Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brody's Last Winter Excursion

Well, we hope that it was his last one for the year because we are all ready for Spring!  At the moment, we are still in the process of settling into our new home.  We moved about 90% of our things, but we still have to go back this weekend to get the last little bit and clean everything up.  Our new house is slowly getting more functional although the boys are going a little crazy because many of their toys and games have not made it here yet.  We also do not have cable set up yet so it is a bit difficult entertaining them all day while caring for a newborn.  We were very thankful last weekend that both boys had fun birthday parties to attend while we anxiously awaited baby Mattox's arrival.  Brody was invited to his old school friend William's party at his house which is in our old neighborhood just a few blocks from our house.  The party was a "snow" party, and his parents had made snow in their front yard for the kids to play in.  I think they all enjoyed playing in the snow one more time, and it was nice that the temperature was not quite so cold this time.

 photo party1_zpsbieqgiiq.jpg
Brody is armed and ready with snowballs.

 photo party2_zpsdq8nnftw.jpg
School pal Miles enjoyed eating the snow. 

 photo party3_zps8smnnbgp.jpg
He loves snow!

 photo party4_zpsocmk2pjx.jpg
Birthday boy William joins the fun. 

 photo party5_zpsamddjjre.jpg
He has been on a mission all winter to make a snow angel.  

 photo party7_zpssu1hmy0c.jpg
William enjoyed running and sliding onto the snow. 

 photo party6_zpst4bnpvbl.jpg

 photo party8_zpso61it4kp.jpg
Making snow balls...or snow rocks.  Whatever. 

 photo party9_zpsv0hxt1ey.jpg
Someone's going to get it! 

 photo party10_zpsvgylmywj.jpg
Friends William and Sammy were dressed for a snow day. 

 photo party11_zpsrlffoazm.jpg
Of course, Brody and I had to attempt to make a snowman. 

 photo party12_zpsxsb8dnjy.jpg
Brody put on the finishing touches.  

 photo party13_zpsczhnawby.jpg
It was so nice for him to see his old friends one more time.  I know he likely will not remember them, but I am glad he had a fun day and made some memories we could preserve for him. He even took home some "snowballs."  The favors were bags with white cotton "snowballs," and Evan thought they were so neat. 
Evan also had a party with his best school and Cub Scout friend, Patrick, on Sunday, but we were not able to attend with him so we have no pictures of that one.  I know leaving this special friend is really going to be hard on Evan, but we hope to be able to get these boys together again soon.  Evan told me he was sad about moving, but he was also excited.  We are so thankful that we got Evan enrolled for school in a great school in our new community that is on a year round schedule, and we got him into the track that we wanted that allows him to stay home until the end of March after his birthday because that track is on break this month.  Now, we hope we can get him signed up for Spring baseball and his new Cub Scout troop to keep him busy.


  1. Fun party! It reminds me of the snowman birthday party we did for Elliott's first birthday. I still have a big bag of the fake snow I bought for that party. I should totally break that out and let the kids play with it soon.

  2. This is a super-fun party idea for all of you! You should totally make snow in your yard for Brody's birthday :)


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