Sunday, December 28, 2014

Brewster Returns!

Brewster the Elf on the Shelf returned for another year of crazy antics visiting our home for the month.  He really outdid himself a few days, but he was also lazy a few days too and didn't move at all.  Haha!

 photo Brewster1_zps5e4a6e5a.jpg
Brewster returned with a special message and letter for the boys. 

 photo Brewster2_zpsf1556250.jpg
Kind of hard to read on our countertops, but it says "I'm Back!" with M&Ms. 

 photo Brewster3_zpsc83562b6.jpg
Brewster also informed the boys that Santa made a special video message for the boys sent to their mom's e-mail.  They both love their yearly Santa videos (Evan's and Brody's).

 photo Brewster4_zps1c5d8907.jpg
And Brewster's graffiti on the boys' bathroom mirror.  Evan was particularly offended when Brewster wrote "Jingle Bells. Cocoa Smells."  Haha!

 photo Brewster5_zps3017ce84.jpg
Brewster was missing the snowy north and made a little snow angel on our counter with flour. 

 photo Brewster6_zps459dda7c.jpg
I guess he needed a shower that night to wash off the flour mess. 

 photo Brewster8_zps04550065.jpg
Superhero Brewster returned and attempted to fly with the aid of a candy cane and our Christmas banner.

 photo Brewster7_zps02d5d201.jpg
Then, he decorated our front door like a snowman. 

 photo Brewster9_zpseeacc557.jpg
Then, he suspended himself from the light in the play room with candy canes.

 photo Brewster10_zpsb3ca17af.jpg
He gave the boys a special present by gift wrapping their toilet.  

 photo Brewster11_zpsb06a0ceb.jpg
Complete with a special reminder not to forget to flush. 
 photo Brewster17_zps55f51900.jpg
He cheered the Panthers to victory on Sunday wearing his football jersey.

 photo Brewster16_zps72ccd1c2.jpg
Then, he behaved very badly and tried to do battle with Evan's little army men. 

 photo Brewster13_zps78c6a8ed.jpg
But the next night they taught him a lesson.

 photo Brewster12_zps4e3a9c52.jpg
They had him all tied up.

 photo Brewster14_zps1d3b9cb8.jpg
So he made up and read all his friends a special story about Santa.

 photo Brewster15_zpsdb23273c.jpg
Then, he prepared to help Evan bake his cake for the Cub Scout cake bake off. He even wore his chef hat. 

 photo Brewster18_zps9d071c2a.jpg
Then, he got himself stuck head first in Brody's stocking.  I guess he was checking to see if there was any candy left from last Christmas.

 photo Brewster19_zps6d874797.jpg
He went for his customary ride on Mr. T.Rex. 

 photo Brewster20_zps5ea23da9.jpg
And tried to ride giant Elmo. 

 photo Brewster22_zps3af349d7.jpg
Hmmm, I wonder who played darts with Brewster?

 photo Brewster23_zps563d940c.jpg
Oh, I guess those two didn't appreciate being ridden. 
 photo Brewster21_zpseb5bedd1.jpg
Holding baby Jesus.

 photo Brewster24_zpsd5e7077d.jpg
And a few final presents for the boys.  He wrapped their pictures. 

 photo Brewster26_zps4427a961.jpg
And to remind the boys of our Christmas Eve plans, Brewster was reading the Christmas story and had picked out two Christmas movies for Christmas Eve.  Evan chose to watch "The Crippled Lamb" this year after not wanting to watch it the last couple of years.  He got sad when the little lamb was attacked by the mountain lion, but he understood the meaning more this year with the Shepherd saving the lamb. 

 photo Brewster25_zps739b87d6.jpg
Lots of Brewster's friends gathered to hear the story. 

 photo Christmas88_zps31d92b1e.jpg
And Brewster stayed for Christmas morning with the boys to tell them goodbye.  
See you next year, Brewster!


  1. This is so cute. I really enjoyed reading about your family's adventures with the elf! :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! It looks like there was great fun to be had at your home. :)

  3. It looks like Brewster was quite creative and had a lot of fun during his visit to your house!

  4. Brewster is so much fun. I am a little torn about having an Elf at our house. I think we might have to next year.

  5. Love it, love it, love it! Isn't the elf just such a fun tradition to have? Except for the days that I have to get out of bed to move him I love having it be a part of our holiday season. I'm totally coming back to this post next year and stealing some ideas. How was the clean up after the flour?

    1. You know what? The flour snow angel was actually all Eddie's idea and inspiration, and he handled it all...even the clean up. I was particularly impressed since he does not use pinterest. ;-)


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