Friday, February 27, 2015

Evan's Blue and Gold Banquet

Thankfully, Evan got to attend his Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet as one of his last cub scout events with his troop here in Charlotte before our move.  We hope to get him into a new troop in our new town, but he has worked so hard to accomplish so much this year in Cub Scouts.  He received his official Wolf badge at this banquet for completing all of the requirements of being a Wolf in Cub Scouts.  The Cub Scout ranks are Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and then two groups of Webelos.  After Webelos, you move into Boy Scouts and then Eagle Scouts.  Evan had also earned a lot more awards for learning to play chess, reading and writing, playing tennis, bowling, and some more patches for his other accomplishments.  Cub Scouts has really encouraged him (and us as his parents) to stay busy.  This banquet not only celebrates the boys' accomplishments but also celebrates the annual anniversary of the Cub Scouts and all that the organization stands for in helping to shape young boys into well-rounded and successful young men.  This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Mecklenburg County Boy Scout Council so it is a pretty big year for the council this troop is in.

 photo cubscouts1_zpsodq6fu4a.jpg
The flag presentation ceremony always begins Cub Scout events.  The banquet happened to fall on the 70th anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima and the famous photo of U.S. Marines carrying the flag was taken.

 photo cubscouts2_zpsqp3jb6ky.jpg
This is what Evan's wolf badge looks like. 

 photo cubscouts3_zpsi0cfq5dp.jpg
Little brother wanted his picture taken too. 

 photo cubscouts4_zps6vqy6dta.jpg
Each troop was supposed to present a song and a skit for their parents.  The whole banquet went a little long and each group was only able to perform one of their presentations.  Evan's troop decided to perform their skit.  Most of the skits were funny.  In their skit, one boy pretended to take chewing gum from his mouth and stick it on a chair.  Then, each boy came along and pretended to sit in the chair and be disgusted by the gum.  Finally, the original boy came back and said, "Oh, there it is." and put it back in his mouth.  Silly boys! 

 photo cubscouts5_zpszof0cakz.jpg
The wolves enjoyed their yummy meal together. 

 photo cubscouts6_zpsrpn5vtfi.jpg
Evan and his best pal, Patrick, enjoyed another opportunity to spend time together. 

 photo cubscouts7_zpsohqcqxjk.jpg
Evan and his troop take the stage to receive their awards. 

 photo cubscouts8_zpslyhui3v4.jpg
The Cub Scout troop leader presented Evan with all of his awards.  Evan was standing tall and proud. 

 photo cubscouts10_zpsick1o2vy.jpg
We love how he was standing at attention. 

 photo cubscouts9_zpski8eluk7.jpg
Shaking hands.  


  1. Good job Evan! The skit sounded really funny. I am glad that he's enjoyed being in this troop so much.

  2. I'm so glad that you all got to participate in this important event. It's been great to hear how wonderful Cub Scouts has been for your family. I hope you connect with an awesome troop in Raleigh too.

  3. Sounds like a great banquet and a funny skit. I think Evan will always remember this troop fondly.


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