Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Cozy Christmas Home

Well, I sort of forgot today was the day Kelly was hosting her annual Christmas tour of homes.  I have been running a lot of errands today.  Sigh.  Better late than never, right?

 photo Christmas48_zps1333d116.jpg
Just a little reminder on our mantle of the real reason for this joyful season. 
 photo Christmas45_zps5eb72fd8.jpg
I bought and "embroidered" mine and Eddie's stockings our first Christmas together.  I have thought of replacing them with matching Pottery Barn stockings, but they are kind of sentimental.  When we started having kids, I purchased the quilted stockings from Pottery Barn.  Evan's is Santa.  Brody's has a choo choo train on it.  I kind of lucked out there because I bought it before he developed his intense love of trains.  Mattie's was added last year with a sweet little angel on it.  I added a little green stocking for Cocoa this year.  Of course, next year, I have to get Mattox a PB stocking.  Cocoa's stocking may have to move to another spot to make room. 

 photo Christmas43_zps8ac7e52c.jpg
I tried to go the "rustic" route with our mantle this year with our burlap wreath, a burlap bow, and some fresh greens. 

 photo tree23_zps8e554f42.jpg
Our big tree sits in front of our big front window in the great room.  This area is primarily used as an extension of my kids' play room during most of the year.  One month of the year, we try to make it look pretty.

Some of the more special ornaments on our tree are from years where we experienced those big life changing moments...

 photo Christmas36_zps08caff6d.jpg
2003 - The first year we spent as husband and wife.

 photo Christmas37_zps45493a4b.jpg
A reminder of our lovely honeymoon in Hawaii.

 photo Christmas38_zps6cf3ce1c.jpg
A reminder of our second year of marriage still just the two of us.

 photo Christmas35_zpsbcfc382e.jpg
2007 - The addition of our precious firstborn son, Evan.

 photo Christmas34_zps3e1b79dc.jpg
2011 - The addition of our equally precious second son, Brody.

 photo Christmas39_zps8ed5b423.jpg
2013 - The addition of our very precious angel, Mattie.

 photo Christmas40_zps40110fa0.jpg
2014 - A very sweet ornament to commemorate the soon arrival of our precious rainbow son, Mattox.  This ornament from Hallmark perfectly symbolizes our angel Mattie and our rainbow Mattox.  In the infant loss community, the term angel refers to a child who is lost and rainbow refers to a child following that loss not as a replacement but as a new hope.  This ornament shows a pretty little dark haired angel (like our Mattie) drawing a picture of a rainbow.  Often, us parents of angels like to think that our little angel children have a hand in helping to send us their rainbow siblings.  That's why this ornament is just so special. 

 photo Christmas32_zps3597a6c0.jpg
The boys' Christmas tree in their room.  They adorned it with lots of their school made ornaments. 

 photo Christmas31_zpsa61172ed.jpg photo Christmas33_zps09c6b692.jpg
Complete with lots of their cute faces. 

 photo Christmas41_zpscde2cea2.jpg
I loved this little nativity set by Melissa & Doug I found last year.  I had always planned to buy the Fisher Price Little People set for the kids, but it just really didn't seem to be a set that would grow with them and was more applicable to younger children.  I think this little set will perfectly last through many years of my kids' childhood.  Brody loves playing with it and rearranging the scene.  The sheep often ends up on top of the stable, etc. 

 photo Christmas42_zps1edb0112.jpg
One of my favorite "decorations" now is the way our Christmas tree lights reflect on our beautiful angel's picture.  I also put the angel that Eddie and I purchased for our first Christmas tree by her picture. 
 photo Christmas46_zps0f372b35.jpg
I "heart" banners.  This one was a Target dollar bin find.  I moved our angel Mattie's little tree into our family room this year where we could all enjoy it.  It sits beside her scrapbook. 

 photo Christmas47_zps81e9dd45.jpg
Another little festive banner above our usually messy counter.  This space is usually used by the whole family to drop the daily mail, homework, school projects, etc.  I cleaned it up for the holiday decor, and I would love to keep it that way.  Hint hint!

 photo Christmas49_zps47075b4b.jpg
Last year, Brody and I made a little handmade garland with some cheap foam ornaments that we decorated.  This year, we added some foam stockings that we decorated for each member of the family.  Very kid friendly decor!

 photo Christmas50_zpsc74b3ca6.jpg
Daddy and Mommy's stockings.

 photo Christmas51_zps21cf5caf.jpg
Evan decorated his own stocking.  He was going for a little Christmas scene with a candy cane streetlight with angels and birds flying above, and a snowman and gingerbread man hanging out on the ground. 

 photo Christmas52_zps5f03ecb0.jpg
Brody added lots of sweet treats to his.

 photo Christmas53_zps44482337.jpg
Mattie's is adorned with little angels, of course.

 photo Christmas54_zpsb67168fd.jpg
Our sweet little Mattox has a blue bow and little blue boots with a gingerbread boy. 

 photo Christmas55_zps4a3106ab.jpg
And Cocoa's has a bone.  

 photo Christmas61_zpsff0536ec.jpg
Our elf, Brewster, decorated our front door like a snowman.

 photo Christmas56_zps611d7658.jpg
I updated the front door wreath this year to match the new brightly colored blue door.  

 photo Christmas57_zps73a56805.jpg
Our outdoor lights.  We usually like a simple and traditional display with white lights and green wreaths with red bows.  We added colored lights to the shrubs in later years for the kids.  Evan also requested we turn our old basketball goal pole into a candy cane. 

 photo Christmas59_zps2565e43d.jpg
My husband has formerly added icicle lights along the roof, but in recent years, I have begged him to forego this decoration as a precaution.  We really need our Daddy in optimal paralysis! 

 photo Christmas60_zps6ea55005.jpg
Another view of the outside.  I just wish I could figure out how to take better pictures of Christmas lights so that you could actually tell what color they are.  I am going to work on that one! 

 photo Christmas58_zps204feed0.jpg
A slightly better picture of Evan's candy cane.
Thank you for stopping by to visit with us!  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Sherry -- I love your special ornament which blends Mattie and Mattox. It's beautiful.

    I also love your stairway decoration. Maybe I will do that with my kids next year.

  2. Beeeeeeeeuuuuuuuutiful decorations! I love seeing your house so festive. And I think that is the first time I've ever really seen your kitchen. Or maybe I just forgot.

    I think you will have enough room for another stocking next year if you just move the burlap bow. Is there another place you could put it?

    I love all of your banners and especially the handmade one for the banister. It's cute but also so personal. Those are the best kind of decorations.

    Thanks for the idea about turning the door into a snowman. I'm totally using that!

  3. Your Christmas decor is beautiful! I stopped over from Kelly's Korner. If you get a chance, stop by #36!

  4. Your house looks great. I love the ornament for Mattie and Mattox. It's just perfect! I also really like your Melissa and Doug nativity.

  5. Gorgeous and, yes, cozy!! My favorite way to make my home:) love this!


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