Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day started off with our traditional waking up to see what Santa left.  For another blessed year, the boys let Mommy and Daddy sleep a little later and have time to get dressed before getting up to go downstairs.  They woke up after I had gotten out of the shower so they did have to wait for me to dry my hair and finish getting ready, but they were good sports.  We then took pictures before heading downstairs.

 photo Christmas92_zps677cbc09.jpg
Sweet boys are ready to see what Santa brought them.

 photo Christmas93_zpse0fac478.jpg
Checking it out on the way downstairs.

 photo Christmas94_zps87bdbc99.jpg
Brody immediately spotted his "refrigerator."

 photo Christmas95_zpsb7a20d51.jpg
And Evan spotted his aircraft carrier.

 photo Christmas96_zpsa6c4e930.jpg
Brody got to work cooking and poured me some much appreciated coffee.

 photo Christmas97_zps5879324a.jpg
Evan was very excited to get all the Percy Jackson books.  

 photo Christmas98_zps02527123.jpg
Santa wrapped some presents this year to make the boys slow down a little and enjoy the suspense more.

 photo Christmas99_zps9ae23928.jpg
He was very excited to get this game set with chess.  Now, he really wants someone to play chess with him.  His mommy is not very good competition.  He wants to join the chess team at school...NERD! 

 photo Christmas100_zpse12c43ae.jpg
More presents. He got some more dye cast planes that he asked for to go with his aircraft carrier.

 photo Christmas101_zpscb471a7f.jpg
Brody learns to use his new cash register. 

 photo Christmas102_zps3b9c05c9.jpg
He loves the little microphone. 

 photo Christmas103_zps85589692.jpg
And he wanted help opening his present.

 photo Christmas104_zps276cbe4f.jpg
Dr. Brody in the house.  He would actually probably have liked a Doc McStuffins set, but I just could not go with such a girl looking set. 

 photo Christmas105_zps926ec75d.jpg
Opening his present from big brother. 

 photo Christmas106_zps7ee5d795.jpg
He got a castle play set to go with his big brother's big dragon castle.  They are really playing together a lot now. 

 photo Christmas107_zpsd7402806.jpg
He begged for me to open the box. 

 photo Christmas108_zpsc30c2b2d.jpg
Then, they headed to the living room to see their stockings and found Brewster and Santa's letter. 

 photo Christmas109_zps5f88f277.jpg
Digging in. 

 photo Christmas110_zps50e00117.jpg
Cocoa got a new toy and bone. 

 photo Christmas111_zps693c7020.jpg
Evan could not resist a piece of chocolate.  His toothless bite looked like a vampire had made it. 

 photo Christmas112_zps6b4df1ac.jpg
Brody's stocking stash of candy, warm gloves, new underwear, and movies. 

 photo Christmas113_zps36915227.jpg
Evan's stocking stash of candy, movies, warm gloves, and underwear. 

After the Christmas morning festivities at home, we packed up the car and headed to spend the day with Grandma and Daddy's family.

 photo Christmas114_zpse8a38099.jpg
Since the family has grown, we continue to use the Hamlet Women's Club for our family gatherings.  I just love this beautiful old house. 

 photo Christmas115_zpsa223e8af.jpg
Grandpa loves being with his family.  We all sang some Christmas songs together, including Grandpa's favorite, O Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.  

 photo Christmas116_zpsc99f4356.jpg
Aunt Dava played the piano, and Aunt Homa led the singing.

 photo Christmas117_zps820fd5ba.jpg
Cousin Grady showed off his love of hats as he tried on Uncle Matthew's. 

 photo Christmas118_zpsa969f357.jpg
These kids found a spot under the piano.

 photo Christmas119_zpsce9320aa.jpg
Grandpa opened all of his presents from the family.

 photo Christmas120_zps2abe51ec.jpg
Then, we headed to Grandpa's house to open presents with Grandma. 

 photo Christmas121_zpsb7571ca9.jpg
Evan could not wait to open his present from Grandma. 

 photo Christmas122_zps195a83a3.jpg
Brody got a little fishing set.  Cousin Grady got one too. 

 photo Christmas123_zps53ad5664.jpg
Evan was excited about getting all of the Harry Potter movies. 

 photo Christmas124_zps1361d2e9.jpg
Brody opening his present from Aunt Naomi. He loved his pillow pet that was one of the trains from Thomas. 

 photo Christmas125_zps9b885f7f.jpg
Grady was excited that he got a shopping cart kitchen set like cousin Brody's.  

 photo Christmas126_zpsd8097451.jpg
On the day after Christmas, we were all just tired and stayed in our pajamas most of the day playing with Christmas presents.  Evan and Brody enjoyed being paleontologists and digging up T. Rex bones.  Evan did one of these a couple of years ago to make a Stegosaurus skeleton so he wanted a matching T. Rex. 

 photo Christmas127_zpsd03c7b62.jpg
Evan allowed Brody to help him, and I just loved watching them work together. 

 photo Christmas128_zps83bc8eab.jpg
I thought it would take them a while, but they came to me with the bones pretty quickly.  


  1. Our kids gave us the gift of sleeping in too. I loved it! I am also thinking that we need to buy our kids an actual kitchen after seeing that a few blog friends got them for their kids. It might help contain the kitchen stuff to the playroom!

    And we rotated Sam's airport back into the toy rotation and he has been loving playing with it so maybe he and Evan can play airplanes together in March! If Evan is willing to share that is :)

    And I say that because I read an article about sharing a few years ago and the line that stuck with me is "We make our kids share their new toys with their siblings/friends, but as adults would we be as willing to share our brand new cars/cameras/computers with our friends?" So I no longer expect kids to share new toys immediately if they don't want to.

    And I love how well Sam and Rachel play together. It sounds like Evan and Brody are a great pair too!

  2. Looks like Santa was good too you all this year! I love that you all sing as a family at Christmas. It wouldn't be so pretty if my family did. lol.

    1. Nah, if there are enough people all singing together, it helps. We do not usually sing, but this was Grandpa's request and since we don't know how many more Christmases he will have with us, we obliged. :-)

  3. Looks like an awesome Christmas. Am I right that you celebrated three times in three locations that day? I love it! It's just so fun and festive, and yes, exhausting, to go to so many places.

    Brody's kitchen is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen. We have a kitchen from when Spencer was 2 that Elliott really likes playing with now, but it's not nearly as cool as that one.

    1. We sort of had three celebrations at three locations, but Eddie's family gatherings were in the same town. We just had lunch with the whole family and then went to his Mom's/Grandpa's to open a few presents. Brody is my little chef in training so in a few years I highly expect to no longer have to cook at all! ;-)


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