Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween in the Neighborhood

We enjoyed another fun trick or treating experience in the neighborhood despite our fun being cut a little short by a surprise storm that hit about 8:30 p.m.  We were expecting rain the next day but didn't expect the lightning and thunder and rain that broke that night.  It also seemed like some of our favorite houses did not participate as much this year and less houses participated over all, but the boys still got their buckets pretty full so they were happy.   We just assumed people may have other plans for a Friday night.

 photo Halloween10_zpsb4215d64.jpg
The boys are ready for tricks, please.

 photo Halloween11_zps987f50a4.jpg
Of course, we had to stop at our street party first.

 photo Halloween12_zps41c50df6.jpg
This little ghost is too cute to be scary.

 photo Halloween13_zpsd7a4fec8.jpg
He liked the ghost pumpkin our neighbors carved.  We didn't get around to pumpkin carving this year.  

 photo Halloween14_zps8d8caeb4.jpg
This guy gave Evan quite a scare.  He couldn't see it until the camera flash lit it up. 
 photo Halloween15_zpsd2549ddc.jpg
Using someone's fall decorations for a photo op.

 photo Halloween16_zps15c53a46.jpg
Evan loved this Snoopy pumpkin as he went down into the pumpkin and came back out.

 photo Halloween17_zpsd3b0a015.jpg
Evan liked the Casper ghosts again.  

 photo Halloween18_zps758db96d.jpg
But he did try to bust them.

 photo Halloween19_zps2368f70d.jpg
Brody loves this zombie blowing smoke every year.

 photo Halloween20_zpscbacc245.jpg
Little trick or treater carried his bucket nearly the whole time and was just a pro this year.  He usually remembered to say trick or treat and always said thank you.

 photo Halloween21_zpsb15f687a.jpg
These dead zombies laid out on the grass in front of their graves didn't scare him.  One house that was missing this year was Evan's favorite.  We saw that they were moving the week before Halloween.  Apparently, they gave some of their decorations to their next door neighbors including these guys.

 photo Halloween22_zps16429de0.jpg
Cute little trick or treaters.

 photo Halloween23_zps45c65699.jpg
Our final stop of the night was to drive over to Evan's friend's house where we knew his mother went all out with decorations.  I cannot figure out how to truly capture the fun on camera with the too dark conditions.  

 photo Halloween24_zpscbb183cd.jpg
Patrick's dad and friend even go all out in scary costumes to scare the trick or treaters.  Brody...not scared of course.  Terrified of Smokey Bear, but this guy...he's cool.

 photo Halloween25_zpsa46f5faf.jpg
He loves all the scary decor.

 photo Halloween26_zps25a203a8.jpg
Is the ghost buster running away?

 photo Halloween27_zps083740d6.jpg
Evan and his best buddies, Pierce the World's Best Soccer Player and Patrick the army guy. 

 photo Halloween28_zps0fc0e8b0.jpg
I forgot to take pictures of the decorations at our house that night.  I knew Evan would like to see some decorations so while he was at his sleepover last weekend, we dressed the front door like a mummy and added spider webs and spiders to the porch.  He loved it!

 photo Piratecollage_zpsc7f3acaa.jpg
When my sister-in-law put this picture of Grady the Pirate on Facebook, I just loved it and couldn't resist a little comparison of all the boys on their second Halloweens as pirates.  We got to see Grady on Saturday but not with his costume.


  1. Sounds like your Halloween was very similar to ours. We didn't get the storm, but we did get a few periodic moments of rain. Mickey and I also had the same conversation about less participation this year. My old neighborhood use to be the happening place, and while it is still busy, less and less houses actually participate each year. I told my mom she is responsible for "rallying the troops" for next year and getting her neighbors on board! haha Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

  2. GREAT comparison collage! I guess we know what Mattox will be for Halloween in 2016. Ha ha!

    I think it is hilarious that Brody is scared of Smokey Bear (HIS FATHER!) but that scary ghoul/zombie is just, "eh. I'm OK with that."

    I feel the same way about our neighborhood this year. Less houses were decorated and there were definitely less houses giving out candy. Still, we did 3 streets and filled a huge mixing bowl with candy so I can't complain. It just feels more festive and fun when you don't have to skip 6 houses in a row because their lights are off.

    1. Yep, that's probably a reasonable guess. ;-) And I love that you remembered that Smokey Bear is Eddie. Haha! I get the impression from most people this year that Halloween was a pretty similar experience. I'm not sure why except maybe being on a Friday or maybe the weather?

  3. So just to let you know that I had this blog post up to read and Sam took over my computer and read the whole thing! It's the first blog post he's ever read! I'm so proud :)

    Also, your kids are so funny and cute in their costumes. I'm sorry Hallowe'en was disappointing. Ours was a little too but that's because the weather sucked. Again. Blah.

  4. What a fun night! It seems like people are participating less in our area too. Although, we have a ton of churches that host fun events. Your boys look way too cute in their costumes!


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