Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fall Traditions ~ Leaf Pile Jumping

Well, it is no secret that our boys love to jump in piles of leaves.  Brody was begging to jump in the leaves for weeks before Daddy finally blew (instead of raked) the leaves into piles.  We try to wait until most are on the ground, but it does seem like we will have to do it one more time if the weather will cooperate.  So when we finally had a nice and somewhat relaxing weekend at home, Daddy spent an afternoon blowing the leaves into piles for us and then mulching the leaves to put around our trees and shrubs.  Evan and Brody had a blast, as usual, throwing leaves in the air and practicing their diving skills into the piles.

 photo fall1_zps91e8a3d3.jpg
Brody begging to play in the leaves weeks before we actually made some piles.

 photo fall2_zps7efb65b2.jpg

 photo fall3_zps9ff9c0b6.jpg

 photo fall4_zps16038e5a.jpg

In case you have never had an opportunity to partake in this fun fall tradition, these boys will show you how much fun it is to jump into piles of leaves.  Note:  it is not always easy to get action shots of the boys throwing leaves in the air or running and jumping, but if you take hundreds of pictures like we do, you are likely to get a few good ones.  Many of our shots are out of focus or focused on the leaves instead of the boys' faces, etc.

 photo Fall5_zpsc9d77dd5.jpg
It was actually warm enough to not need coats.
 photo Fall6_zps6d19730b.jpg
One shot of Brody looking at the camera.

 photo Fall7_zps58684618.jpg
And one of Evan looking at the camera.  
 photo Fall8_zps8a450cb0.jpg
And both of them kind of looking.

 photo Fall9_zps3b6524f3.jpg

 photo fall10_zps21f4cebb.jpg

 photo fall11_zpsa4363141.jpg

 photo fall12_zpsd47cb4e3.jpg
Silly boys

 photo fall13_zpsc29fec72.jpg
Love Brody's face

 photo fall14_zpsdc660265.jpg
And Evan's face here.  

 photo fall15_zpscddc15d0.jpg

 photo fall16_zps78b84f1a.jpg

 photo fall17_zps4778d429.jpg

 photo fall18_zps51509abf.jpg

 photo fall19_zpsa440c6d4.jpg

 photo fall20_zps01af5c61.jpg
Sweet boys

 photo fall21_zps29e1063f.jpg

 photo fall22_zps6b757004.jpg
Yep, I think Brody is somewhere under all those leaves.

 photo fall23_zpse882c41f.jpg

 photo fall24_zps8dc92314.jpg

 photo fall25_zps9b84c489.jpg
Pesky big brothers!

 photo fall26_zpscd6dce75.jpg

 photo fall27_zps234f4ac6.jpg

 photo fall28_zpsf00ffbb0.jpg
My crazy big kid.

 photo fall29_zpsc0fda68d.jpg

 photo fall30_zps9923f750.jpg

It was a good day!


  1. This pictures are all so amazing! Brody looks sooooo grown up! He looks like such a big boy.

  2. This does look like a fun tradition. It is one that Michael grew up doing but one that I have never, ever experienced. And my kids have not either. We've talked about taking the kids to Vermont in the fall for a number of reasons, but I will go ahead and add this to the ever growing list.

  3. This looks like so fun Sherry. Since we had to take down our big tree this summer, we didn't get huge piles of leaves. Sadness :(


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