Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 26 ~ Better late than never!

Technically, I was 26 weeks on Sunday, and today is Friday so we are closer to 27 weeks.  Sigh.  With Christmas decorating and other obligations, I just could not get a good moment to take a weekly picture.  We had another doctor's appointment yesterday so I used the opportunity of actually dressing decent to take the picture.

 photo Week26_zpsb93af92a.jpg
Taken Thursday, December 4, 2014
Weight Gain:  As I've said before, we won't mention the actual amount here.  As shown in pictures, I am gaining weight well and have a very healthy appetite. 

Maternity Clothes:  Definitely.

Sleep:  Waking up more often to use the bathroom and to turn from one side to the other.   Also, a certain little boy likes to come into our bed several times a night. 

Best Moment of this week: Getting ready for Christmas and feeling baby moving a lot after drinking that lovely sugary beverage at the doctor this week.  He was definitely feeling a little sugar high! 

Movement:  Lots and lots of kicks!  

Food cravings:  Just about anything.  Loved feasting for Thanksgiving, especially pecan and pumpkin pie. 

Food Aversions: Nothing.  I seem to like it all although everything gives me some heartburn or reflux.  Nothing some milk or a Zantac can't handle though.   

What I miss:  I think what I miss most is the peace of mind that comes with pregnancies when you have never suffered a loss.  Most people really take that for granted. 

Gender:  Another adorable baby boy.  Should be lots of fun! 

Symptoms:  Still mostly hunger, tiredness, and some light heartburn/reflux.

What I'm looking forward to:  Celebrating Christmas with my little family, another ultrasound check before Christmas, hopefully getting some good news in the next few weeks, finishing the blanket I am crocheting for you in time for your arrival, and just making it through the next three months safely and holding our sweet little baby in our arms and hearing those first cries! 

 photo Mattox_zps95d2e3b5.jpg
I have about 5 more stripes of each color to do to make it as long as I want it.  We'll see if I can finish in 3 months.  This is my first crochet project after teaching myself the basics using youtube videos.  I am just using a simple single crochet stitch which I like not only for its being the easiest but also because it makes a very tight stitch which I think makes a cozier blanket.  I am not sure what I will do about the trim yet.  

Dear Baby Mattox,

I love feeling you growing bigger and stronger.  Wow, I think we will have another soccer player on our hands.  Just a few more months before we get to hold you.  Be prepared for lots and lots of hugs and kisses from Mommy, Daddy, and both big brothers!



  1. Time is ticking by! So glad to hear that you are still doing well. You are worried about being late with your post and I haven't even put up one weekly post yet. With Lydia I posted every few weeks. Maybe I will get that done this weekend. However, I still need to write about Thanksgiving, etc. Life is busy and we all do the best we can. Hope your next ultrasound goes well. Have a great weekend! :) Lana

  2. I love reading your updates and am so glad that you are doing so well. You look absolutely beautiful!! I am super impressed with the blanket you are making. I can't wait to see your precious sweetie wrapped tightly in it. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

  3. I am so glad that everything is going so well. You all are in my prayers. The blanket you are making is beautiful!!!

  4. What a beautiful blanket. It will be so special for him and for you too. I really want to learn to crochet and knit too. Maybe I should check out youtube for some videos.

    Oh, and wow! Third trimester already!

  5. I love that blanket Sherry! It is amazing! And you look great. I am praying for you and Mattox every day.


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