Friday, April 10, 2015

Evan's & Brody's New Room

For the beginning of our new house tour, I will start with the boys' room since it is the most finished room in the house so far.  The rest of the house is pretty complete, but there just seems to be a never ending list of little tasks I want to accomplish.  We aren't going to do any painting except maybe in the baby's room for a while because I am kind of liking the brightness of the new house's neutral paint.  It was freshly painted when we moved in.  Our old house's dark and outdated colors had really started to disgust me.  We didn't paint the downstairs in that house because it would have taken a large investment to repaint that whole area from the dark greens, yellows, reds, and dark tan.  The colors had really started to remind me of all the different shades of baby poop, and I am just thankful to not have to look at them anymore.  This house is like a breath of fresh air right now, and I am just going to enjoy it for now.  The boys' room is not much bigger than their previous room, but the bright windows and openness just makes it feel larger.  They also have a much bigger closet which is a bonus.  I keep some of their older toys (with lots of pieces) in the bottom of their closet as a play area that can help contain the mess better.  Since their closet is so much bigger with a light inside, I have caught Evan playing in there with the door closed to keep his little brother out.  It is like their own little secret playhouse.

 photo boysroom1_zpsd1brkfiw.jpg
The view from the door upon entering their room,  There really isn't anything new in their room except a few new wall decorations.  Evan's birthday balloon makes a nice addition.  Their names were originally in their nurseries.  I really want to make Evan one like Brody's eventually because I love his so much.   His was a large vinyl decal we had made from Etsy that we attached to a piece of Plexiglas over a canvas. 

 photo boysroom2_zps1jegqxtk.jpg
This shelf is hung high to keep little boys from taking down some of these special keepsakes.  It houses their sports trophies, Evan's dinosaur skeletons he built, and some special gifts and keepsakes. 

 photo boysroom3_zpsjjlimjr1.jpg
Evan's bed.  The bedding is still the same dinosaur sheets and simple blue quilt.  We picked their bedding well a few years ago when we got them the bunk beds, and they haven't needed or wanted to change anything yet.  I finally got a large frame for their brother picture we took in 2013 and had printed to a 16X20.  I just love it so much! 

 photo boysroom4_zpsmrncl1ir.jpg
Brody's bed.  He still loves sleeping on his old boppy, and I don't mind because his boppy cover is monogrammed with his name on it so I want to keep it.  I need to order Mr. Mattox one now. 

 photo boysroom5_zpsxvzgp6ob.jpg
The other side of the room holds their dresser, bookcase, and armoire. 

 photo boysroom6_zpssxoomf8p.jpg

 photo boysroom7_zpsnqzrgbnu.jpg
I love the boys' Pottery Barn First Year Frames.  Those are one of the special pieces I must have for all of my kids.  I can't wait to fill Mattox's up with pictures through the year.   His is silver because it was the same one that was Mattie's. 

 photo boysroom8_zpsff7qawec.jpg
I used these shelves to display some more of their special baby pictures from their old nurseries. 

 photo boysroom9_zps6tdqemy6.jpg
This side of the room has their closet.  

 photo boysroom10_zpsvoopkcvh.jpg
It is hard to photograph the inside of a closet, but it has plenty of space for their clothes. 

 photo boysroom11_zps7vubdykp.jpg
And the space on the floor is great for their toy play sets and all of their stuffed animals.  These toys are the equivalent of little girls' dollhouses and barbies.  


  1. This is a great room. It makes me laugh because I never actually went in their room when we visited! Ha ha ha! And I totally agree -- your new house is so bright and beautiful. I love it.

  2. It looks fantastic. All the little touches and the colors work so well together. I think your big boys will be very happy in this room. And that closet! Swoon. The paint color on the wall looks very similar to the paint we have in most of the house. And I picked the color, so I obviously like it.


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