattox17_zpskcnyupsl.jpg

 photo Mattox19_zpsabsfemch.jpg
Pretty decent except Brody's slouch.

 photo Mattox21_zpsvt5ocgab.jpg

 photo Mattox18_zpsy0gtmh1p.jpg

 photo Mattox20_zpsjws2v8vf.jpg

 photo Mattox46_zps65epejft.jpg

 photo Mattox47_zpsr7zrpn68.jpg

 photo Mattox48_zpsflonfghw.jpg

 photo Mattox49_zpsvyz3ohxa.jpg

Meeting Family

 photo Mattox1_zpsmnldbmxa.jpg
 photo Mattox2_zps9ovw3ggc.jpg
Papa James
 photo Mattox3_zpsruuiuyci.jpg

 photo Mattox56_zpsdlyfjdg2.jpg
Aunt Naomi

 photo Mattox57_zpsyg1mtdoe.jpg

Going Home!

 photo Mattox54_zpshik3smyn.jpg
First ride in the car.  We made a little stop at our old favorite Mexican restaurant across the street from the hospital so Mommy could eat some lunch before we headed to our old home for the night. 

Meeting Friends!

 photo Mattox55_zpspi2ygls6.jpg
Our neighbors for over 5 years, Eddie and Kristin, came over to meet the little man before we packed up and moved away. 
1st Tub Bath ~ March 19, 2015

He has not had too many baths yet, and I still prefer sponge baths for now, but I could not resist letting him have one when his belly button stump fell off.  His skin gets a little dry if he is washed too often.

 photo Mattox51_zpsthp4oze7.jpg
He's not too sure about this. 

 photo Mattox52_zpshe8pmyvv.jpg

 photo Mattox53_zps9h6fxkrp.jpg
Big brother Brody wanted to help. 

 photo Mattox62_zpsv0qcn7l0.jpg
Sweet big brother.  At least he did not get peed on.  When Evan tried to help bathe Brody for the first time, he got peed on in the face because he leaned in a little too close.  Haha!

 photo Mattox74_zpsnl6h3q6y.jpg

 photo Mattox75_zps9b7ku1hi.jpg

 photo Mattox63_zpswsaihfl3.jpg
And bath time is done. 
 photo Mattox76_zpsetklxhbi.jpg

 photo Mattox77_zpsaf86dju5.jpg

 photo Mattox64_zpsehqiaelv.jpg
"Wah!  I'm cold!"
 photo Mattox78_zpsawornjk7.jpg
All dry and dressed and hanging out in the bouncer while Mommy gets a shower. 

 photo Birth.comparison_zpsy4bn40fi.jpg
Definitely looks a lot like big brother Evan. 
 photo Brody.Mattox.comparison_zpsk3n6apkv.jpg
But looking a little like big brother Brody wearing the same little gown.  
 photo Evan.Mattox.1month_zpso2r32dtf.jpg
Probably the most similar comparison so far. 


Mattox has been eating and sleeping really well for a newborn.  He has been a little slow in weight gain like his big brother Evan, but he is nursing well and having lots of wet and poopy diapers so we are pretty sure he just has big brother's metabolism.  He is very wiggly and squirmy and has started ending up in crazy positions in his bassinet.  He wakes up to eat a little more often than big brother Brody did, but his smaller size means he needs to eat more often.  He is eating every two to three hours still, but he goes back to sleep quickly after nursing.  I have started pumping and giving him a few bottles this week to give myself a little break between nursing.  He takes in about 2 ounces per feeding, and if he gets more than that, he will spit up more so I figure that is what he needs for now until his stomach gets a little bigger.  We will get a weight update next week at his official one month check up.  Like Evan, he gets a little fussy in the afternoons and evenings when he stays awake longer and eventually just gets so tired he is difficult to console.  A feeding and early bedtime seems to help calm him down though.  For his first month, we really cannot complain.  He has been a really good baby, but I really haven't had a bad experience to compare him to.


  1. Whoa! What a busy month. I can't imagine moving after only being home from the hospital for one day! You are an awesome lady! :) Glad to hear that he is a good baby and things are going well. Ace is almost 2 weeks old and they seem very similar in their eating and sleeping patterns. I need to start pumping a little as well just to free myself up some. What does that schedule look like for you? I never really pumped with Lydia until I had to go back to work and so she wasn't with me to eat and I had to pump. Again, he is precious! I need to get on the ball and get my blog updated with his birth, and the girls' birthdays before Easter on Sunday. We shall see! Happy Friday! :) Lana

    1. I can't believe Ace has been here about 2 weeks now! So glad you finally introduced him. Haha! We really need to get these boys together one day. My pumping schedule is mostly at night when I seem to make the most milk. I don't always do it though. I did do it more last week because I was getting a little tender and sore and just wanted to give them a rest. Yes, pumping regularly when having to go to work wasn't easy for me, and my supply went down fast when I was away from baby so much so I am hoping being home more will allow me to nurse longer.

  2. What a little cutie pie! Is it just me or his hair looking more red like Evan's?

    1. It seems to just look kind of red in certain light but still mostly blond. Blond hair just seems to pick up a lot of reflective light and colors as you probably know. :-)

  3. I am so glad you are nursing. I haven't had much luck with pumping lately. I should give it another try though....especially on Friday and Saturday nights when Matt can feed her.
    Glad you all are doing well! :)

    1. Pumping is a lot of work, and I mainly started last week to give them a rest because they were getting a little sore and tender. I try to occasionally pump on one side at night if he sleeps longer and I get more full.

  4. I am exhausted just reading about Mattox's first month. Busy, busy, busy little guy. And oh my gosh are all the pictures cute. I love that you have weekly pictures of him. Do you think you will keep that up?

    I will have to look though my pictures because I had a very similar sleep gown when Spencer was a baby. I want to compare the little teddy bears on it. I used to love those sleep gowns- pulling their little legs out for a diaper change and then tucking them back in. MMMMM! Makes me want to fly out there to cuddle your little guy.

  5. Oh, and pumping. Ugh. I always hated pumping. I was fortunate that I never had to be away from my kids to have to pump very much. Because....Blech.

    1. Yeah, I am not great at keeping up with pumping, but I needed to last week because I was getting pretty sore and tender and needed to give them a break. I also like to try to have a little reserve in the freezer just in case. And yes, I will try to keep up the weekly pictures like I did with Brody. I hate that I didn't take more pictures of baby Evan, and I don't want those regrets with the other kids. I did well with Brody and am trying to keep it up with Mattox. It also gives me a reason to take pictures in lots of his little outfits that I love. And I love newborn gowns at night because those little buttons can be a pain for middle of the night diaper changes. :-)

  6. He really did have a busy first month, as did the rest of you. And I have a hard enough time getting pictures of just my two kiddos, so I'm impressed you have decent pictures of all three of your boys together!

    Also, I love those pictures of Mattox looking a little grumpy in his "Little Brother Mattox" shirt. So sweet :)


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