Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Grady is 2 and on the go!

Wow!  Where have the last two years gone?  For that matter, I still don't know where the last 7 and a half years have gone.  I still think Evan should be a baby.  Haha!  Our sweet little nephew, Grady, just turned 2 this month.  He was a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing 2 years ago, and he has just proven that he is a little miracle and keeps surpassing everyone's hopes and expectations.  He is walking, talking, and just does not stop.  For good reason, his birthday party theme was all about transportation and things that go...just like him!  His mom, Aunt Naomi, did a great job preparing the decorations and food for the party.  Grady and his cousins had a great time.

 photo birthday1_zps8294bd83.jpg

 photo birthday4_zps82d5ccdd.jpg
The bright colored decorations and cupcakes.  

 photo birthday2_zps5a039aa2.jpg
Aunt Naomi made these adorable cupcakes with the little traffic sign toppers.

 photo birthday3_zps3018227a.jpg
Brody wanted his picture taken with the cupcakes.

 photo birthday5_zps174d0277.jpg
The birthday boy with a car, of course. 

 photo birthday6_zpsbf06b2b4.jpg
Trying to take some pictures of the birthday boy.

 photo birthday7_zps8915cf13.jpg
We got a smile!

 photo birthday9_zpse9d1035a.jpg
Grandma preparing him to blow out his candle.

 photo birthday8_zpscfe4f5a1.jpg
He was like, "What am I supposed to do?"

 photo birthday10_zpscd8f18ba.jpg
Grandma trying to coax him to eat his yummy goodies.  He does not like sweets, even fruit, and prefers salty and savory snacks so chips were about all he would eat. 

 photo birthday11_zps50f96286.jpg
Big cousin Evan took a break from playing ball outside to enjoy some ice cream. 

 photo birthday12_zpsa4bab62c.jpg
And Brody shows off the evidence of his orange cupcake. 

 photo birthday13_zpsbd7a668f.jpg
Mommy helping Grady open his big present from Mommy and Daddy.

 photo birthday14_zpsd0dd3f83.jpg
His new lawn mower was a big hit.  He is Papa's little lawn mowing buddy.
 photo birthday15_zps2cd2769d.jpg
But he equally enjoyed playing the piano.  I think he has a lot of musical talent!


  1. Happy birthday Grady! You are a wonderful blessing from God. :)

  2. That looks like a fun party! Happy Birthday to Grady!

  3. Wow! I cannot believe he is two. Wasn't he just born like a week ago?! Ha ha!

    Grady is 2 for 2 on cute party themes. Wasn't last year turtles? I don't remember exactly, I just remember that it was adorable.


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