Friday, November 21, 2014

The End of Another Soccer Season

While we weren't totally thrilled with this soccer experience, we were impressed with how Evan's skills continue to improve and how well he and his team played together.  The field locations did not always allow for the best pictures of the action, and the whole set up of the league was a bit disappointing.  Mostly, we feel that this league is just too big and only cares about making money.  They do not seem to give you your money's worth at all.  No individual team jerseys for one thing.  Just either a blue league jersey or a white t-shirt to wear depending on whether you are designated home or away.  We were also disappointed that the rules they follow for U-8 seemed a little under the age level with no goalies, no score keeping, and no referees.  Our kids played well and did actually seem to win all but one or two of their games if scores were kept.  One game was likely a tie, and the last game of the season was their worst game as none of them seemed to be playing their best.  All in all, Evan made great progress in the sport, and we just hope we can find a better league for him to play in next year.

 photo soccer1_zpsb0d0d108.jpg
This threesome made a great offensive team.

 photo soccer3_zps35707ddd.jpg
My determined soccer player

 photo soccer4_zpsac428ddd.jpg
Going after the ball.

 photo soccer5_zps72c28395.jpg

 photo soccer6_zps8383ea21.jpg

 photo soccer7_zps142e5025.jpg
Fighting for the ball.

 photo soccer8_zps02225b6a.jpg
Evan's cheering squad on the sidelines with Mommy and grandparents.

 photo soccer9_zpsa6fde91a.jpg
Ready to play.

 photo soccer10_zps6da33d46.jpg
This little guy enjoyed playing outside during big brother's games.  Hide-n-seek was a favorite.

 photo soccer11_zpsef43dc6b.jpg
Or just pretending he was an airplane or bird.

 photo soccer12_zps50281117.jpg

 photo soccer13_zps47b67d2d.jpg
Evan going head-to-head against his opponent.

 photo soccer14_zpsc83700bf.jpg
Showing his medal for a great soccer season.


  1. Great job Evan! I'm sorry the season wasn't quite what you hoped that it would be. For the most part, we like the soccer club that our kiddos play for. But, we've had a few season where things just kind of stunk. I hate how that feels. Will you all be able to find a new league somewhat easily?

  2. Our soccer season is over too. It's hard when the league and/or season doesn't match our expectations. We have experienced that on occasion too. Your pictures are always so fantabulous!! Give sweet baby a kiss from your blogging friend! <3

  3. Hmmm. That does sound like a disappointing league. I was just telling a friend today that it found us a while to find a martial arts class that we and Spencer like. We tried 3 or 4 other places and they seemed 1) too expensive, 2) too unreasonable for young children or 3) too aggressive. His current aikido class is finally something we are happy with. Hopefully you can find another league for next year so that Evan can continue to grow and shine. Love that picture at the beginning when he is ready for action!

  4. That should say "took us a while to find" not "found us a while to find". Jeesh!

  5. I'm so sorry that this league was so disappointing. I hope you are able to find something much better for the next soccer season. I'm glad that Evan was able to improve so much despite the frustrations of the league.

    And it's always nice to see a picture of you on the blog!


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