Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Evan Goes Camping

One of the first big events of Evan's Cub Scout career was the annual Cuboree camping trip last weekend.  He and Daddy had so much fun and got to do so many "firsts" together.  Evan will also earn several belt loops for all the activities he got to experience.  He set up camp, hiked, fished, shot bb guns, shot slingshots, played ultimate frisbee golf, enjoyed hanging out around the campfire telling ghost stories and making s'mores, and lots more outdoor fun!

 photo camping1_zpsfd4546f2.jpg
Evan quickly learned that camping is also hard work.  

 photo camping2_zps6a4500eb.jpg
Carrying all their gear to the campsite.  It wasn't too far to hike.  Brody and Mommy went to help the boys set up camp and took them to dinner that night before leaving them for two days. 

 photo camping3_zps3ea72091.jpg
The boys with their tent

 photo camping4_zps2b6ba7f7.jpg
Just enjoying some time in the woods together.

 photo camping5_zps09bb7346.jpg
Evan and some of his pack friends.  

 photo camping6_zpsa1283ce1.jpg
The Wolf pack with their den leader.

 photo camping7_zps1fb1bf39.jpg
Setting off for a morning hike to the flag pole. 

 photo camping8_zps820467b1.jpg
I thought this tower and climbing wall just looked so neat out in the big open field.

 photo camping9_zpsfc755418.jpg
The flag pole

 photo camping10_zpsad0060ff.jpg
The boys all join together for the flag ceremony.

 photo camping11_zps57c7c4e9.jpg
The oldest Cub Scouts, the Bears, got to raise the flag.

 photo camping12_zps3a9270ca.jpg
The instructor teaching the boys how to use sling shots. 

 photo camping13_zps3441ccc9.jpg
Evan and the other Wolves wear protective eye wear and listen to the instructor.

 photo camping14_zpsd4eca661.jpg
Looking like a pro with his slingshot.  Yes, he even got a new pair of camo pants and hiking boots for his first camping experience.  I didn't want him ruining his good jeans and shoes out in the woods.  

 photo camping15_zps376b741e.jpg
Looks like he could be on Hunger Games.  
 photo camping16_zpse6e0807f.jpg

 photo camping17_zps023e3ed5.jpg
Then, they moved on to a game of Ultimate Frisbee golf. 

 photo camping18_zpsc99bc667.jpg

 photo camping19_zps03d3f04b.jpg

 photo camping20_zpsb0f3b7a9.jpg

 photo camping21_zpsa19f0de4.jpg
Not sure what Evan's expression here meant!

 photo camping22_zps27c588d9.jpg

 photo camping23_zps26c192af.jpg

 photo camping24_zps7392066d.jpg

 photo camping25_zps7c2c59c8.jpg

 photo camping26_zpsae5a40c6.jpg
Evan taking his water break. They kept their water cups attached to the belts throughout the day.

 photo camping27_zps65050399.jpg
Then, they got to shoot bb guns.

 photo camping28_zps2b0d8574.jpg
Evan aiming for the target.  Unfortunately, his gun was not sighted well at all, and even Daddy (who could be a sniper) couldn't hit the target.  

 photo camping29_zps97dd1ab6.jpg
The boys were treated to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  I told Eddie I couldn't believe they considered this camp food. Haha!

 photo camping30_zpsce829429.jpg
This game baffled me.  I have never heard of it.  Apparently, it is called Gagaball, and opposite of soccer and kind of like dodge ball, you can't let the ball hit your legs, but you can hit it with your hands. It is a very dirty game played in a dirt pit.

 photo camping31_zps8bf4530d.jpg
Apparently, it is popular enough to warrant this company making the pits.

 photo camping32_zpsef2e8067.jpg
Evan actually did very well and was always one of the last standing on the blue team mostly because he would hang back and let the other boys handle the action during most of the game. 

 photo camping33_zps9363c673.jpg
Getting ready to hit the ball.  I am so glad that he wore his camo pants and hiking boots that I didn't mind him getting so dirty.  

 photo camping36_zpscc03a5d9.jpg
Their theme that night was a fiesta so they made mariachi masks to wear. 

 photo camping37_zps3dd6b85b.jpg
Evan's was a skull.

 photo camping38_zps0201a231.jpg
Oh my!

 photo camping39_zps1c6fe429.jpg
The boys showing off their masks.

 photo camping40_zpsd6bf0ba5.jpg
Then, the boys got some fishing and casting instruction.

 photo camping42_zps8e137f5f.jpg
And headed off for some fishing in the lake.

 photo camping41_zps5bfd8b66.jpg
Evan has been casting pretty well since this summer.

 photo camping43_zps6a4ecce8.jpg
Not only did he catch his first fish, but he caught 4 total.

 photo camping44_zps7346d04b.jpg
It started to rain while they were fishing.

 photo camping45_zps15cba545.jpg
Evan showing off another catch with his pal, Patrick.

 photo camping46_zpsf9d3b4ce.jpg
Eddie thought the tower looked cool in the twilight.

 photo camping47_zpsfea50754.jpg
A mariachi band performed for the boys that night.

 photo camping48_zpsabff7867.jpg
And some of the boys tried to do a Conga line. 

 photo camping49_zps9c80b6c9.jpg
But when one of them suddenly stopped, it spelled disaster!  Haha!

 photo camping51_zps99298bb6.jpg
The boys gathered around the campfire that night to listen to their Pack Leader.  Many, including Evan, were just so tired they could barely keep their eyes open.

 photo camping50_zps280ab15e.jpg
Sweet little Cub Scout by the campfire.

 photo camping34_zpsd87ab21d.jpg
It was a great weekend, and I hope Evan learned a lot about being a Scout. 

 photo camping35_zpsd9afd843.jpg


  1. As much as I want to like camping, I am just not a camping girl. But even I could get on board if my lunch was brought in and mariachis performed for me. Ha ha ha.

    It actually looks like an amazing weekend. I think camping like that (at a camp) as opposed to all alone out in the wilderness is so much more enjoyable. He will cherish those memories for forever.

    And I'm with Eddie- that tower looked awesome in the dark. Like something out of a movie.

  2. What an amazing weekend! When I was younger, I took Tae-Kwon-Do. My dad and I went on a camping trip with our school. It was something that I'll always remember. I'm sure Evan will remember this forever.

  3. This looks amazing and like a lot of fun. It reminded me a bit of the Family Camp weekend our family did this past summer. I hope Evan really enjoyed himself, despite being tired from all the activity!


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