Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Veterans' Day Nature Hike

Since Veterans' Day meant both boys and Daddy were at home for the day, we decided to take advantage of a nice day and go on a nature hike.  Our city has several nice trails and greenways along some of the major creeks, and one of the longest is just down the road from our neighborhood.  We thought it would be a nice walk for Cocoa as well.  She is still learning to walk on a leash without pulling and tiring herself out.  Daddy handled Cocoa while the boys explored and gathered the items on their Fall scavenger hunt lists.  They had a great day.  I have had good intentions to take advantage of these greenways for many years since we moved to Charlotte over 7 years ago, but alas, this was our first time.  It seems that Fall is the optimal time for us to utilize these spaces as the bugs eat me alive during the Spring and Summer months.

 photo ScavengerHunt_zpsd8ba1fd5.jpg
A Pinterest Scavenger Hunt we used.

 photo hike1_zps96ed2bf0.jpg
The boys' first finds were some acorns beside the path.

 photo hike2_zps1294caaf.jpg
Just starting the hike. 

 photo hike3_zpsd835cbb9.jpg
Cocoa enjoyed her time exploring nature and meeting many other dogs along the way.  She strained her leash every time she passed another dog so only Daddy could handle her.

 photo hike4_zpsc06f6063.jpg
A map of our walk.  We didn't go the full four miles.  We walked about 1.5 miles down the trail and then back so total of about 3 miles.

 photo hike5_zps46b1a1df.jpg
My boys (and girl) are ready for their hike.

 photo hike6_zpsac547a20.jpg
Brody finding a pine cone,

 photo hike7_zps9f41b7ea.jpg
I had some left over gift bags they used to put their treasures in.

 photo hike8_zpsd77fcdfb.jpg
Evan's pine cone find.

 photo hike9_zpscafa59ac.jpg
Most of our walk was over this long wooden bridge built over the creek.   

 photo hike10_zps06990d0f.jpg
We spotted a group of ducks swimming by.

 photo hike11_zpsbef9ffc5.jpg

 photo hike12_zps40aea9ad.jpg

 photo hike13_zpsdd04774d.jpg
And there was still some fall color.

 photo hike14_zps0faffcd5.jpg
Taking a rest before the hike back.

 photo hike15_zpsb5171dba.jpg

 photo hike16_zps74fbf7fd.jpg
When Brody started getting tired, I made him a walking stick which helped a lot.  Being carried was out of the question for him.  Of course, Evan had to have one too.

 photo hike17_zps003a598d.jpg
Little hikers

 photo hike18_zps973a2728.jpg
Brody used his walking stick like a pro.

 photo hike19_zpsc1965773.jpg
More fall colors.

 photo hike20_zps5364d133.jpg
Can you spot the duck in this picture?

 photo hike21_zps7239b4fb.jpg

 photo hike22_zpsa9c6c0c8.jpg
Little hiking buddy

 photo hike23_zpsaea4bb08.jpg
Evan wanted to walk behind us by himself.

 photo hike24_zps122f870b.jpg
I just love the way the leaves looked floating on the water.

 photo hike25_zps149ede42.jpg
Of course, Brody loves any water.

 photo hike26_zps03ae3897.jpg
We had to go under a bridge where the road crossed over us, and I told the boys it was a troll bridge.  They wanted to climb the rocks.

 photo hike27_zpsc8cb4585.jpg
When we got home, Brody and I made some Fall wreaths with the leaves we found.

 photo hike28_zps7a458ccb.jpg
So proud!

 photo hike29_zps62209748.jpg

 photo hike30_zpsbfbf2c09.jpg
The rest of our finds made a lovely Fall addition to the table.

 photo hike31_zps360dfb7c.jpg
Our wreaths hanging on the wall.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I think my kiddos would love to do this. I love the wreath. It turned out so cute!

  2. What a great place to go for a hike. I have to be in a very specific mood and there has to be very specific weather for me to want to do anything outdoors. I am just not a naturey/outdoorsy type of person. I think I could handle this though. I love the crafts you did with your finds. The little crystal bowl is so pretty full of leaves and pinecones. So simple, but lovely at the same time.

  3. That looks like a beautiful place to hike. I wish we had something like that near us.

    Also, I really want some more Fall leaves now so we can re-create those wreaths. They are amazing!


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