Friday, November 28, 2014

Evan's 1st Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta

The Raingutter Regatta is a Cub Scout tradition where the boys all build little boats that they decorate and then race.  It is all just good fun, and it is fun to let the boys be creative with their boat designs. Some boys, of course, did a little more than others.  Evan wanted to make his boat look like a Navy ship so we painted it silver/gray and then he picked out some patriotic stickers to decorate it.  Since he undoubtedly had the most patriotic boat in the regatta, he was understandably awarded a ribbon for his efforts.  Although he didn't win the race, he had a great time, and he really caught on to the process of propelling his boat by blowing on it through a straw and won several races.  He also learned after his first race that as a right handed participant, he could win more easily standing on the left side of his boat.

 photo boat2_zpsf51bbf2b.jpg
The USS Evan is ready to sail.
 photo boat3_zps33a7de0f.jpg
The parts were all provided and had to be assembled and then painted and decorated.

 photo boat4_zps6867eca5.jpg
We were proud of our little boat.

 photo boat6_zps897548cb.jpg
My little cub scout showing off his boat.

 photo boat5_zpsa75aae32.jpg
Evan with two of his best Cub Scout buddies.

 photo boat7_zpsbcef41ba.jpg
The boys are ready to race.  Unfortunately, the older Webelos were scheduled to race first, and their races took over an hour to complete so the younger Cub Scouts were quite tired by then.  I thought this was poor judgment and planning.  Many of the youngest Tigers were almost falling asleep, and they had school the next day.  

 photo boat8_zps30d62aab.jpg
Little brother was also a little difficult to entertain while we waited.

 photo boat9_zpsa1551d1e.jpg
Trying to entertain these boys while waiting.

 photo boat10_zps90508250.jpg
The Wolf pack are ready.

 photo boat11_zps99863cf8.jpg
Evan actually lost his first race against a younger Tiger because he was on the right side of his boat and couldn't coordinate and hold his straw as easily with his left hand. 

 photo boat12_zps8883ec01.jpg
Trying his best.

 photo boat13_zps7b1ed677.jpg
For his second race, he jumped into the left side position and refused to race on the other side again.  He easily won that race.  

 photo boat14_zps8805e3d5.jpg

 photo boat15_zps61fdbb68.jpg
Blow, Evan, Blow!

 photo boat16_zpsa994cb82.jpg
Yay! Although he didn't win overall, one of his Wolf buddies came in second place.  The older Cub Scout who won was actually left handed so he could do well on the right side while most of the others could not.  He used this to his advantage. 

 photo boat17_zps418c790c.jpg
My little "winner" showing off his ribbon for patriotism. 


  1. That looks so neat and fun too!! I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  2. That looks like so much fun! Way to go Evan!

  3. That is such a great boat! This looks like a fun time. I'm glad Cub Scouts seems to be bringing a lot of joy to your family this fall.

  4. What a fun event. I knew that they did this with little racing cars, but the boats are new to me. Evan did a great job making his Navy ship. I'd probably have a headache from so much blowing through the straw. I'd run out of oxygen.


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