Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Santa Visit

Visiting Santa has been an annual Christmas tradition of ours since Evan's first Christmas.  We just love all of the memories these visits have given us.  Evan has loved Santa every year since his very first.  At his first visit, he was only nine months old, but he expertly reached up to tug the beard to check if it was real.  Then, he just gave big, perfect smiles for the camera.  Brody joined the pictures in 2011, and he was content to be held by Santa for his first pictures when he was about 7 months old.  Then, 2012 and 2013 proved to be different stories.  He was content as long as Santa showed him a sparkly book to look at, but if the book was removed, he threw a big tantrum and fought to get down.  I had to join the session last year to get a moderately well-behaved picture, but I love the pictures of Brody's little mad faces in those years.  This year, Brody showed much enthusiasm over his promised visit to see Santa.  We headed to the mall on a Thursday night to eat dinner and try to get our pictures during a less busy time.  The line was fairly short, and Brody continued to appear excited.  He watched Santa from the line and could not wait for it to be his turn.  He was ready to tell Santa his request for Christmas.  He wants a "refrigerator."  Yep, that's what he is asking for this year.  He actually wants a full kitchen play set, but he just says "refrigerator" because his current little cooking set does not have one.  He is our little chef in training.  I was a little disappointed that Santa and his elves did not seem to take as much time with the kids this year although they weren't that busy, and I really hate that I didn't force them to take individual pictures of the kids.  Brody behaved perfectly and loved his chance to sit with Santa and whisper what he wants.  He has come so far from last year.  Evan was a little disappointed that Santa did not pay him as much attention, and he did not get to tell Santa what he wanted.  I have made sure Santa knows though.  Evan has requested an air craft carrier and submarine and some more die cast planes for his growing collection.  He is really into military play and is so much like his daddy.

 photo Santa1_zpsd2a7579d.jpg
Sweet boys waiting in line to see Santa. Evan is wearing his sweater from last year, and Brody is wearing Evan's sweater from two years ago. 

 photo Santa2_zpsdfb67c64.jpg
Brody watches another Santa encounter enviously. 

 photo Santa4_zps166dde21.jpg
The official picture.  It looks like Evan already lost one of his front teeth although it actually hadn't fallen out yet.  It was barely hanging on though. He has since lost them both so he now definitely wants his two front teeth for Christmas!

 photo eec4adb7-19ac-4b2c-ad91-1f78d70245d8_zps68c6b5cb.jpg
Another cute shot although not as perfect.

 photo ee37495f-ba0a-49e3-9556-ca9fea41bea4_zps94481450.jpg

Santa Flashbacks (2007 - 2013):

 photo EvanSanta.jpg photo EvanSanta.jpg photo EvanSanta.jpg photo Santajpg.jpg photo Santa5.jpgSanta11 photo Santa11.jpg photo Santa6_zps12585400.jpg


  1. Great picture! I love the flash backs too.

  2. The official 2014 picture is perfect! I struggle as well with deciding how important it is to do individual things (their own pictures with Santa) vs things together (both boys with Santa). Sometimes I wonder if I would care as much if I didn't blog and I didn't like to do comparison pictures.

    Evan really has been a pro since the beginning. I don't think I've ever seen a 1 year old or 2 year old NON-crying with Santa picture. He is the role model for the rest of the kids on the planet!

  3. I love this but I'm sorry Santa didn't pay as much individual attention to the boys, especially since it sounds like it wasn't busy. Most of the time I am okay with not doing Santa but I do kind of wish we had Santa pictures through the years. I really do love that.


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