Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brody's 1st T-Ball Practices

In addition to all the other craziness this month, both boys started baseball and have had practices twice a week.  The fun just never ends around here!  Although I have not taken pictures of Evan's practices because I am usually taking care of a little one, I did make sure to have Daddy take some pictures of Brody's first practice.  He just looked so cute all dressed up in his big brother's first t-ball uniform and cleats.  He will get his own uniform for games.  We weren't sure how interested Brody would be in playing ball this year as ball does not seem to be his first love like it was for Evan, but he definitely is giving it his all so far.  I love watching him hit the ball and run as hard as his little legs will carry him.  He is so determined, and we are all so proud of his hard work!  Big brother has been a special helper at practices and assist the coach in getting the balls and encouraging the little players.

 photo tball5_zpsb8xalurz.jpg
My handsome little ball player.

 photo tball6_zps78qf8ijj.jpg

 photo tball7_zpsonsnaofi.jpg

 photo tball8_zpshdtbpirz.jpg

 photo tball1_zpshxjyypdm.jpg
Learning to stop some ground balls. 

 photo tball_zpsh4jfqnxw.jpg
And learning to throw.  I love the way he throws the ball right now.  So cute!

 photo tball2_zpscznjhzps.jpg

 photo tball3_zpsq4lcvx4s.jpg
He's ready!

 photo tball4_zpsxtfud6w8.jpg
Ready to hit.

 photo tball9_zpskcyoxyqs.jpg
He did not like the chin strap on this borrowed helmet. 

 photo tball10_zps8qlbrdvy.jpg
Running towards home plate with big brother watching and cheering him on. 

 photo tball11_zps05ebhvcn.jpg

 photo tball12_zpsex2h0n6s.jpg

Stay tuned for the first games next month!


  1. Cute, cute, cuteness! Spencer did t-ball when he was 3 and he was not a big fan. And he has no interest in starting again. I would like him to, though, just so I can get some cute pictures!

    I guess things are even more different when you have your third when you already have two busy, active older boys, but I could barely go to the grocery store after Elliott was born. I applaud you for being able to do baseball with both of them!

  2. Brody looks so grown up in these pictures. Wow! And I wish Sam and Rachel were a little more into organized sports. Hopefully in a few years they will be.


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