Saturday, March 21, 2015

St. Patrick's Day {2015}

We love to wear our green for St. Patrick's Day.  With Evan's birthday so close to St. Patrick's Day and with his fair skin, red hair, and blue eyes, he has always been my little leprechaun.  This year, we enjoyed dressing our littlest leprechaun up in green too.  Could anything be cuter than a baby boy wearing a St. Patrick's Day green shamrock diaper cover and a green gingham bow tie?  I think not. Along with the chaos of moving to a new town and a new house with a new baby, Evan has been on his Spring break this month with his new school's year round schedule.  Next week will be his last week of his break and then he will start his new school.  I feel like I must ensure he gets to have a little fun during his break although it is a little difficult to get out with a new baby.  Tuesday was a beautiful day, and our local weather was forecasted to turn back cold on Wednesday so I thought we needed to get out and have a little fun for the day.  We headed up into Raleigh to eat lunch with Daddy and then went over to Pullen Park to ride the train and other rides.  Yes, this was the park we visited just a few weeks ago in the snow and ice.  What a different scene it was!  It was pretty crowded and felt almost like summer.  We even enjoyed a little ice cream treat after riding the rides.  And yes, I am pretty sure Mattox was one of the youngest riders on the train and the carousel.

 photo SPD1_zpskubpijx2.jpg
First, we had to take pictures for Mattox's 2 week photo shoot. 

 photo SPD2_zps1a7hzlib.jpg
So handsome in his little bow tie.

 photo SPD3_zpsscvhosnm.jpg

 photo SPD4_zpsm4hheya2.jpg

 photo SPD5_zps7auwyzh4.jpg

 photo SPD6_zpssvbhnkx2.jpg
And he does open his eyes!

 photo SPD7_zpstk9ja8cu.jpg

 photo SPD8_zps6xrjbvxc.jpg
My 3 little leprechauns.

 photo SPD9_zps3viw8rns.jpg

 photo SPD10_zpsr4o3b9vn.jpg
Love how they were looking at each other and laughing together.  They have their moments, of course, but they really do enjoy one another.

 photo SPD11_zpsjdt5mhtl.jpg

 photo SPD12_zps2c2bxh2h.jpg
Pictures with Daddy after lunch.

 photo SPD13_zpsdojbxddt.jpg

 photo SPD14_zpsekwny0hi.jpg
Mommy and her babies.  I was feeling very festive and even wore my old shamrock earrings. 

 photo SPD15_zpsmhjbseaq.jpg

 photo SPD16_zpsuwd9ozt9.jpg
One happy little boy on the choo choo train.

 photo SPD17_zpsmndjbfu8.jpg
And this kid was pretty happy too. 

 photo SPD18_zps0zp7hl5o.jpg
Our little train ride. 

 photo SPD19_zpswjorpybu.jpg

 photo SPD20_zpsrbmnysg4.jpg
Mattox rode too.  He just didn't like having to get taken out of his stroller.  Mommy didn't have a choice since she was on her own and had to ride with the boys. 

 photo SPD21_zpsabt7ayax.jpg
A pretty view of the park from the train. 

 photo SPD22_zpsfkyx8h1f.jpg

 photo SPD23_zpss6vndp72.jpg
I am pretty sure Evan was a little old for this ride, but they didn't say anything to him and let him ride.

 photo SPD24_zps8agqbyhx.jpg
Brody loved driving the boats. 

 photo SPD25_zpstd2w3ejy.jpg

 photo SPD26_zpsiopkrnnr.jpg

 photo SPD27_zps6mjzydmq.jpg
Brody was very brave riding the carousel.  He rode on a rabbit for mommy.  This little carousel is indoors and is so pretty. 

 photo SPD28_zpsud0ads4g.jpg

 photo SPD29_zpsztxv376m.jpg
Evan chose to ride his favorite, the ostrich.  He likes that they are very fast animals and compares them to himself since he loves to run. 

 photo SPD30_zpsfixi1klw.jpg

 photo SPD31_zpsqdckdreg.jpg
My sweet little Mattox's first carousel ride. 


  1. OK, so I am way, way, way, WAY behind on commenting and way, way behind on reading. I've just been apathetic about my own blogging which, unfortunately, tends to spill over into other blogs too.

    OMG- Mattox is just the cutest little leprechaun ever. It's going to be so fun to watch him experience all of his first holidays the year. Elliott was 9 days old for his first Christmas, which was his first holiday, so Mattox was not much older for his. And his first carousel ride. What a big day!

  2. Okay, I LOVE your necklace. And Mattox in the bowtie -- squeee!!!


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