Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fall Preschool Adventures

I have been waiting to write this post to see if Brody's teachers would post more pictures from the past couple of months.  Sadly, they do not seem to be as big on picture taking as his previous teachers so I am thankful I got a few to capture his school memories.  Brody is taking a school break for December to hang out more with Mommy.  We just have some things in the works that may mean school changes so I thought this break would be good timing.  We plan to have lots of Christmas fun together at home and work on learning too.  Brody actually isn't in a class with most of his old friends from previous years, and I don't think he has really "bonded" with many of the kids in his current class yet.  He does enjoy school though, but I think we will stay so busy this month that he will barely notice a change.

 photo school1_zps8b7af9f8.jpg
Brody's class lined up to go outside.

 photo school2_zps43ee773b.jpg
Brody is over in the reading area sharing a book with another little boy.

 photo school3_zps87b08a55.jpg
He loves singing and dancing. 

 photo school4_zpsf425ad68.jpg
They have indoor playtime in the fellowship hall when the weather isn't very nice.  

 photo school5_zps21d08727.jpg
One of their September crafts was making an oyster since the theme that month was the ocean.  Brody is always so proud of his artwork. 

 photo school6_zpsd41ff9e8.jpg
Showing me his pearl inside.

 photo school7_zps22eab809.jpg
I spent a day with him at school when he had school pictures because I wanted to be sure he cooperated for pictures.  Last years weren't the greatest because he was upset and crying.  When I arrived, he was in his usual place in the kitchen area playing by himself.  I got him to join me and play with play dough.

 photo school8_zps57e65700.jpg
Cutting his dough.

 photo school9_zps1f72f01a.jpg
We made some Halloween themed cut outs.

 photo school11_zpsa51ec0e8.jpg
Then they played a listening game.

 photo school10_zps34c87d38.jpg
Pretending to sleep.

 photo school12_zps6fcab379.jpg
And standing up again.

 photo school13_zps65c92aee.jpg
Circle time.  They got more of this time that usual while waiting for their picture time.  They would usually have gotten to go outside.

 photo school14_zpsd6b9f21f.jpg
Brody's teacher entertained them with some stories and songs.  This was the doughnut game where each kid was called up to pick a colored doughnut. 

 photo school15_zps3a0e21a9.jpg
Picking his blue doughnut.

 photo school16_zpsdbd85e57.jpg
Opening his lunch box all by himself.

 photo school17_zpsead525a9.jpg
Saying their prayers.

 photo school18_zpsd5b23f06.jpg
Showing me the favorite part of his lunch....cheese!

 photo school19_zps3a943263.jpg
They all enjoyed a little playtime after lunch because they hadn't had their usual outside time.

 photo school20_zps7b09005a.jpg
Brody loves the slide.  Unfortunately, I am not sure the playtime after lunch was a great idea because when Brody got home, he immediately threw up as soon as he walked in the door.

 photo school31_zpsa3ea9ba3.jpg
Brody showing off his Thanksgiving turkey craft and his little Indian headdress he made. 

 photo school32_zps9f696ad2.jpg
I loved this fingerprint turkey.

 photo school21_zps3ead24a0.jpg
His teachers sent home this little book of some of his art from his first few months. 

 photo school22_zps972ad104.jpg

 photo school23_zps30a807c9.jpg

 photo school24_zpsee33144d.jpg

 photo school25_zps1d93387d.jpg

 photo school26_zps2c292e0b.jpg

 photo school27_zpsd8c36c68.jpg

 photo school28_zpsdcf7db4e.jpg

 photo school29_zps56f675cf.jpg

 photo school30_zps7d487427.jpg
Brody really loved his spider web for Halloween.


  1. I never get tired of seeing Brody's sweet!

  2. I agree with Kelly! Brody has a great smile! I love all of his art projects. They are so cute!

  3. These were all really fun crafts. And Brody does a great job with all of his artwork. Honestly it drives me crazy when kids, even toddlers, are sloppy and uncaring with their work. I know, I know, I have unrealistic expectations. But I can tell that Brody is not that way.

    I really like the pearl in the oyster. I'm totally going to do that with somebody!

  4. I love all of Brody's crafts! They are so fun!

    And sometimes I feel like we shouldn't be sending Rachel to preschool because she could get a lot of learning at home and it wouldn't cost as much but I feel like we are paying for me to have a sanity break! Ha ha ha!

    Have a good December preschool at home month. It sounds like a lot of fun!


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