Saturday, February 28, 2015

Second & Third Winter Storms 2015

This last week brought us a little more winter weather with more snow than ice.  Although we didn't get as much snow as we hoped, we are now satisfied with winter (except I didn't get any snow cream) and can move on happily to Spring.  On Tuesday, we got about 2 inches of soft, powdery snow.  It didn't really affect the roads so Evan still had school that day.  Brody enjoyed playing in the snow a little bit before it melted away.  On Wednesday night, we were expecting to get hit by a bigger snow storm with the potential for at least a half a foot of snow.  Unfortunately, the biggest part of the snow hit further north of us, and we got some snow and then rain and then snow again so our portion was very wet and melted away pretty quickly.  Evan did get to stay home from school on Thursday so we tried to take advantage of the opportunity to do a little sledding.

 photo winterstorm47_zpst9bkpeav.jpg
Brody's first peek at the snow. 

 photo winterstorm48_zpsp20fadac.jpg
He got out to experience the snow while it was still falling.

 photo winterstorm49_zpsbdwnaewa.jpg
He loves snow!

 photo winterstorm50_zpskh3koy3i.jpg
Uh oh, I wonder who that snowball was for.

 photo winterstorm51_zpsrp1v1eme.jpg
Our backyard with a nice white covering...makes it look a lot better than the wet mess it has been most of the winter.

 photo winterstorm52_zpsip2f3nqu.jpg
Brody took a direct hit!

 photo winterstorm53_zpsflghiuir.jpg
Then, he got mommy!

 photo winterstorm54_zpssumrwxtm.jpg
Daddy managed to build us a little snowman on a patio chair.  I had made a decent looking one on top of our car, but it fell over before I could get a picture. 
 photo winterstorm55_zpsolvoh9pf.jpg
The boys doing a little sledding on a small hill in our neighbor's yard. 

 photo winterstorm56_zpsttjow7be.jpg

 photo winterstorm57_zpsmkyrbfxo.jpg

 photo winterstorm58_zps82tsvxjm.jpg

 photo winterstorm59_zpsccxqchhm.jpg

 photo winterstorm60_zpsysnabrye.jpg

 photo winterstorm61_zpsdir48lph.jpg

 photo winterstorm62_zpsi5znxfm3.jpg

 photo winterstorm63_zpsx18bksaa.jpg

 photo winterstorm64_zps2bin1brl.jpg

 photo winterstorm65_zpsnwcogn2i.jpg
And Daddy had to try too. 

 photo winterstorm66_zps2qisux7c.jpg
Such a big kid!

 photo winterstorm67_zpsqdb4jo7w.jpg

 photo winterstorm68_zpst2umrwtl.jpg

 photo winterstorm69_zpsfxincbib.jpg

 photo winterstorm70_zpsazpyrxuc.jpg
My sweet boys.

 photo winterstorm71_zpsqxs8rddv.jpg
And at least we got one decent family picture in the snow this year.  


  1. I love how excited you get about snow. I'm so sorry you didn't get snow cream this year. And yes, all our snow got covered in freezing rain so even though we have a ton, it's VERY icy. And I hope your snow is all gone by the time we get there :)

  2. Ha ha! Now that Mattox is here it's funny to see you pregnant again. It's like Mattox has always been part of your family.

    Glad you got some snow if only to get a good, snowy family picture!


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