Friday, March 20, 2015

The Sweetest Little Teddy Bear

Crocheting really got me through this pregnancy without going crazy with worry and anxiety.  It just gave me something to do to keep my hands and brain busy.  One of the little hats I crocheted has cute little teddy bear ears, and I made a matching diaper cover for it.  Without a newborn to try my creations on, I just had to estimate how big I thought they needed to be.  Luckily, Mr. Mattox does not have a very big head because the hats I crocheted are a little snug even on him.  I wanted to get pictures of him in this set before he outgrew them.  I love photographing this little guy and just do not want to forget even one of his cute little expressions.  He looks like such a little man!

 photo Mattox39_zpsuy9ugjw8.jpg

 photo Mattox40_zpsxafww7p3.jpg

 photo Mattox41_zpssoi6ym9r.jpg

 photo Mattox43_zpscolg32ey.jpg

 photo Mattox44_zpsy1gyb2ho.jpg
I just love this one with his eyes so fully open and awake. 

 photo Mattox45_zpsccywnlmh.jpg

 photo Mattox46_zpsvz9fpqbt.jpg

 photo Mattox47_zpsgnyckzfs.jpg
And even a little smile!

 photo Mattox48_zpsq1qjhnir.jpg
Such a thinker!

 photo Mattox49_zpselpgwu9v.jpg

 photo Mattox50_zpsubfkddmq.jpg
I tell him he needs to stop scrunching and wrinkling his forehead or he will look old before his time.  

 photo Mattox51_zpsgem3c6ek.jpg
And no, I don't always make him go shirtless.  Haha!

 photo Mattox52_zps6ua7pnr7.jpg
The cute little booties I made him.  I made these a little bigger so he could wear them longer, and Eddie thinks they make his feet look really big. 

 photo Mattox53_zpszlua2b7d.jpg
"Mom, enough pictures!"


  1. So cute! He's thinking that he can see you, but you aren't holding can this be? Love this! :)

  2. That is one cute little teddy bear. You are doing such a great job with his photos!

  3. These pictures he reminds me a lot of Evan although both boys look like each other (both boys=Evan and Brody

  4. What a sweet little teddy bear. I had Spencer's picture taken in a teddy bear jacket when he was about 6 months old. The pictures were not that fantastic but I still remember that jacket as being really cute.

    I like the one of him at the end. Moooooooom. I am so done with this photo shoot.

  5. He's so cute! Love these photos. You are multi-talented Sherry -- a great photographer and a great crocheter.


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