Monday, December 8, 2014

Fun at the Tree Farm

We made our traditional trip to our favorite tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We found our tree pretty quickly, and the boys enjoyed some of the extra fun that this farm offers.  We love that this little farm is so close to our home and that the trees are always beautiful and reasonably priced.  We also like the little extras that they include every year.  They always have a horse drawn wagon ride, but we usually forego this part.  This year they also had Santa's Workshop with some fun little crafts for the kids and a little outdoor fire pit to enjoy while drinking hot chocolate.

 photo tree5_zpsf0d6a7d5.jpg
One of our traditional shots of the boys on the fence. 
 photo treecomparison_zpsca1f6ffa.jpg
A little comparison was necessary.  I was holding Brody up on the fence in 2012. 
 photo tree6_zpsecb27a62.jpg

 photo tree7_zps3ce760ee.jpg
Just searching for the perfect tree.  After years of experience, we learned to pick out our tree pretty quickly and get one that is the height we want and is plenty thick and full.  Eddie has been known to try to be a little picky, but I think he realizes that by the time you get it home, it is not going to look too much like it did on the lot after being tied up.  

 photo tree8_zps4ea08e97.jpg
A better shot of me and my boys in the shade of our tree. 

 photo tree9_zpsa5eb457e.jpg
And my three big boys. 

 photo tree10_zps66b6ed16.jpg
A better smile from Daddy.

 photo tree1_zpsdffc6201.jpg
I just always love the way these big covered wagons look dressed up with Christmas lights and big wreaths. 

 photo tree11_zps8f1d1151.jpg
The boys love playing in the wagon. 

 photo tree12_zps12174064.jpg
And they enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate while Daddy handled the tree business. 

 photo tree13_zps638fff21.jpg
Evan blowing on his cup. 

 photo tree2_zpsd6035998.jpg
Brody looked so small walking by the big horses. 

 photo tree3_zpsd670c188.jpg
Evan follows the candy trail to Santa's workshop. 

 photo tree4_zpsb08dabfb.jpg
My big boy

 photo tree14_zps87a094af.jpg
Brody walking the candy trail. 

 photo tree15_zpsb12e2747.jpg
Evan set to work painting a little house ornament for the tree. 

 photo tree16_zps666094b3.jpg
Brody made a butterfly decoration. 

 photo tree17_zps1e9b2a29.jpg
Evan hard at work painting his colorful house.  

 photo tree18_zpsf4f9d636.jpg
Brody was very excited about his butterfly.

 photo tree19_zps46da871c.jpg
Wanting his picture made with the big candy cane. 

 photo tree20_zpsdbcb76e3.jpg
And of course, guess who gets the task of putting lights on the tree? 

 photo tree21_zpsf1f85fa3.jpg
Yep, you guessed it.  I actually worked pretty quickly this year. 

 photo tree22_zpsd6bc94fe.jpg
Brody starting to decorate the tree. 

 photo tree23_zps8e554f42.jpg
All done!  We'll share more of our decorations in a later post. 


  1. I love this tradition! You sure picked a beautiful tree!

  2. I probably have told you this about 3 times and just don't remember, but have I mentioned that I am allergic to the mold that is in pine trees? It makes me very, very sick. And it gets into the vents within a homes' heating system and grows and grows and then gets blown around the house all year. So, once my parents figured this out (my brother is more allergic than I am) when I was about 6 they stopped buying live Christmas trees. Prior to that Nick and I were in the ER pretty consistently around Christmas time. So, going to buy a tree is not a part of my childhood memories, nor will it be for my children. I think that's why I like reading about these adventures so much. It just seems so fun and old fashioned.

    You tree is just gorgeous. And I can totally smell it just from seeing the pictures!

  3. I love your tree (both the "before" and "after") and the wreaths on the wagon, and the candies leading to the workshop. This looks like a fun place to go for a tree.


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