Thursday, April 30, 2015

Brody's Perfect Day (His Birthday)

For Brody's special day yesterday, we really wanted to make it all about him and the things he loves lately.  It really came together well, and he was very happy and thankful.  There was a slight hiccup in my plans that day, but we managed to survive it.  The plan was to drop Evan off at school and go pick up some things I needed from the store for the day.  We headed to Wal-mart to get a bundt pan because Brody wanted to help me make him a pound cake with strawberry icing.  Although he didn't say pound cake, that was pretty much what he described so we decided to make one so my kids could both get a taste of those yummy homemade ones my Granny used to make.  I don't have my Granny's recipe (she never used written recipes and kept them all in her head) so I googled it and decided on a million dollar pound cake.  Yes, it really did have a pound of butter!  Haha!  It turned out good although I am not sure it was as good as Granny's.  Since Brody loves to help cook, he really enjoyed helping make his own cake.  While the cake was baking, I went to change Mattox's diaper in my bedroom and saw something black scurry across the floor beside my bed.  Yikes!  I was pretty freaked out, but I couldn't see anything so I thought I imagined it.  Then, when I went to lay Mattox down to change him in his bassinet, I saw something on the top of his wipes container.  It was a small blob of poop...and not baby poop either!  From the looks of it and my googling, it seemed like it could be either a snake or a lizard.  I wasn't taking any chances on snake so I put the kids upstairs in their playroom until the cake finished baking, and then we headed out to eat lunch at Chick-fil-a until Daddy could come home and find the invader.  Luckily, we arrived at Chick-fil-a just as Brody's new neighborhood friend and his mom were arriving.  We had just played with them at the park the day before and weren't expecting to see them again so soon so it was a nice surprise.  Unfortunately, the play place was closed, but those boys still enjoyed sitting and talking together while they ate.  I definitely see a nice budding friendship, and it helps that I also like his mom who is a very smart lady who graduated from N.C. State and is a female engineer.  She totally rocks!  So after Daddy got home and deduced it was a lizard, we headed back home to finish the birthday celebrating.  He had not caught the lizard yet, but I soon discovered him when he came out of hiding into the living room.  We trapped him under a bowl and released him back into the wild.  After the cake was made, we all headed to dinner at Mellow Mushroom.  Brody requested this dinner choice the day before when he saw one by his Daddy's office and told him he wanted to eat at the mushroom.  We haven't been since we lived in Charlotte, but our kids love their pizza.  We also stopped and picked up some special balloons for the birthday boy.  He wanted a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme "party" so we did get him a balloon, some party plates, and his very own Jake hat and sword.  At home, we finished the celebration by blowing out his candle on his cake, eating some of his yummy creation, and letting him open his presents.  He received his very own chef outfit and utensils and a new water table for outside because his dog decided to eat up most of his old one.  Sigh.  This one has a lid so hopefully we can keep the toys under the lid out of Cocoa's reach.  I am ready for the last part of her puppyhood, the chewing, to be over.  Other than that, she is a great dog who never barks and is very loving and friendly.  She does like to lick the baby, but we figure she is just marking him as hers.  Haha!  Although Brody's birthday is over, we may celebrate for a few more days and keep all his decorations up.  It is the least we can do since he isn't having a party.  We may go to Discovery Place Kids this weekend when we visit his Grandma too.

 photo Birthday Collage_zpslnenxk7d.jpg

 photo birthday1_zpsq83np6r8.jpg
I actually made this banner for his first birthday, but it was great for this year. 

 photo birthday2_zpswejloa2n.jpg
The "party" decorations.  He was so excited to see the streamers and balloons. 

 photo birthday3_zpssef5mist.jpg
And his presents.  We prefer to buy a couple of really useful presents instead of lots of smaller toys that won't get played with as much.  He needed a new water table because he uses his a lot during the summer and Cocoa has chewed up all of the little toys and parts to his.  This one can be both a sand and water table, but I don't know if we will put sand it since he has a sandbox already.  I liked it because it has a lid so hopefully we can keep the toys away from Cocoa when she is outside. 

 photo birthday4_zpswrq5f0q5.jpg
I was going to light candles on his pancakes for breakfast, but I couldn't find a lighter. Obviously, we are not smokers and do not keep up with them very well.  

 photo birthday5_zpsf3sjqffx.jpg
Pretending to blow out his candles. 

 photo birthday6_zpsfewdfxqy.jpg
I actually got him to eat all of his chocolate chip pancakes.  Breakfast is not always his favorite meal of the day. 

 photo birthday7_zpsmmwfx7cs.jpg
Mixing the cake.  If I am going to bake cakes like this more often, I am going to need a stand mixer.  I have never bought one because I didn't think I would use it enough.  I am now thinking I want one.  I think I would like to bake more after this successful cake and my homemade cupcakes I made for Evan's birthday last year.  

 photo birthday8_zpstrjr7vdu.jpg
A yummy and rich homemade pound cake with homemade strawberry glaze dripping down the sides.  

 photo birthday9_zpsp8t7igto.jpg
Brody with the mushroom man at Mellow Mushroom. This one wasn't as fun and didn't have as much of the bright 60's style colors and decor.  We went to the one in the town of Cary, and that town seems to be kind of "stuffy" about businesses decorations.  Almost all of the outside signs are all white.  Haha!  

