Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mattie's 2nd Christmas in Heaven

Dear Mattie,

Today, you would be exactly 18 months old.  I can only imagine what an adorable little toddler you would be and how much you would make us all laugh as you would terrorize your brothers and get into their toys.  I know we would all have so much fun together.  I would have loved seeing a third little pile of presents with lots of sweet little girl things around the tree on Christmas morning and seeing your face light up as you ran with your brothers towards the tree and the presents.  You might like your presents, but you might just prefer all the bright and shiny wrapping paper more.  I know you would definitely be more into Christmas this year.  I do hope you enjoyed watching over all of us this year as we celebrated.  I am sure you enjoyed quite a celebration in heaven too.  As we anxiously await the arrival of your little brother in just a couple more months, we have not forgotten you, our precious little angel.  You will always be missed.  Here are some of the ways we remembered and honored you this Christmas:

 photo Mattie1_zpsb9cf2c43.jpg
We took this little Christmas wreath to your grave with some pretty flowers and butterflies and a bow in your special colors of aqua and pink. 

 photo Mattie2_zpsd23ae9c4.jpg
Complete with a little silver angel ornament. 

 photo Mattie3_zps333ef900.jpg

 photo Mattie4_zpse7efb3ba.jpg
We added this little ornament to the tree in memory of you and in hopeful expectation of the soon arrival of your little brother, Mattox.  We know you helped pick this little rainbow brother for us. 

 photo Mattie5_zpsb405a850.jpg
Your stocking still hangs beside your brothers'. 
 photo Christmas39_zps8ed5b423.jpg
Your sweet little angel ornament hangs on our tree to remind us of you. 

 photo Christmas46_zps0f372b35.jpg
And your sweet little Christmas tree sits where we all can enjoy it beside your memorial scrapbook. 

Although I cannot have the joy of shopping for presents for you at Christmas time, I do get a little joy in picking out what you might have liked or worn during this special time.

 photo Mattie6_zps8a1433e9.jpg
Daddy and I both think we would have enjoyed making you a dollhouse for Christmas this year.  It likely would have been something like this that could grow with you from a simple little doll family to a growing collection of Barbie dolls. 

 photo Mattie7_zpsd3807559.jpg
A new baby doll would also likely have been on your list. 

 photo Mattie8_zps412d88c5.jpg
And I know you would have loved a stroller to push your baby doll in.  Brody would have likely been a little jealous of this one. 

 photo Mattie9_zps7c02e874.jpg
And maybe a cute little ride for you. 

 photo Mattie10_zps2faa2081.jpg
Some cute Christmas jammies would have been a necessity. 

 photo Mattie11_zps70c744e2.jpg photo Mattie12_zps76920132.jpg
A pretty "fancy" Christmas dress for church and family gatherings. 
 photo Mattie13_zps0ad17761.jpg
And a more festive red dress for our Christmas photos. 

We hope you will continue to enjoy watching over all of your family who loves you dearly until we can be together again.

With all my love,



  1. Oh Sherry --

    I loved how you honoured Mattie this year and yes, you would have had a fun Christmas with her, what with her trying to steal her brothers' toys and playing with that beautiful dollhouse. I'm sure Mattie was watching over all of you from heaven. I just still wish she could be here on earth with you. I love you friend.

  2. I'm so sorry that you have to write a letter like this. I know how much you miss your little angel. I love the clothes and toys that you have picked out for her. I'm sure she would have loved them. You have done a wonderful job keeping her close to your heart. Prayers friend.

  3. My heart wishes I could drive to your home and throw my arms around you. While you continue to live, and live well, I know there is a void. May you know that I am praying for you and sending you love-

  4. I think you did a beautiful job of honoring and remembering Mattie during Christmas. The wreath on her grave is beautiful with her special colors and the silver angel ornament. I think it's very special that you continue to "pick" presents and clothes for her. It's such an important way to remember her.


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