Monday, February 16, 2015

Mattox ~ 37 Weeks

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Taken Sunday, February 15, 2015
Oh my, we are down to less than 2 weeks to baby's scheduled arrival!  I am definitely getting more anxious about where we will be living after baby's arrival.  The house we hoped to get last week with the schools we really wanted was rented to another applicant who applied before us.  Fortunately, the rental management company has set us up with a second choice which is still a good option but just not in our first choice school district.  We were hoping to get Evan into a year round school, but it looks like he will be staying in a traditional school system for now.  We just hope the weather cooperates this week and that we can finalize all of these plans and hopefully start the moving process this weekend.   

Weight Gain:  Baby is growing great.  My weight has kind of stabilized thankfully.  We got a little sneak peek ultrasound on Friday because Mattox was so energetic during the NST that we couldn't keep him on the monitor to track his heart rate.  He seemed to be weighing about 6 1/2 lbs. which is definitely a good average weight.   We didn't really get a good look at his face this time or any good pictures because he is all balled up and head down hiding his face. 

Maternity Clothes:  Definitely although even most of those are not fitting great now.

Sleep:  Still just waking up mostly to turn from one side to the other.  Brody gave me his little stomach bug last Monday night and all day Tuesday which had me bedridden.  Since Eddie was out of town for work, I was thankful my dad came over to take Evan to school, Grandma came to stay and help take care of and entertain Brody, and Evan's friend's mom picked him up from school and kept him in the afternoon.  We made it, and I was thankful the stomach bug seemed to be short-lived.  

Best Moment of this week: Additional verification that Baby Mattox continues to be growing and thriving well and getting a lot accomplished in the packing business.  I also got the boys new big brother/little brother shirts made and have started packing our hospital bags. 

Movement:  He's still very active, especially during his NST sessions and at night.  He was CRAZY last night!

Food cravings:  Nothing really and my appetite has slowed down a little since I have significantly less room for food.  I really cannot eat much for dinner at night because my acid reflux really starts acting up in the evenings.  I indulged in some chocolate dipped strawberries this weekend, and Daddy got us all some Valentine chocolate. 

Food Aversions: Nothing but reflux is still as bad as ever after eating and at night.  Milk and Zantac do still help some, but it can still be a real pain.   

What I miss:  I think what I miss most is the peace of mind that comes with pregnancies when you have never suffered a loss.  Most people really take that for granted. 

Gender:  Another adorable and quite spunky baby boy.  Should be lots of fun! 

Symptoms:  Mostly just tiredness and some heartburn/reflux.

What I'm looking forward to:  Meeting Mattox in less than 2 weeks, finding our new home and getting settled hopefully in time for baby's arrival, and just holding our sweet little baby in our arms and hearing those first cries! 

Dear Mattox,

Hopefully, we will be meeting face to face very soon!  I cannot wait to hold you in my arms.  You are going to be one seriously spoiled baby!  Of course, I know I will have to share you a little with Daddy and big brothers who are all excited about your arrival.  Brody is already asking to hold you.  We just hope and pray for your safe arrival and that you will be joining your family in our new home.  We all love you with all our hearts, little rainbow!  I know you already know your big sister Mattie loves you and is watching over you!  

Love always,


  1. Wow! I'm getting excited with you all. As always, prayers are being said for your peace of mind as you await Mattox's arrival.

  2. I cannot believe that Mattox will be here so soon! I'm praying for you friend!


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