 photo birthday10_zpsso6sympx.jpg
Evan wanted to pose sitting on these wood carved mushrooms. 

 photo birthday11_zps6r5kxfqb.jpg
So Brody had to too. 

 photo birthday12_zpszf5kphgp.jpg
I just love this kid! 

 photo birthday13_zpslf1kiznp.jpg
Stealing his sugar. 

 photo birthday14_zpshoq4ns9s.jpg
Daddy and his big boys waiting for pizza. 

 photo birthday15_zpsfxgol1ay.jpg
Brody with his balloons "reading" his cards.  It goes something like "And Mommy and Daddy love me very much" repeated several times.  

 photo birthday16_zpsti24pyax.jpg
My little Jake

 photo birthday17_zpsdwgf8mgv.jpg

 photo birthday18_zpsks7owhae.jpg
I think this hairstyle suits him.  What do you think? 

 photo birthday19_zpsalhcwbmv.jpg
And a Jake balloon.  I just can't pay $10 for the full size Jake shaped one.  Haha! 

 photo birthday22_zpsgvc0zpmc.jpg
His very special homemade cake that he requested and helped make with his cool 4 candle.  Also, he picked out this Duck Tales movie at Wal-mart from Evan.  Apparently, Evan had tried to get him to buy it previously when they were picking out a movie each when we first moved here and didn't have cable yet or many of their toys unpacked.  This was actually one of my favorite after school cartoons as a kid so I enjoyed watching it with them for nostalgia. 

 photo birthday20_zpssuutgi06.jpg
So proud of his cake. 

 photo birthday21_zpsuql86ak1.jpg
My baby is getting so big.  *Sniff* 

 photo birthday24_zpsylfleet8.jpg
Telling us something using his hands. 

 photo birthday25_zpsje3uyffr.jpg
Love those smiles. 

 photo birthday23_zpsc6ifcyz1.jpg
Making his wish.  He really couldn't think of one so I guess he is pretty content with his life.  

 photo birthday26_zpsqdzvipcg.jpg
My beautiful boy. 

 photo birthday27_zpsvzzj6urr.jpg
Opening his present.  He wanted to open it all day and was so excited. 

 photo birthday28_zpsiux5qidr.jpg
This kid could not have been more happy with his present. 

 photo birthday29_zpsrwgd7lt2.jpg
Oh my!  This handsome chef stole my heart! 

 photo birthday30_zps6uqrrwmh.jpg
Chef Brody is just too cute. 

 photo birthday31_zpsdrdfh5ka.jpg
And mischievous too. 

Dear Brody,

Wow, I can't believe how much you have grown!  You have really matured this year and are doing so well playing sports, learning to write and recognize your letters, playing video games almost as well as your brother, and conversing with us on so many interesting topics.  I love our conversations, and you are becoming very knowledgeable on so many topics.  I also love that you like to surprise us sometimes with big hugs or a kiss.  I can be busy taking care of baby brother, fixing you something to eat, doing laundry, or some other task, and you will suddenly come up and throw your arms around me or just plant a kiss on my face or arm, whichever you can reach.  You are so sweet and loving!  You are also so very appreciative of everything we do for you so it makes it such a joy to do nice things, big or small, for you.  That is why I wanted to decorate a little for your birthday because I knew you would love the surprise when you woke up in the morning.  I also love how happy you are when you are playing ball now and the big smile on your face when you are running towards daddy or see mommy watching you play.  You can definitely give us a challenge sometimes with your temper or frustration when something doesn't go your way, but you more than make up for the difficult times with how loving and fun you are.  You also like to give us some scares because you like to try to wander off on your own when we go places.  I hope that you will start to recognize these dangers now that you are four.  This past year has been a big one for you finally getting your little brother.  You do love him and have started asking to hold him and like to help feed him a bottle.  You do not like when he gets fussy in the car though and try to tell him to be quiet.  I am sorry he doesn't listen to you.  We love everything about you and are just so thankful that we get to be your parents.  You are just so beautiful and special to us.  We hope you had a wonderful birthday this year!

Your Mommy and Daddy


  1. OK. Brody had just about the most perfect birthday that ANYBODY could have- not just a four year old. That's the kind of birthday I would like to have this year. Seriously. The special breakfast and the homemade cake and the water table and the chef set. It's all perfect. Well, except for the lizard. We can leave the lizard and his poop out of my birthday celebration.

    In regards to the stand mixer. I bake a lot. And I have a stand mixer. And I hardly ever use. It's just a hassle to take out because it's so heavy, but I don't want to leave it out because it's so big. I also feel like the bowl is too narrow and deep. It causes the stuff on the bottom to not get mixed well enough. I did get a new high powered hand mixer though and that has been great for baking. But I really could live without the stand mixer. Just my two cents.

  2. Brody looks like he had the perfect day, except for the lizard! I have to learn how to keep birthday celebrations small because it seems like Brody's day was tailored just for him without a lot of the stress of planning the party. I'm so glad I've had the chance to meet him in person, and get to experience some of his sweetness firsthand!


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