Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Celebrating Our Daddy

Having a birthday in early January is probably about as bad as a December birthday.  I never feel like we can celebrate our wonderful Daddy enough on his special day.  The kids and I really wanted to do our best to make his day super special this year.  His birthday fell on his last week in his old career and the week before he began a whole new career.  And yes, it is definitely a big change for him, but maybe I can get him to fill in more details on that soon.  He just started his new job (in Raleigh!) yesterday.  Brody and I began our birthday preparations by making a special birthday card for Daddy.  Brody enjoyed getting to use finger paint for this craft, and he did an awesome job.  After our finger painting session, we got ready to meet Daddy for lunch at Chick-fil-a and then to buy a few more birthday necessities like balloons and cake ingredients.  I had discussed with Brody that we may make Daddy a special football cake (for his favorite sport), and Brody decided to spill the beans and tell Daddy at lunch that he was getting him a "soccer ball cake."  Haha!  He still gets his balls confused.  We then headed to pick Evan up from school so he could help us make the rest of the preparations.  We got home and prepared the cake.  While it was baking, I wanted to put together a little "gift" for Daddy from the boys.  He needed some recent pictures of his babies for his new office so we prepared a little picture collage with the boys' most recent school pictures and Mattie's and Mattox's pictures.  Daddy arrived home a little early, but he stayed out of the kitchen while we finished his cake.  I think he wanted to eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, but he decided we would go to Outback instead because he had a free birthday dessert.  So yes, Daddy got two desserts on his birthday.  He deserves it!

 photo birthday1_zps8cc4b2f0.jpg
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

 photo birthday2_zps262c44ba.jpg
The boys gave me their quotes for why they love Daddy.  Evan's was because he tickles him and makes him laugh.  Brody's was because he gives kisses and hugs.  Brody loves PDA!  Mattie's was because he is her handsome Prince Charming.  Mattox can't wait for Daddy to sing him to sleep.  Daddy does a great job at that!  Evan's card told Daddy he was his favorite superhero.  Brody's had a bunch of his fingerprint balloons.  

 photo birthday3_zpsbe5ddeac.jpg
Evan was pretending to throw the football cake.  

 photo birthday4_zps04b53289.jpg
Daddy is #37! 

 photo birthday5_zpse7125d14.jpg
Looking good for 37!  

 photo birthday6_zps5a15e5d2.jpg
I hope he made a good wish for the coming year! 
Happy Birthday to my best friend and forever partner in this crazy roller coaster life!  We love you to the moon and back!


  1. You know Elliott was due on January 18th and I was hopeful that it would be far enough past Christmas that it would still be special. But what I have realized is that the day of the year matters far less than who you spend your birthday with. And I'm sure that Eddie loves his birthday no matter what happens, because he is spending it with all of you.

    But, you really did an awesome job to give him a special day. I'd love to have a piece of that football, er, soccer ball cake. Ha ha!

  2. You are the kind of wife God calls us to be! What a blessing you are to your husband and to your boys. You are modeling what faithful love looks like. What a joy to celebrate your man. Happy birthday to him!!! :)

  3. You are so right about early January birthdays. My sister's bday is on January 4th and mine is the 11th. You turn around and it is another birthday! It looks like you did a great job to make his day special and I'm sure that is all he wanted... to spend it with his family! The exciting thing is it won't be long and you all will be celebrating another *new* birthday! BIG SMILE Yes, our baby boy's name will be Wallace John, but we are planning to call him Ace (because this mama doesn't want Wally!!!) Even though my 9 yr old says we could call him Wall-E like the movie! haha Have a great rest of your week! :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Eddie! Yes, January birthdays are difficult. Thankfully we get a bit of a break between Christmas and Chanukah and then Dave's birthday. But I am DONE now!

    Also, Evan reminds me A LOT of Sam in that picture where he is pretending to throw the football! Love it!

    And those fingerprint balloons are AWESOME! I wish I had had time to read this post BEFORE Dave's birthday, instead of two days after :)

    1. Also, I LOVE your new blog design. It's beautiful.


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