Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Memories of Halloweens Past

For some reason, Halloween is such a fun time for me and our family.  I only have a few pictures of myself dressed up in costumes when I was a kid.  We lived in a very rural part of North Carolina so neighborhood trick or treating was just not familiar to us.  We would have to walk miles just to visit a few neighbors, and most of our neighbors were not going to participate with so few kids to treat.  Most of my Halloween celebrations involved parties at our church which were lots of fun.  When Eddie and I got married, we enjoyed living in town and getting to pass out candy to lots of trick or treaters.  Then, we moved to Charlotte shortly after Evan was born so we have been enjoying fun trick or treating in the city ever since.  I have enjoyed being able to dress the kids in coordinating costumes for the last few years with one exception, and we try to come up with fun and creative themes for them.  I just know I am going to treasure these pictures and memories for years to come and hope they will too!

 photo Halloween2007_zps00c747a0.jpg
2007 - Evan was just the cutest monkey ever.

 photo Halloween2008_zps9028dbea.jpg
2008 - And the cutest pirate.  This is one of my favorite all time pictures of him.

 photo Halloween2009_zps1f426adb.jpg
2009 - And oh the sweetest looking dragon you will ever see.

 photo Halloween2010_zps9e572487.jpg
2010 - Then we made an exception and let him be a cartoon character one year.  Sigh.  He was a cute little Buzz Lightyear though.

 photo Halloween20111_zps50ef6744.jpg
2011 - Brody had to be a monkey like big brother his first year.

 photo Halloween20112_zps530ae405.jpg
And the cutest little parrot sidekick ever.

 photo Halloween2012_zpsd0f3ef17.jpg
2012 - And Evan made us make another exception on not dressing together this year as he wanted to be a red ninja.  

 photo halloweencollage_zpsfaec0045.jpg
2013 - But he jumped back onto the theme bandwagon to make the cutest cop and convict duo last year.  

Stay tuned for our 2014 cuteness!


  1. Our kids are going to be a matched set this year but that's just because my friend made costumes for her kids about ten years ago and thankfully the both fit my kids this year!

  2. I love that we both did this kind of post today. =) It's going to be so much fun to do a theme with all 3 of your boys next year. I think it's funny that both of our Evans were Buzz Lightyear on the same year. I LOVE the pirate and parrot costumes. They were way too cute!

    1. Yes, that must have been a big year for Buzz Lightyear. Haha!

  3. What great pictures and costumes. You are such an awesome mama! :)

  4. Oh my gosh! Oh so cute. We decided that Elliott is going to have a pirate party when he turns 3 next month so it seems as if you are all set for your boys to come out and join us! And I agree about the baby pirate Evan. Best picture ever.

    1. Oh yes, they would absolutely love to go to a pirate party! We have all the dress up costumes you could need. ;-)


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