Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Random November

This is just a completely random assortment of photos taken on my phone this month that needed to be documented before we move on to Christmas.  November was a pretty random month for sure, and although we still did not accomplish many of our usual Fall activities, we still managed to enjoy our time together.

 photo November1_zps14b0ffb7.jpg
First, Evan got his 7 year well check visit accomplished...only about 7 months late.  Haha!  Just in time for both boys to get their flu vaccines.  They were very happy to get the nasal spray one and not a shot.  Mommy was not so lucky, but she actually prefers the shot anyway. 

 photo November2_zpsd6df37be.jpg
Just Brody having some random learning time playing with his robot Alphie.  He got this a couple of years ago for Christmas but is now able to do most of the cards by himself. 

 photo November3_zpsb434fd22.jpg
I just had to document my yummy lunch at one of my most favorite little barbecue chain restaurants.  Most of these are in the eastern part of the state, but Eddie's hometown got one a few years ago so we hit it up whenever we are in town. 

 photo November4_zps92a1502f.jpg
I just loved this shot I got of Grady with his favorite Great-Grandpa. Grandpa just celebrated his 85th birthday.    

 photo November5_zps44001b7e.jpg
Yep, he loves him so much he wants to dress like him.  Grady has the added benefit of learning sign language, and he looks so cute signing "hat" when he wants to wear one.    

 photo November6_zpse6d35fcc.jpg
Brody asking me to take his picture wearing his Thanksgiving hat and holding the turkey he made at preschool.

 photo November7_zps3140c03a.jpg
Brody and I are not great at selfies, especially in darker restaurants with a camera phone.  Haha!

 photo November8_zpsc0279877.jpg
Brody enjoying one of big brother's carrots at a restaurant.  At least he uses the dip. 

 photo November9_zpsd9653ab6.jpg
The boys wanted a picture in front of one of the first Christmas trees of the season.  

 photo November10_zps59e8f402.jpg

 photo November11_zps40b57a9e.jpg

 photo November12_zps1f123769.jpg
A boy and his friends for life!

 photo November13_zps39784715.jpg
We enjoyed a nice walk to the neighborhood playground on one of our nicer 80 degree days.  Yay for no coats!  Of course, it was still kind of wet from a previous night's heavy rain.

 photo November14_zps963d980a.jpg
Evan enjoyed leading the play as the oldest kid on the playground and directed the others on his dig site.

 photo November15_zpsc56f8fdd.jpg
Brody pouting about something.  Nothing unusual there.

 photo November16_zpse327f284.jpg
Making a mountain of mulch but at least they are playing well together..

 photo November17_zpscea37a51.jpg
Cocoa enjoyed her walk and being outside on a nice day.

 photo November18_zps15460034.jpg
"But why can't I come in to the playground?"

 photo November19_zps36446c72.jpg
Serious Brody

 photo November20_zpse077d435.jpg

 photo November21_zps2094abd7.jpg
Cooperating for a picture with the Target dog.

 photo November22_zps0e8a7c69.jpg
He loves a dog!

 photo November23_zpsc2a60dcb.jpg
Trying to get big brother to cooperate.

 photo November24_zps16db53c3.jpg
A decent shot of both of them.  

 photo November25_zpsdaf64d5b.jpg
We got to watch this movie we have been waiting for since the summer.

 photo November26_zps4f0334f0.jpg
And apparently the theater's big fish tank got some new giant fish residents.  They were huge!


  1. This is going to be a totally random comment to go along with your totally random post. Ha! 1) I had to look really closely at your sandwich to figure out that it is meat and not just a pile of limp lettuce between two buns. Maybe I should have my eyes checked. 2) That's a very sweet picture of Grady with his great-grandpa. I hope he appreciates it when he gets older. 3) Those are great pictures of the boys in their matching dog shirts in front of the tree. It makes me want to rush out and buy new matching shirts for my kids for our upcoming Christmas picture.

    1. 1) No, the picture really does not do the sandwich justice but I don't think phone pics ever do so I am not one those people who take pics of all my food. Haha! I seriously love a good barbecue sandwich! :-)
      2) That boy is going to be so heartbroken when he has to say goodbye to Great-Grandpa. They are so close because Eddie's mom lives with him now to help care for him and also keeps Grady a lot. They are blessed to be so close!
      3) Those shirts were from last year's fall line at Janie & Jack. You know I love that place. Plus, Eddie had hunting dogs that looked like those so he really liked them too. Kind of like your beagle obsession and my bunny one. :-)

  2. You all have been busy, busy! All of the brother pictures are just way too cute!


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