Monday, January 26, 2015

Mattox ~ 32 - 34 Weeks

 photo Week32_zpsanjzukmt.jpg
Taken Sunday, January 11, 2015

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Taken Sunday, January 25, 2015
Wow, where did January go?  I know I haven't posted my weekly updates in a while, but time is going by so fast.  Not that I am complaining too much although the next month is going to be a little crazy.  It is just hard to believe that we will be meeting our little man in less than 5 weeks!  Our delivery is scheduled for Sunday, March 1st at 39 weeks if Baby M doesn't decide to come earlier.  We have been getting weekly NST checks, and Mattox just loves those.  Actually, that was a bit sarcastic because I actually think he gets a little attitude as he kicks and tries to move away from the monitor constantly.  Of course, we are just happy that he is so active.  Daddy started his new job over two weeks ago so he has been in Raleigh for most of the week although he does get to come home and go to appointments on Fridays.  Brody is especially excited about getting to hold "his baby" soon.  He tells me all the time that he (Brody) is mommy's baby and that Baby Mattox is "his baby."  We are hoping to find our new home in Raleigh this month and maybe even begin the process of moving before Baby M's arrival.  Not to worry, we will be hiring movers to do the majority of the work.  We have found several good prospects in the area we like but just haven't had a chance to go see them in person.  A good school district is an absolute must as well as a nice, safe yard for the kids and dog.  

Weight Gain:  Baby is growing great and starting to put on some adorable chunky baby fat.  I imagine he weighs around 5 lbs. now.   

Maternity Clothes:  Definitely.

Sleep:  Waking up more often to use the bathroom and to turn from one side to the other.   Brody has been sleeping with me in my bed a lot while Daddy is away, and he actually stays asleep most of the night so that helps me get more rest.  

Best Moment of this week: Mostly feeling how active our little man is.  We are thankful that Daddy will be staying home with us most of this week because he has a big conference taking place in Charlotte this week involving the U.S. Forest Service.  

Movement:  He's still pretty active, and since he is head down and lower, he can make mommy a bit uncomfortable sometimes. 

Food cravings:  Nothing really and my appetite has slowed down a little since I have significantly less room for food.  I was really hoping for a Pinkberry fix this month, but we discovered that our only Pinkberry closed.  Sigh.  I guess that will be one less thing to miss about Charlotte.  There isn't another one in the state or anywhere close to us so if you are lucky enough to have one close to you, could you enjoy a little for me please?  

Food Aversions: Nothing but reflux has definitely gotten worse lately.  Milk and Zantac do still help some, but it can still be a real pain.   

What I miss:  I think what I miss most is the peace of mind that comes with pregnancies when you have never suffered a loss.  Most people really take that for granted. 

Gender:  Another adorable and quite spunky baby boy.  Should be lots of fun! 

Symptoms:  Mostly just tiredness and some heartburn/reflux.

What I'm looking forward to:  Meeting Mattox in less than 5 weeks, finding our new home and getting settled, and just holding our sweet little baby in our arms and hearing those first cries! 

 photo Mattox1_zps1uain8j5.jpg
Good news!  I finished Mattox's crocheted blanket!  I thought the gray border was a nice finishing touch. 

 photo Mattox2_zpsuq20ze88.jpg
And I forgot to post a picture of Mattox's cute little heartbeat bear we got at his 3D/4D ultrasound.  I know we will all cherish this little bear.  I do wish I had one of these for Mattie.  The crib bedding pictured was Brody's so we will likely be reusing that although I do plan to add some more personal touches to his nursery once we get moved and settled. 

 photo Mattox3_zps3oi40iz2.jpg
I have also crocheted Mattox a little hat and diaper cover set, and I may crochet some more things before the month is out.  It just gives me something to do since we won't be fully setting up a nursery until we get moved.   


  1. Sherry -- You look awesome and your crocheting is incredible. I LOVE that blanket. I kind of want one for me :)

    I love Brody's reasoning about why Mattox is his baby! It kind of makes sense!

    I am praying that these next five weeks go by quickly and that you will be holding Mattox in your arms before you know it and he will be looking at you with love in his eyes because he knows he was born into a wonderful family.

  2. I'm so excited for you. You are in my thoughts often!

    We were so glad we hired movers on part 2 of our move. All you have to do is direct traffic...they literally told me, "mam, we will get that...please don't lift anything." Ha! :)

    love you!

  3. OK Missy. You have to open an Etsy store, based only on the things you have had in the last two posts. I want to buy the diaper cover set for any and every baby I know. And I want to blanket too. And once again, I totally love the clothes you are wearing in the pictures. You are a chic pregnant lady every time!

  4. It's getting real, my friend! Only 5 weeks..... eeek! Last year, my husband worked in Raleigh and we were prepared to move at the end of the school year. We actually moved into a house over Christmas break, but then the Lord brought us back home. However, I LOVED the area! We lived out of Raleigh in the Clayton area and it was perfect for us. We could still enjoy the "big city" but it felt more like home b/c it was a little more rural. Good luck over the next few weeks. :)

  5. I am so glad that everything is going so well! I am also glad to be able to catch up on your blog too! I love everything you crochet for your little man. I can't believe you are down to a single digit amount of weeks left until you meet him.


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