Wednesday, January 21, 2015

B is for Bear & Building a Snowman

Brody and I have continued to try to stay busy with our preschool lessons although this week is off to a late start because of our "holiday" on Monday.  With all this gorgeous weather we are having, it was hard to resist being outside while Daddy and big brother were home with us for the long weekend.  After a week of cold, rainy, yucky weather, we are so glad to be getting this warm reprieve from winter although I am sure winter is not done with us yet.  This week, our letter was B so we worked on writing and coloring our B, making crafts with our letter, reading books about B along with some theme based fun projects.  We learned that B is for bear so we incorporated some bear lessons, stories, and songs as well.

 photo preschool21_zps90fdfee1.jpg
Our letter B verse was "Be kind one to another. Ephesians 4:32."  We also worked on reviewing the color green and the square shape.  

 photo preschool19_zps67e031d4.jpg
Hard at work coloring his B green.

 photo preschool22_zpsb1777514.jpg
His coloring sheet showed him that B is also for baby.

 photo preschool20_zps702ec2c1.jpg
Practicing writing his letter B.  I should have gotten a better picture of his shirt because I specifically put his Best Brother Ever shirt on him to go with the B theme.  

 photo preschool24_zpsec33c51b.jpg
And name writing practice. He is doing very well tracing. 
 photo preschool26_zpsff2fb7dc.jpg
Our letter B craft.  That color pattern was all him. 
 photo preschool23_zps762cea83.jpg
A couple of the bear books we read.
 photo preschool27_zps26d3736a.jpg
Our B is for bear craft. 

 photo preschool25_zpse2e222e6.jpg
Then, we talked about how bears hibernate in winter, and we put our bear to sleep in his cave.  He colored this little teddy bear with his favorite teddy bear song from preschool on it.  
I liked singing this little song I found on Pinterest as we put our teddy bear to sleep:

Bear is sleeping, bear is sleeping
In his cave, in his cave
Wonder when he'll wake up?  Wonder when he'll wake up?
In the Spring!  In the Spring! 

Time to wake up, Time to wake up
Sleepy bear, sleepy bear
It is springtime, It is springtime
Wake up now!  Wake up now!

We waited until big brother got home one afternoon to build our marshmallow snowmen so he could join us.  We read this book about snowmen:

 photo preschool31_zps95a31f5b.jpg

 photo preschool28_zpsf6625c33.jpg
Evan did his snowman by himself.  He wanted all matching green attire for his snowman.

 photo preschool29_zpsdd41af6a.jpg
Brody and I used a few more colors for our snowman's hat, mittens, and buttons. 
And yes, both boys ate more marshmallows than they used in their snowmen!

This weekend, we decided to spend our Saturday exploring IKEA since we had not been in a few years.  Yep, we have really only been once since IKEA came to Charlotte.  Haha!  But really, that place is always crazy because this IKEA services several states since there is not another one within hundreds of miles.  Anyway, I mostly use IKEA for ideas, but I never really see that many things that I just have to buy.  It is fun to look around though.  I did buy Brody a cute little baking set for his kitchen.  I was actually impressed with the quality of the pieces in the set which included a baking sheet, a bundt cake pan, several cookie cutters, and a rolling pin.  This little set inspired me to get crafty because I wanted him to have some "food" to bake with his new tools.  I am not adept at using a sewing machine so I just hand stitched these little pieces to fit his tools.  I know they aren't "perfect," but he loves them.  I couldn't find anything close online that I could purchase, but it really was not a difficult project.

 photo crafts1_zps5e661647.jpg
Brody's yummy baked goods.  I actually used all materials I had on hand, including one of Daddy's old tan t-shirts and some left over batting material.  So these were "free."

 photo crafts2_zpse3b492e4.jpg
My little baker loves making me treats. 

 photo crafts3_zps48bcc37c.jpg
I just know he is going to be quite the chef some day. 

 photo crafts4_zps49a800d0.jpg
I also made a little cake for his bundt pan.  It sort of looked like a doughnut so I decorated it with chocolate and sprinkles so he can use it however he wants. It does fit in his bundt cake pan though. 

 photo crafts5_zpsb2d6008f.jpg
Little chef in training.  And he also encourages me to eat healthy.  He just brought me an "apple" to eat while I typed this.  


  1. This is so cute! I love seeing his baked goods.

    1. I think those baked goods turned out pretty well although I know some people with better sewing skills could do better. Brody really does love and appreciate them so that does make it more worth it!

  2. It was hard to stay inside with the wonderful weather we had last weekend. I love all of your activities you are doing with each letter. I'm sure he is learning lots! :) Lana

    1. I know...that weather was so nice. I do kind of wish we were getting a little of that snow down here this week though. I am still hoping for another February snow. ;-)

  3. Sherry, every time you write about what you are doing with Brody at preschool, I just want to send Rachel to join you all. Really, I should just make the decision to do preschool with her myself. sigh.

    And those baked goods are AMAZING! I love them!!! I want my own set :)

  4. Oh my gosh! There are so many things I love about this post. All of your preschool activities are just awesome. The concepts that he is learning in a fun and natural environment with you are going to be so important for his later success in school. Good job, mama!

    And those baked goods. Um- are you going to sell them on Etsy, because I'm buying a set if you do! I would even finally buy the baking set at IKEA (that I've been eyeing for years) if I had fun food like that to go with it.


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