Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Valentine's Weekend

While this Valentine's weekend may not have been the most "romantic" one ever, we did just enjoy spending it together.  Isn't that really what matters anyway?  Spending time with the ones we love.  Evan was out of school on Friday and will also be out on Monday so he got to spend lots of time with us and got to attend another doctor appointment for Baby Mattox.  We then enjoyed lunch together and got started on that dreadful business of packing up a house to move.  We hope we can finalize the plans for the new house this week and maybe begin moving some stuff next weekend.  And yes, that is the last weekend we have before baby's arrival so the time is ticking.  We have made a lot of progress on the packing though.  The weather this week may not help our plans very much because we are expecting some snow and ice on Monday and Tuesday that could make traveling difficult.  We had hoped to travel with Daddy to Raleigh on Wednesday to finalize our moving plans.  The weather turned quite chilly today although it was still very sunny here.  We just hope the ice does not put too much of a damper on our plans for the week and that we do not lose power here.  Besides the packing business, Daddy and Evan enjoyed spending a fun afternoon on Saturday with Evan's best friend Patrick and his dad playing laser tag.  They love playing "war" so we thought laser tag was a fun option for them.  We felt that these boys needed a fun outing together before our move.  I really hate that Evan and his friend will be separated because I know how hard it will be at their ages to maintain a long distance friendship.  We hope to at least still see them at some cub scout events this year.  Evan had gotten to spend one afternoon with Patrick after school this week while Mommy was sick because Patrick's mom offered to take him home after school that day.  Besides the busy business of packing, taking some Valentine pictures together was another must on our agenda this weekend.  With the arrival of Baby Mattox in just two more weeks, we knew we needed to take advantage of the opportunity to get some family pictures.

 photo Valentine6_zpstbrnuu7y.jpg
Love is what it is all about!

 photo Valentine7_zpsu2avvbnj.jpg
I love Brody's cheese face in this one. 

 photo Valentine8_zpsusavs1qt.jpg
Me and my little Valentines. 

 photo Valentine9_zps2njsajie.jpg
The boys with their boxes of chocolates. 

 photo Valentine10_zpsnx6gej1e.jpg

 photo Valentine11_zps7z9pb6dz.jpg
Evan looked like he was posing for a Valentine ad in GQ or some other sexy magazine lying on our ottoman.  Ha!

 photo Valentine12_zpsofbk03p5.jpg
Or maybe just a Kit Kat ad.  

 photo Valentine1_zpsm3rout5a.jpg
Sweet brothers posing in their almost matching sweaters on Friday.  I like to dress them more alike on days we get out together.  It was actually cool enough for them to get some use out of their sweaters which has not been the case lately.  Brody's sweater was new this year, but Evan's is a couple of year's old.  I love the navy and green color combination. 

 photo Valentine2_zpsdbzcxboa.jpg
And I just love their sweet faces!

 photo Valentine3_zps0nruwj74.jpg

 photo Valentine4_zpskpnefnnv.jpg
Brody wanted to cheese for the camera while waiting at the doctor's office.

 photo Valentine5_zpsy0mxh6h4.jpg
I just love how serious and focused he is when he is playing a game.  He was playing Rayman here which is quite a challenging game if you have ever played it.

A special wish to our sweet little Valentine in heaven.  We love you always, Mattie! 


  1. That is such a cute family Valentine's picture. You inspire me!

  2. I love your Valentine's pictures and the boys in their matching sweaters are adorable. I love that colours of the sweaters! And I am praying for you these next few weeks. Moving, on top of everything else, must be very challenging.


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