Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Christmas Family Pictures

I was "challenged" this year to do our Christmas cards a bit differently.  Usually, I order photo Christmas cards with a message printed on them to send out.  I love our Christmas cards through the years.  However, I was reminded by my blog friend, Marci at Life with Joys, how special and personal it is to receive a handwritten card.  Now, I have to admit that I hate handwriting.  It is not my strong suit at all and has never come easily for me.  I don't have beautiful flowing handwriting, and writing actually hurts my hand.  I have never been able to keep a handwritten journal for this reason which is why my blog is my journal.  I can type all day long.  Anyway, I decided that I would try to send out more personal handwritten cards this year with our pictures inside.  While the handwritten messages are not long, they are from the heart so I hope they do mean a lot more to the recipients.  So if you do get a card from me, please excuse the less than stellar handwriting.
Of course, I have to limit the number of cards we send out due to price of mailing and time restraints, but I do hope all of our friends know how very much they mean to us.  And of course, if you do send us a card, expect to get one in return!

 photo Christmascard_zps6b3c9ee7.jpg

 photo Christmas19_zpscebf857e.jpg
Our family

 photo Christmas17_zps202ca8ec.jpg
And yes, we did have to pull a few tricks to get Cocoa to look at the camera. 

 photo Christmas16_zpsf5279d5e.jpg
Me and my babies

 photo Christmas15_zps8f6cc8d8.jpg
Trying for a cute shot of the boys holding a candy cane heart over my stomach for Baby Mattox.

 photo Christmas20_zps2cb51722.jpg
Hmmm, the rocking chair was supposed to be for Brody.  Yes, Evan is a little big for it. 

 photo Christmas21_zpsb278560d.jpg

 photo Christmas23_zps6558ccd0.jpg
We tried this pose like last year's.  The boys weren't quite as cooperative. 

 photo Christmas24_zps7ef3ea96.jpg
Then, Brody decided he would rather sit on Evan.

 photo Christmas25_zpsf2051908.jpg
Got to love it! 

 photo Christmas26_zps79f5b0d1.jpg
No more smiles from Evan.

 photo Christmas22_zps12a0014d.jpg
Maybe just one more for a solo pose. 

 photo Christmas14_zpsbe68bf28.jpg
Big smiles from Brody.  

 photo Christmas27_zps1c585d33.jpg
And a sweet couple shot. 

 photo Christmas28_zps9feb2973.jpg

 photo Christmas29_zps1726b26f.jpg
Christmas romance

 photo Christmas30_zpse5399c54.jpg
And Daddy requested a special shot with man's best friend since Cocoa is the dog he has always wanted. 


  1. Your pictures turned out great. I love the idea of a handwritten message in Christmas cards. At this point, I'm just hoping that I can send mine out. I haven't got our CD back from our photographer. It was supposed to get it last week. Grr!

  2. Hey there mamma! These are so sweet! :)

  3. They all came out so great. Even in the ones that are not "perfect" they just have a festive feel to them. I am always so concerned with getting a good family picture that I don't even consider trying for individual pictures of the kids. But yours came out so cute that maybe I should try it next year.

    And I would love for you to tell me your tricks for getting doggies to look at the camera.

  4. These are adorable Sherry! I really love the ones of you and Eddie. We never get enough couple shots now that we have kids :)


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