Thursday, November 13, 2014

Animal Shelter Field Trip

Evan's cub scout troop meets every other Monday night.  His last meeting was scheduled for the day before our political election day, and since our meeting place is also a voting precinct, the troop planned a field trip for that night.

The church where his troop meets is such a central location in our little area of Charlotte.  It is always hosting various community groups and programs as well as being the location of Brody's preschool.  While I have heard that this election did not engender large voter turn outs in many parts of the country, our voting precinct actually had a record turn out.  It was crazy.  I have never had to wait in line very long to vote even during presidential elections, but Eddie and I both waited almost 45 minutes at two different times of the day to vote and the lines were that long all day.  Of course, we did have a pretty big U.S. senatorial race in our state so that probably had something to do with it.

Anyway, the cub scout field trip was a visit to our local animal shelter.  I knew that this trip would likely be a tough one because I hate seeing animals that have ended up in a shelter with no home and family to love them and have likely been abused or mistreated by previous owners.  Most of the animals in our shelter are domesticated animals, mostly dogs and cats, but there are often a few other animals.  They do have temporary accommodations for livestock type animals as well.  They also have excellent medical facilities for spaying and neutering pets.  Despite the relatively good accommodations for these animals, I know that shelter life is only a temporary arrangement as there are always new animals being brought in and only so much room for them.  The costs of feeding them alone can amount to massive amounts of money.  The kittens tugged on my heartstrings a little despite my not really being a cat person, and there were several dogs, including one sad looking cocker spaniel, that just made me so sad.  If you are in the Mecklenburg County area and interested in adopting or fostering a pet, you can see some of these dear animals on their website here.  While I know that another dog is out of the question for our family at this time, I can't help but harbor a secret wish to take home this sweet little white bunny named Elsa who reminds me so much of my childhood bunny, Pinky.  Hint hint, Eddie!

{I forgot my camera so please excuse the poor picture quality of these photos captured by my phone.}

 photo animalshelter1_zpsbd92892a.jpg
My little Cub Scout

 photo animalshelter2_zps82564391.jpg
The Wolf troop

 photo animalshelter3_zps65171ebd.jpg
After a tour of the facility, the boys got a little lesson on the animals.  They were mostly impressed that the shelter once housed an alligator.  

 photo animalshelter4_zpsbb9e4beb.jpg
Then, a very well-trained dog helped teach the boys the proper way to meet and pet a stranger dog.  Brody actually learned a lot here and exercised his lessons this week when we went on a little hike on our local nature trail and met many dogs. 

 photo animalshelter5_zps92340f07.jpg
Evan meeting the dog.  He has really learned a lot about dogs since getting his own.

 photo animalshelter6_zps813bebd3.jpg
All of the boys joined the dog on the floor after their meetings.

 photo animalshelter7_zps89ca87e3.jpg
And she got lots and lots of attention.

 photo animalshelter9_zps3a3ff27d.jpg
One final troop picture for the night.

And can I just say how thankful I am that Cub Scouts is keeping me from being totally lazy and unproductive this fall?  I feel like I have had such a lack of motivation to do our usual fun fall traditions.  At least with Cub Scouts, we are still managing to experience some fun at this time!


  1. That is a cool idea for a field trip, but I agree it would have been difficult to see all of the animals. And I'm with this kids- I'm totally impressed they had an alligator!

  2. What a great idea for a field trip! The local Animal Shelter came to school for Career Day and brought a dog and they were a big hit. :) I can't imagine going to them and seeing all the different animals. I will have to file that one away! ;)

  3. Sherry, I am sure you are having more fun than you realize, other than just Cub Scouts. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself because you are pregnant and you are still grieving. I have heard that the second year of grief can be a lot harder than the first year because during the first year many people are aware that it is your first time without your loved one, but by the second year people aren't as aware. I still pray for you and your family every day so know that we, your blog community, have not forgotten.

  4. I can only imagine that the shelter animals were difficult to see. I think this was such a neat field trip for the boys to go on. I am sure they learned so much. The week of the election, my dad was in Fayetteville. I'm not sure how close that is to you all. He was there for some campus police schooling.


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