Friday, October 10, 2014

Evan is a wolf!

We decided to enroll Evan in cub scouts this year.  He actually missed his first year as a cub scout last year when he would have been a tiger.  It just wasn't on our minds last year.  I had hoped he could join a troop because I wanted him to get to experience all of those boy type accomplishments.  This summer, I was talking to one of Evan's school friend's mother at our neighborhood pool, and she told me her son was in our local troop.  The troop meets at the church where Brody goes to preschool just down the road from our neighborhood.  When we went to the first information meeting, we were very happy to see so many familiar faces.  Evan knows and is friends with several kids in his troop already from school and sports.  His troop did some amazing things last year and has some wonderful things planned for this year.  Evan was slightly disappointed that he didn't get to sleep on a battleship last year with the troop, but this summer they are planning to sleep under the shark tank at the Georgia aquarium so he is excited about that.  That kid does love a shark!  Evan has already gotten to work earning badges and belt loops.  He has earned his first badge, the Bobcat badge, which means he learned his cub scout promise and motto and what it all means.  He will be working towards his wolf badge this year which requires a year's worth of activities and acquiring skills.  He has earned his soccer belt loop for knowing so much about soccer and playing the sport.  He also got his swimming belt loop for all of his swimming skills he has acquired over the past year.  He will get his basketball and baseball belt loop too, but since he isn't currently playing those sports, we just needed to play a little family game at home.  He has also been working on his pet belt loop taking care of Cocoa.  I hope that being a part of the Cub Scouts will help him learn lots of new skills as well as learn responsibility.  He is very excited about going on his first camping trip with Daddy this weekend.  They will be spending two nights in the great outdoors and participating in so many fun outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, shooting and archery.  We are lucky to have a big boy scout campground in our county as the headquarters for the Boy Scouts is here in Charlotte.  I can't wait to hear all about his experience!

 photo cubscouts1_zpse55212cd.jpg
I took Evan to his second meeting but the first meeting in his new uniform. 

 photo cubscouts2_zpsaaf3c91f.jpg
Giving the Cub Scout two finger salute. 

 photo cubscouts3_zps82891add.jpg
Getting his first belt loop for soccer.  

 photo cubscouts4_zps2d2b0dd3.jpg
Evan's sweet friend, Alex, also got a pin.

 photo cubscouts5_zps9ab387fa.jpg
And his school friend, Patrick. 

 photo cubscouts6_zps2fd6e159.jpg
At this meeting, they were supposed to make their group flag/banner for their upcoming Cuboree camping trip.

 photo cubscouts7_zpsf5aab6e1.jpg
Working away.

 photo cubscouts8_zpse657601d.jpg
Evan and his Wolf troop with their banner.

 photo cubscouts9_zpsa2fc382e.jpg
I wanted a picture of him by himself that night to send to Daddy who was out of town for the week.

 photo cubscouts10_zps3cd41ca8.jpg
And to show off his new soccer belt loop.  I don't think we will wear these except on special occasions because Evan wore this one to go sell popcorn at Sam's Club with his troop and lost it in the toilet when he went to the bathroom.  Daddy had to go to the Boy Scout store to buy him a new one.  

 photo cubscouts14_zps920f73bb.jpg
My artistic contribution to Evan's popcorn sales drive.  Although the popcorn is a little pricey, I have been so surprised by how well received Evan has been by so many people.  He has sold a ton in his first week in our neighborhood just by going door to door.  I am not a salesman and have always hated having to sell things for school.  I never did very well.  But Evan is a pro at it and is not afraid to give his sales pitch to strangers.  He must get that from Daddy!

 photo cubscouts12_zps422ed467.jpg
The caramel corn seems to be his best seller, and he and Papa agree it is quite tasty.  Although the products may be pricey, most of the proceeds do go directly to support Evan's troop and will help him go on his big trip without having to pay too much out of pocket.  The trip is over $100 a person!  

 photo cubscouts11_zpsdef6a960.jpg
He wanted to set up a booth in our front yard on Sunday afternoon hoping to catch some dog walkers and hit them up.  Our street is pretty quiet though so Daddy drove him around to go door to door.  
 photo nametab_zps6b2d01a2.jpg


  1. Congratulations! He looks so handsome in his uniform. :)

  2. That is going to be so much fun for your family! We thought about signing the girls up for Girl Scouts, but I think our schedule is full enough right now. I think it's so good for kids!

  3. Wow! I can't believe how great Evan is doing with his popcorn sales. The more of his trip he can fundraise for the better. Way to go Evan!!!


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