Saturday, December 13, 2014


Since it is unlikely I will be alive in 89 more years to see another sequential calendar date, I thought it was only fitting that I write something to commemorate this day.  It wasn't a particularly eventful day.  We spent a fairly normal Saturday morning at home.  Since we had gotten our free dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme last night for their buy one get one free special for the 12/12 date, we enjoyed some for breakfast.  The boys enjoyed their customary snowman doughnuts.  Daddy sang, "Do you want to eat a snowman?" to the tune of the beloved Frozen song, "Do you want to build a snowman?"  Haha!

 photo 1213141_zpsefe23461.jpg

 photo 121314_zpsc1407b34.jpg

A wonderful daddy vacuumed and helped with some household chores after breakfast.  Brody enjoyed trying on some of Mommy's boots.

 photo 1213142_zps739082f5.jpg

 photo 1213143_zpsc05dad26.jpg

We thought he looked a lot like Puss in Boots from Shrek.

Then, we all got dressed and went to eat lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  After lunch, we ran some errands for essentials at Target and the grocery store.  When we got home, both boys helped Daddy and Mommy unload and put away the groceries.  Yay for great helpers!  Since the weather was so nice today, we headed outside to play with Cocoa.  Cocoa's neighbor best friend, Gracie, came over to play with her.  Those dogs are hilarious and do not stop running and rolling around until they are just too exhausted.  After a lengthy playtime, we headed inside to clean up and eat a quick dinner before heading to the annual Live Nativity.  The weather was perfect, and the shepherds (many young boys from Brody's preschool) were particularly unruly and silly this year.

 photo 1213144_zpsa06d304a.jpg

 photo 1213145_zpsef364ede.jpg
Evan and Brody knocked on some doors in Bethlehem but no one was home. 

 photo 1213146_zps429888a9.jpg
Brody tried to bribe them to come out with a cookie.  They both raided the cookie and hot chocolate table. 

 photo 1213147_zps666b7a92.jpg
They were both a little disappointed there was not a baby Jesus in the manger. 

 photo 1213148_zps8ca1ba50.jpg
My sweet boys always love visiting Bethlehem. 

 photo 1213149_zpsebd3b5b1.jpg
Me and my little sweethearts

Brody really enjoyed the show and couldn't wait to see baby Jesus.  He loves babies!  He told us after we got back in the car that he wanted baby Jesus to ride in the blue car with us.  I told him that baby Jesus goes with him wherever he goes because he loves him and wants to be in his heart.  Now, we are all cuddled in the bed with Rudolph playing on the television although I don't think anyone is actually watching it.  All of the boys are playing games on phones or the DS.  Sigh.

12/13/14 - what a day!


  1. I love commemorating days like this. They are the kinds of days that are so fun to re-read and look at in a year or two.

    We have a Krispy Kream about a mile away but we never go there. That might change now that I know about their snowman donuts. Hey! Maybe for Elliott's birthday tomorrow!

    1. I definitely think you need to try it out. It is a bit of a state tradition for us as they started here in Winston-Salem. I was lucky to have one of the first in my hometown growing up although we actually go more now. I only remember there being one in my hometown, in Raleigh, in Winston (actually never been to that one), and in Myrtle Beach. Now they are popping up everywhere around the country which is good because they are way better than Dunking Donuts or any others I have tried. Others are too cake like. These are perfect dough that melts in your mouth when hot. Hard to eat just one! :-)

  2. See, I don't even know how to spell it. That's how little we go! Krispy Kreme.

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend 12/13/14! I love that you all had the chance to visit the nativity. I think it helps to bring the Christmas story to life. I love what Brody said about Baby Jesus. How cute is that?

  4. I didn't even think about the fact that it was 12/13/14. I love how you spent your day. Also, I am so sad that we no longer have a Living Nativity or a Bethlehem Walk near us. I feel like those activities really help the true meaning of Christmas shine.


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