Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Winter Storm 2015

Last week, we had our first real taste of winter with below freezing temperatures all week and a lovely little ice storm which closed schools for a couple of days.  Evan was already out of school on Monday and then was out on Tuesday and Wednesday for the icy conditions.  Wednesday afternoon when the temperatures had risen enough to make traveling more safe, we all headed to Raleigh with Daddy so that he could handle some work business, and we could look at our future home.  Raleigh seemed to have gotten a little more snow before the ice hit and actually got a little more snow later that evening.  Evan and Brody enjoyed "sledding" on the ice at our house and then enjoyed seeing more snow in their new city.

 photo winterstorm4_zpsanznt8ma.jpg
Sledding down the icy driveway. 
 photo winterstorm3_zpsjjp0shyl.jpg
They both had to have weapons, of course.  Boys!
 photo winterstorm2_zpsbzggso9m.jpg
Here he comes. 
 photo winterstorm1_zpsspvkc83u.jpg

 photo winterstorm5_zpszcjrho8l.jpg
I love the way Brody is clinging to Evan to keep from sliding down.  Such a sweet trusting relationship!

 photo winterstorm6_zpsbdxslxg2.jpg

 photo winterstorm7_zpsu8t1fark.jpg

 photo winterstorm8_zpsmdbfmhd5.jpg
Brody's face...haha!

 photo winterstorm9_zpscsej4ow0.jpg
Just two of the sweetest boys in the world!

 photo winterstorm9_zpscsej4ow0.jpg

 photo winterstorm10_zps95v8erd4.jpg
Trying to capture just what an ice storm is. 

 photo winterstorm11_zpsomsfc0so.jpg
A thick coating of slick, shiny ice coating all surfaces.

 photo winterstorm12_zpsn9ff65s9.jpg
This was covering the door handle of Daddy's car.  It is usually in the garage, but since that is staging ground for packing and moving, it has to be outside for now. 

 photo winterstorm13_zpsrjt9vwo3.jpg
Daddy showing just how thick this ice covering was.  A good half an inch or more. 

 photo winterstorm14_zpsllrq9cg8.jpg
Snow or Ice...it is all fun for him. 

 photo winterstorm15_zps4qbgpwvb.jpg
Trying to make his snow angel.

 photo winterstorm16_zpsgm9lfwup.jpg
Doesn't work too well on ice and sleet though. 

 photo winterstorm17_zpszg9iimgt.jpg
Cocoa got her first real taste of winter weather too.  She actually seemed to enjoy sliding around on the ice. 

 photo winterstorm18_zpsqbjgg3er.jpg
Pretty icicles hanging from patio furniture.

 photo winterstorm19_zpshxfd1aiz.jpg
Some pretty long icicles hanging off the kids' play set. 

 photo winterstorm21_zpsfm4q11ii.jpg
While Daddy put in a few hours of work on Wednesday, I took the boys exploring at a local park.  This park in Raleigh beside NC State's campus is a fun place to be on warm days with a little train and boats to ride. 

 photo winterstorm20_zpsp3r4acqi.jpg
A picture by the little railroad crossing.  They can't wait to come back and ride the train. And yes, there was only one other family brave enough to venture out to the park this day. 

 photo winterstorm22_zpsrwdm69uk.jpg
And yes I was a little anxious about the slippery sidewalks and stayed off of them as much as possible.  The boys enjoyed sliding around. 

 photo winterstorm23_zpsgnvux8un.jpg
They had to check out this little red caboose though.  The boys and I are always a little disappointed that so few trains these days actually operate with red cabooses.  

 photo winterstorm24_zps8maj20hi.jpg
Evan hitching a ride on the train. 

 photo winterstorm25_zpsuwqyog5e.jpg
I love those boys!

 photo winterstorm26_zps8dj8gcng.jpg
Brody even got to enjoy sliding. 

 photo winterstorm27_zpsuawgsa3x.jpg
The slide wasn't slick but the ground was. 

 photo winterstorm28_zps0hwhanbz.jpg
I love seeing them on the see-saw together.

 photo winterstorm29_zpsr9ysd7ib.jpg
Of course, Evan had to do most of the work. 

 photo winterstorm30_zpsaocobmvj.jpg

 photo winterstorm31_zpsp7asrcgi.jpg
That area was a little too slick for me to venture over there. 

 photo winterstorm32_zps7dqap0vt.jpg

 photo winterstorm33_zpspr2peids.jpg
Evan attempting to climb the rock wall.  It seemed fairly safe despite the caution tape on the adjoining piece of equipment. 

 photo winterstorm34_zpsisxvunee.jpg
The boys and I needed a little snack to warm us up after our cold adventure at the park so we headed over to a nearby Bruegger's Bagels for yummy bagels with cream cheese and hot chocolate for the boys. 

 photo winterstorm35_zps3e0gfguy.jpg
Brody was loving his hot chocolate. 

 photo winterstorm36_zps24rollkr.jpg
And I indulged in a yummy cinnamon and sugar bagel with cream cheese and a yummy french toast coffee.  I don't drink coffee very often so I felt the splurge was okay. 

 photo winterstorm40_zpso8uvhlje.jpg
Later that afternoon, it started snowing "real snow" when we arrived at our hotel. 

 photo winterstorm41_zpszljz5trv.jpg
Evan was doing some kind of snow dance here. Haha!

 photo winterstorm42_zpstxdetois.jpg
Silly big brother!

 photo winterstorm43_zpsd4z08kkp.jpg
Cocoa got to experience some snow falling too. 

 photo winterstorm44_zpsck6snswd.jpg
Pretty girl sitting in the snow. 

 photo winterstorm45_zpsqmfmiguj.jpg
She really liked it.
 photo winterstorm46_zpss4kjfvpg.jpg

 photo winterstorm37_zpsosx3e3mu.jpg
While we were looking at the first house potential, it started snowing big fat snowflakes.  The boys were very excited. 

 photo winterstorm38_zpsmezczq1l.jpg
Silly Evan.  You can tell we don't get snow too often. 

 photo winterstorm39_zps0hnm7zpw.jpg
Me and my little man in the snow. 
Stay tuned for more wintry weather fun.  Today, we awoke to lovely snow falling outside and a nice ground covering and got about one to two inches.  We expect to receive significantly more tomorrow night.


  1. Oh Sherry -- I was thinking how beautiful the ice was until I thought about you walking around on it. Yikes. Be careful!

    And I think one of my favourite things about my kids is how much they love each other. And obviously your two boys are the same way. And Mattox will just fit right in :)

  2. I love how much fun your boys were having. You really captured some great pictures. My favorite is the last picture. You are just glowing!

  3. I don't eat bagels very often but when I do, I love cinnamon sugar ones. That coffee sounded delightful too.

    The pictures of the ice are really cool. The ice from Eddie's car is just insane.


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