Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas at School

While we did not participate in many school Christmas events this year, we were lucky that both boys got to enjoy fun little Christmas parties in their classrooms.  I was not sure whether Brody would have the opportunity since he has not been attending his classes this month, but we wanted to take his teachers some little gifts to show our appreciation, and it just worked out best to stop in during the class party.  Brody joined in with the kids' presentation since he knew most of the little songs, and he enjoyed making his little craft.  He got a new Christmas book from his teachers and big hugs.  He has really made so much progress this year, and although he is still likely the quiet one in the group, it is not because he does not have the ability to talk.  He can be quite the chatter box when he is in the mood.  His other skills and abilities have improved greatly as well, and I have been very pleased with his ability to color and use scissors correctly.  He knows most of his colors and shapes by name although he may still get confused when pointing some of them out.  We are going to work on those areas as well as his name and letter writing.  He is just constantly surprising us with the things he knows lately about the world.  I had thought that he had not really had a chance to get familiar with and develop many friendships with his new classmates this year since it takes him a while to bond sometimes, but I did discover that he seems to have a special friendship with a little boy named Graham in his class.  Brody pointed him out to me by name and then Graham came up to get Brody to come and play with him.  We stayed a little longer than most of the kids to allow them to play.

 photo Brody1_zps62dbea50.jpg
Our little teacher gifts were some cozy warm socks, lotion, and chocolates. 

 photo Brody2_zps67be098a.jpg
Brody made a cute little hat to wear according to some Central or South American tradition his teacher told about. 

 photo Brody3_zps49a7c1ca.jpg
Brody and his friend Graham pretending to be grocery store clerks.  Brody loves the kitchen area.  He is getting a kitchen set and a little cash register for Christmas. 

 photo Brody4_zps2b75d00f.jpg
Brody and Ms. Laurie

 photo Brody5_zpsd9418405.jpg
Brody and Ms. Nicoletta

Evan's class party was as chaotic as usual.  I thought things might start to calm down in second grade, but these kids were as crazy as ever hyped up on sugary treats.  Evan exhibited his usual calm demeanor although Brody did enjoy joining in some of the craziness.

 photo Evan1_zpsce619674.jpg
Both boys enjoyed their snacks.  Evan was wearing his Christmas jammies, but he wears his coat most of the day. 

 photo Evan2_zps82fb86dc.jpg
Most of the craziness was happening at the table behind Evan.

 photo Evan3_zps4f3225a0.jpg
Banks was one of the craziest boys and enjoyed making a mess with his very green cupcake. 

 photo Evan4_zps53cfea39.jpg
And Evan's friend, Taylor, was as silly as usual.  I think her and Banks may make a great team.  

 photo Evan5_zps2668784c.jpg
Brody did not get as messy since he only had a little mini cupcake. 

 photo Evan6_zpsc8dd705f.jpg
He spent most of the time trying to steal Evan's friend Pierce's stuffed dog. 

 photo Evan7_zpsdb1e4c4d.jpg
Then, all the kids settled down a little for a game of Snowman Bingo. 

 photo Evan8_zps382da1af.jpg
Brody enjoyed rolling around with the dog. 

 photo Evan9_zps64110c4e.jpg
Evan did finally get Bingo. 
 photo Evan11_zps94a7f30d.jpg
A picture his class took to send to their parents.
 photo Evan10_zpsa288aa7d.jpg
I enjoyed reading this little story Evan wrote that went along with his snow globe.  In his perfect snow globe world, apparently he has gone hunting with his daddy and shot a deer.  Sigh.


  1. Class parties are always so much fun and crazy. Our kiddos parties are always a little chaotic too. I love how Brody joins in on all of the fun at Evan's party. How cute! Karsyn has loved going to her sisters' parties this year. She always ends up with one cupcake in each hand. lol.

  2. We never get invited to Sam's class parties. I think that might be an American thing because I do read about all of you getting to go. I kind of wish I could go see what was going on in Sam's class because it would probably be both chaotic and fun.

  3. Hello, hello! I am back at commenting after my Christmas holiday! Ha ha! I have been reading here and there so I'm not completely lost on your life but I am going to get totally caught up tonight.

    That Banks........Oh My!


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