Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Special Birthday Celebration

Evan turned 8 on Friday while our special visitors were here with us.  When I first learned of this visit, I was very excited to find out they would be with us at this time because their son, Sam, has a birthday just 3 days after Evan's so we could celebrate their special days together.  Since we just moved to a new town, Evan is really missing his old friends and knew he wouldn't be able to have a party with his old friends this year.  It really helped make his day more special by sharing it with his new friends, Sam and Rachel.  We had planned to let the boys decide on something fun they wanted to do together that day, and they had both agreed on their favorite game...mini golf/putt-putt.  We had planned to go to Adventure Landing here in Raleigh that afternoon, but the weather did not cooperate and was wet and cold.  Even our northern friends thought it was cold!  We headed to lunch at McAlister's Deli which we frequented very often in Charlotte.  Here in Raleigh we likely will not go as often because the closest one is about 20 to 30 minutes away.  In Charlotte, we had three of them all about 5 miles away.  Ha!  I should really contact this franchise and petition for more locations in this area.  Natasha is a huge fan of Panera, but I had told her she really needed to try McAlister's because they have many more options and have "legendary" sweet tea.  I hope it didn't spoil it for her that her vegetarian sandwich came out with bacon on it.  Yikes!  They did fix it for her and gave us several of their yummy big chocolate chip cookies too.  Anyway, back to the reason for this post...the boys' birthdays!  Evan turned the big 8, and Sam turned the big 6.  Despite their slight age difference, these boys had so much in common and got along great.  They both love to read, play board games (hence Monopoly), play mini golf, are very smart and love sharing information and learning new things, and are very sweet and sensitive boys.  I stopped and picked up cupcakes and balloons for the birthday boys on the way to eat lunch.  I also picked up little balloons for the younger siblings because I knew they would want some too.  Despite the inability to play a game of mini-golf together, they had a good day, but we were sad to say goodbye after lunch as our friends headed off for one more stop in D.C. on their southern road trip.

 photo Natasha30_zpslcizchjo.jpg
The birthday boys, Sam and Evan

 photo Natasha31_zpsn3uu2t7s.jpg
We tried for a younger sibling picture, but Brody did not cooperate (big surprise) and just wanted his cupcake. 

 photo Natasha32_zpscvczvvk6.jpg
The birthday boys with their cupcakes and candles. 

 photo Natasha33_zpskp03bv8o.jpg
Singing the birthday song and blowing out their candles. 

 photo Natasha34_zpsvfo2yn8p.jpg
Brody enjoyed his chocolate cupcake.  I stopped by Whole Foods for these yummy cupcakes because we enjoyed them so much last time. 

 photo Natasha35_zpsxhackkud.jpg

 photo Natasha36_zpslrn1amvd.jpg
Sam showed me how well he reads as he read a special message from us in a book he picked out at the history museum with American folk tales in it. 

 photo birthday1_zpsxdohbzy6.jpg
Evan and Brody got a new trampoline for their joint big birthday gift.  We chose not to bring our outdoor playset to our new house because our yard isn't as big and thought the boys would get more use out of this instead.  Our new yard has been very wet lately because of the never ending rain lately so it helps that they can play on this outside without getting too wet and muddy.  Cocoa the dog is a different story.  I am ready for a dry spell! 

 photo birthday2_zpsymergpit.jpg
Brody mostly likes to run around on it and gets mad if Evan jumps too hard. 

 photo birthday3_zpsciwjgeml.jpg
Silly boys!

 photo birthday4_zpsv4pk6sur.jpg

Evan, I hope you had a wonderful day as we celebrated the day we were blessed with you 8 years ago!  You have been a true joy to watch grow up before our eyes, and we have loved every minute of being your parents.  I know this month has not been an easy one for any of us with a new baby, a new house, and a move across the state.  I know you miss all your old friends.  I sat and nearly cried as I read the letters your old classmates wrote to you.  The letter from your best pal, Pierce, was especially touching as he begged you not to move away.  Sigh.  I know you will quickly make a lot of new friends, but I know these old friends will always be so special.  You have handled this whole moving process with so much maturity and have treated it like an exciting adventure.  I hope you look back on these days as the first step in an exciting new journey as we continue to build more memories in our new town.  We love you to the moon and back!

Mommy and Daddy


  1. I am so glad you all got to meet. I love seeing the pictures of Sam and Evan together! :)

  2. What a great birthday! I love that the boys got to share their birthdays together. McAlister's does have the best sweet tea ever! I hope that Natasha enjoyed it as well.

  3. Happy birthday Evan! I think that you pulled off an awesome birthday for having just had a baby, having just moved and for hosting friends. And one of those would have made it difficult, but you did it with all three.

    Those cupcakes look great. I'm really going to have to try some from Whole Foods. We have one very close by, but I just never shop there.

    1. I would think Whole Foods would be your thing since you love to cook healthier food. It can be pricey so I don't go often. I actually love that Target has some really great and affordable options for healthier, organic, and less processed foods. I usually get most stuff there and our regular grocery store for stuff Target does not have and fresher produce.

  4. Sherry -- We had such a great day celebrating with you and Evan and the rest of your family. Thank Evan for graciously sharing his birthday with Sam and thank you for all the work you went to include Sam and help him feel special as well.

    Evan is a sweet, caring, generous, friendly kid and is a credit to you and Eddie. But you already knew that :)


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