Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cub Scout Cake Bake Off

Is there anything better than an event that gets daddies and sons into the kitchen?  Of course, our daddy has already exhibited his supreme knowledge and skill around the kitchen on many occasions, but I just loved watching him and Evan work together on this project.  When daddy found out about this contest, he immediately took to Google (he is not a Pinterest subscriber sadly although I told him that probably would have offered him some more great options) for cake ideas.  The rules were pretty simple:  the cub scout must participate in all parts of the process from design to decorating, all parts of the cake and decorations should be edible, and the boys should have fun.  I think we covered all the bases.  Evan and Daddy decided to make a shooting target for bow and arrows since Evan loves shooting his bow and arrow.  It also seemed like a reasonably attainable project for their first cake contest.  While two other boys brought cakes with the same theme as Evan's, we did feel that his looked the best of the three.  It was also quite tasty.  We just decided on a rich and moist chocolate cake with simple whipped vanilla icing.  That is a favorite cake combination around here!  I assisted minimally with creating some arrows for the top out of chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and helping create the necessary colors for the target.

 photo cake1_zpsd2bfda09.jpg
Boys in the kitchen.  Luckily, Daddy is very good at cleaning up his own messes.

 photo cake3_zps1511ec18.jpg
And this little guy had the always important task of licking the spatula.  

 photo cake2_zps6ff49c23.jpg
Happy boy!

 photo cake4_zps5e241a9d.jpg
I made us a supply of chocolate covered pretzel sticks during the process. 

 photo cake5_zpsd34142dc.jpg
Daddy and Evan decorating the cake. 

 photo cake7_zpsc00f8a89.jpg
Evan and his cool bow and arrow target.  They named his cake theme "Aim for Success." 

 photo cake6_zps31194e74.jpg
He got two bulls eyes. 

 photo cake8_zpsbafb374a.jpg

 photo cake15_zpsead6afd9.jpg
Our little Cub Scout with his cake. 

There were many other fun and interesting cake designs in the contest.  Here are some of our favorites:

 photo cake9_zps036d3587.jpg
This snake had no competition for the biggest.

 photo cake10_zps7be26a6b.jpg
The Lorax cake was one of my favorites.

 photo cake11_zpsb4ceb12f.jpg
Most of the Cub Scouts favored this model of one of the interesting fish at the Georgia Aquarium where they will be going on their trip later in the year. 

 photo cake12_zps628024df.jpg
I also liked this little camping scene. 

 photo cake13_zps66ef65d2.jpg
And this chocolate one got my vote for yummiest looking.

 photo cake14_zpsfdeb520c.jpg
Of course, I teasingly suggested this one should be in the "yummiest" category.  I am sure all the little zombies agreed. 

 photo cake16_zps717f541f.jpg
The little Twinkies Pinewood Derby cars were a cute Cub Scout theme.

 photo cake17_zpsa93fc284.jpg
This shark was very popular with the boys.

 photo cake18_zps76872aa7.jpg
And Angry Birds, of course.

The judges of this contest were actually the boys themselves.  While they didn't always choose the "winners" that I would have chosen, it was all in good fun.  Many of the boys wanted to vote for their buddies' cakes.  After the judging and announcing, the boys enjoyed lining up to fill their plates with slices of cakes.  And I do mean fill!  Some of those plates were enormous piles that quite frankly did not look very appetizing.  Haha!  Evan's was one of them as his sweet heart could not bear to not get a sample of everyone's cake.  Yes, much got thrown away.  I should have taken a picture first.

 photo cake19_zps41382d37.jpg
Voting with his buddies.

 photo cake20_zpsd20a1523.jpg
I just loved the face the Troop Director was making.  Haha!


  1. What a great activity for cub scouts. Being able to make and decorate a cake is perhaps not a requirement for the future, but measuring and baking and cooking is certainly a skill that all boys should have. I think they both did an awesome job with their project. The piping is really, really good for a first experience. And I love your arrows.

    I can only imagine what Evan's plate looked like!

  2. Evan's cake turned out great! What a fun party!

  3. What a brilliant idea! As Natalie already said, I love that they were learning valuable skills while having fun. And yay for making it a Daddy-Son thing. Evan and Eddie's cake was awesome!


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